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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wi t h his heart on his sleeve, Saul asked Sally to forget about Thomas and to consider him as a partner instead. During their meeting, Thomas felt as though Ridge was asking him to choose between his family and Sally. Hoping that Ridge was not able to change Thomas’ mind, Sally waited with anticipation. Seeing how much Sally’s estrangement from Coco was causing her anguish, Thomas offered to bridge the emotional gap between the sisters. While Katie was proud and eager to share her jewelry designs, Quinn advised her that she needs more experience before her ideas would be considered. Saul was heartbroken when Sally revealed to him that Thomas is her new business partner and lead designer for Spectra Fashions. Quinn began to really worry about the threat that Katie made about going to Eric regarding her designs and possibly more. Ridge suggested to Quinn a way that he’s sure would satisfy Katie enough to keep her quiet. When Thomas opened the door to the topic of Coco forgiving her sister, Sally vowed to regain her faltered trust. Saul was unenthusiastic when his new boss, Thomas, declared what kind of business he expects Spectra Fashions to no be. Katie wheels began to turn when Eric informed her that Ridge is now living in the Forrester guest house. Eric was disappointed when Thomas exclaimed how he’s tired of waiting for his turn at Forrester Creations and would not be returning to the company. Ivy attempted to get Katie to stop being so suspicious of Quinn and Ridge living on the same property. Quinn and Ridge were appalled by their actions and differed in their opinion of how they should conduct any further interactions between each other. Emotions were mixed when word got out that Thomas has decided to leave Forrester Creations and would be working for Spectra Fashions, instead.

THIS WEEK: RJ was pleased to hear from Coco how and why she finally decided to mend her relationship with Sally. Steffy questioned Thomas’ motives for leaving the company suspecting that she’s a major reason.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Disguised, Nicole and Eric returned to Salem. Justin’s news infuriated Deimos. John was upset about the DNR orders on Brady’s door. Chloe visited an unconscious Brady. Nicole made a heartfelt plea to Brady not to die. Eric tried to stall Chloe. Steve investigated a new threat against his sister. Adrienne opened up to Kayla about her fear of being intimate with Lucas. Chad got caught in his lies. Abigail realized helping Dario might be more complicated than she originally thought. Nicole was taken into police custody. Lani and JJ had a picnic on the island and were unsettled by what they found. Eli helped Gabi come to terms with her feelings for Chad. Paul and Sonny had an argument over Sonny’s obsession with Titan.

THIS WEEK: Victor backed up Justin and the board’s decision to kick Deimos out of Titan. Jade secretly decided to help Claire.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nathan stepped up. Sonny was caught off guard. Tracy’s bond with Monica was stronger than ever. Carly sensed something’s amiss. Amy enlisted help with the Nurses Ball. Jake chose sides. Nina made a plea. Anna questioned Valentin’s motives. Dante arrived in the nick of time. Nathan called Amy out. Dante remained skeptical. Sonny wondered if he should have done things differently. Carly was called away. Nina was shaken. Curtis took the high road. Sonny didn’t want to give up. Alexis got good news. Kiki didn’t know how to feel. Michael was hopeful. Finn looked to get back on track. Alexis was unsure. Carly apologized to Andre. Kiki looked for answers.

THIS WEEK: Lulu was duped. Amy wrestled past demons.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chelsea traveled to a psych hospital in Louisiana where Chloe was transferred after her stay in the California facility. She met with the hospital administrator who was resistant to her questioning. Chelsea began to offer the administrator a bribe and was shocked when Nick walked into the office. Meanwhile, Scott questioned Victor about his search for Chloe. Victor lied to Scott that his team’s searching for her. Ashley revealed to Abby that she knows that she met with Dina. She assured Abby that she isn’t upset and wants to meet with Dina as well. Dina came downstairs and Ashley invited her to a family dinner. Dina graciously accepted. Later, Ashley filled Jack in on their dinner plans. Jack was skeptical but Ashley insisted she was motivated by his willingness to give Dina a chance. Jack feared that Ashley has an ulterior motive. Dina told Graham that she wants to spend more time in Genoa City and not return to Paris so soon. Graham told her that returning to Paris is part of their agreement. Victor told Nikki that he would never give up on them, and assured her that when things calm down, she would see their relationship in a different light. Devon and Hilary had an awkward run in and Hilary made a crack about Mariah.

THIS WEEK: Devon pressed Hilary who admitted to hiding in the penthouse the night Devon and Mariah made love. Despite her feelings for Devon, Hilary pretended to be okay with Devon moving on with Mariah.

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