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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie anxiously awaited word about her proposed jewelry designs with the hope of them being a part of the upcoming collection. Unimpressed with Katie’s designs, Eric suggested to Quinn and Ridge that she be removed from the jewelry team. Pam was distracted by a personal favor she’s granting and left behind an important item that she was entrusted to guard. Tempers flared when Quinn informed Katie that she has been relieved of her duties at Forrester Creations. Maya and Rick weighed the options of extending their stay in Paris to complete the photo shoot or to return home to their family. Ridge arrived in the midst of Katie’s emotional meltdown to find Quinn rattled and fearful for her life. Already perturbed with the duo, Katie’s suspicions intensified when she witnessed Quinn and Ridge in an incriminating embrace. Coco began to worry about a troubled friend. Convinced that Quinn was the reason for being let go from her position at Forrester Creations, Katie was unable to rid her mind of thoughts of anger and hatred towards her nemesis. Having cut their trip short, Maya confessed to Rick her concern about returning home. When Ridge checked in on Quinn, he learned that her earlier interaction with Katie has brought on some fears that are keeping her from leaving the house. Being given a valid reason to return to the Forrester Mansion, Ridge went to check on the wellbeing of Quinn. Rick explained to Zende the true reason why he and Maya decided to return early from their Paris trip. Quinn had a pretty good idea about the identity of the person who’s attempting to bring her harm. Lt. Baker interrogated Ridge on the various reasons why someone would want to hurt Quinn. Meanwhile, Quinn went to confront the suspected culprit. In an attempt to get Steffy and Sally to set aside their differences, Thomas arranged a double date lunch at Il Giardino.

THIS WEEK: Sally proved to Thomas how much she wants to be friends with Steffy by donning a new look that she anticipates would impress his sister. Being the prime suspect in the threat against Quinn, Katie was bombarded with questions from Lt. Baker on her knowledge of the incident.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Days of our Lives was preempted on Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9, 2017. Chad and Gabi continued to grow closer. JJ and Lani learned disturbing news about the island. Abigail asked Raines to look into Dario’s story. Kate made a shocking move. The castaways panicked when they realize that Eli’s missing. Gabi was knocked unconscious. Hope questioned Myron and grew more suspicious of Dario. John was summoned to return to his ISA mission and prepared to say goodbye to Marlena. Sonny feared for Paul’s safety. Claire was furious when she learned what Jade had done. Upset about Eli,

THIS WEEK: Julie lashed out at Valerie. Justin broke the news to Adrienne that Sonny’s plane’s missing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly sought out Jason. Ava and Griffith shared a moment. Sonny was confident things would work themselves out. Franco and Elizabeth put their heads together. Valentin introduced a new game. Anna attempted to reason with Valentin. Laura got a surprise visit. Julian made a fateful decision. Sam took time for herself. Jason and Sonny commiserated over a bottle of scotch. Valentin’s past caught up with him. Nina had had enough. Finn had another setback. Curtis got a surprise visit. Hayden got in over her head. Nelle and Michael grew closer. Carly enlisted the help of an unlikely ally. Anna got unsettling news. Kiki lashed out at Dillon. Jordan made strides with TJ. Monica prepared Kiki for the worst. Carly and Sonny were hopeful.

THIS WEEK: Hayden was at a loss. Dante looked for answers. Jordan got an earful.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy told Phyllis that he wants to make the most of each day and asked to move in with her. Phyllis joyfully accepted. At the GCAC, Ashley overheard Graham wrapping up a call saying that he and Dina are returning to Paris. Ashley asked Graham exactly what he’s to Dina. Graham told her that he’s Dina’s protector in business and personal matter and is not taking advantage of Dina. Ashley pressed Graham for details and asked him if Dina’s ill. Graham assured her that Dina’s no dying, just aware of her mortality. Later, Dina arrived at her hotel suite to find Graham packing her things. Dina protested that she doesn’t want to leave. Victor pressed Abby to admit to secretly starting the incubator and purchasing the warehouse. Victor told her that he wants to bring the incubator to Newman, and Abby was concerned how Jack would take the news. At Chancellor Park, Mattie arrived to study when she came across Reed practicing his guitar. Reed invited Mattie to open mic night. Mattie told him that she probably couldn’t make it and rushed home. At home, Lily pumped Mattie for details about her day, and Mattie confessed that she met someone. Lauren cornered Sharon and told her that she’s worried about dating Scott because of her complicated history. Sharon defended their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Gloria overheard and warned Lauren that her opposition would just push Scott closer to Sharon.

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