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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Nicole asked for clarification from Dr. Caspary about her condition and if she would be able to have children in the future. Ridge called Zende into a meeting to offer him the position of designer, which Thomas vacated when he was fired. When Ridge told Zende what they hope from him, he’s assured that the expectations would be exceeded. Rick and Maya’s romantic trip to Paris was dampened by their need to find a new nanny for their precious Baby Lizzy. During a glamourous photo shoot in Paris, Maya had a difficult time concentrating due to the immense feeling of missing Lizzy. Rick and Maya’s plans to return to Los Angeles changed when she received an opportunity most models only dream of. On cloud nine from his new career opportunity, Zende arrived home with champagne ready to celebrate with Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole sought comfort in Vivienne as she shared her heartbreaking news with her mother. In spite of the upsetting news that Nicole delivered, Zende was confident that they would prove the doctor wrong. Vivienne and Julius became concerned about the future of Nicole and Zende’s marriage knowing how badly they both wanted children. Sally learned that Thomas was fired from Forrester Creations because he helped save Spectra Fashions. Feeling badly for him, Sally gave Thomas the opportunity to change his mind about their business and personal partnerships. With Vivienne by her side, Nicole made an office visit to her doctor to conduct further tests that would determine her ability to have children. Saul became overly-defensive of Sally thinking that Thomas is using his money for personal gain. Wanting to fix the tense situation between Ridge and Thomas, Steffy arranged a meeting between the two of them. Following her appointment, Nicole felt an overwhelming longing for a child while spending time with Lizzy. With his heart on his sleeve, Saul asked Sally to forget about Thomas and to consider him as a partner instead. When Maya called to inform her family that she and Rick would be extending their stay in Paris, Nicole questioned her sister’s priorities concerning Lizzy. Nicole became offended that Maya did not ask her to take care of Lizzy but asked everyone else.

THIS WEEK: During their meeting, Thomas felt as though Ridge’s asking him to choose between his family and Sally. Hoping that Ridge was not able to change Thomas’ mind, Sally waited with anticipation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole and Eric put aside their differences and agreed to work together to try to escape. Deimos was angry to learn he’d been tricked but must turn his attention to his main agenda. Sonny and Paul jumped Guy and delivered him into JJ’s custody. Ciara was horrified to learn of Theo and Wyatt’s lie. JJ and Lani pressured Guy into confirming what everyone suspects. Nicole dreaded falling back into Deimos’s clutches. Everyone set out to raid Xander’s compound. Brady said a heartfelt goodbye to Tate and John. Deimos’s rescue of Nicole was thwarted. Lani, JJ, Eli and Hope converged on the villa. Nicole and Eric learned that Brady’s dying. Brady fell into unconsciousness and was fading fast. Sonny, Chad, Gabi, Lani, JJ and Eli searched the villa looking for more evidence that would incriminate Deimos. Sonny appealed for Victor’s support in becoming the next CEO of Titan. Kayla told Joey that Jade sabotaged him with his date. Steve treated Kayla to some pampering, unaware that Tripp’s out for revenge. Sonny, Paul, Chad, Gabi, JJ, Lani and Eli found themselves stranded on an island. Hope returned to Salem with Deimos in tow.

THIS WEEK: Rafe got bad news from Greece. Ciara said goodbye to Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly called Sonny out. Kiki and Dillon worked on their moves. Ava had the best of intentions. Anna looked for answers. Nathan shared what he can. Michael visited Sonny. Jason sensed the worst. Scott begged Ava not to tempt fate. Nathan’s evening took a positive turn. Bobbie told a white lie. Ava got the worst of it. Sonny confided in Dante. Valentin rebuffed Anna. Charlotte was put in harm’s way. Jake had a meltdown. Andre made a major discovery. Carly zeroed in on her enemy. Curtis overstepped. Griffin brought Jason up to speed. Nina had a change of heart. Liz hesitated. Jason had a flashback. Ava was her own worst enemy.

THIS WEEK: Sonny focused on Carly. Nathan had an admirer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — While in LA, Hilary ran into Jack’s agent friend, Barry who she met with in Genoa City. Barry asked Hilary for an introduction to Lily. An annoyed Hilary agreed, and Barry told Lily that he wants to represent her. A flattered Lily told him that she needs to think about it and discuss with Cane. Jack stopped by to visit Nikki at the ranch. Jack pressed Nikki for answers about Victor, but Nikki deflected and turnef to the topic of conversation to Dina. Later, Abby told Jack about her forced partnership with Scott, and they wondered if it’s a cover for Scott to investigate their project. Abby assured Jack that she could handle Scott. Nick apologized to Chelsea who’s still angry about Nick’s lack of support in her search for Chloe. She gave Nick an ultimatum and told him that if he’s truly on her side, he would help her find Chloe. Victor told Scott that he’s planning to hold a reception announcing the Nikki Newman Research wing and asked Scott to plan the event. Scott told Victor that he felt the task’s below him and Victor reprimanded him. Abby met with Zack to discuss their new partnership, and they enjoyed flirtatious undercurrent to their conversation. Victor was surprised when Dina paid him a visit. They bonded over the struggles with their children, and Dina asked Victor to help her reconnect with Ashley.

THIS WEEK: Tessa admitted to Noah that she has a complicated past and is considering leaving Genoa City. Noah encouraged her to stay in town and focus on the people who believe in her.

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