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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL —Katie continued to maintain her innocence to Lt. Baker and added that she would also like to know who has threatened Quinn. When Sally vowed that she truly cares for Thomas and would never hurt him again, Steffy responded with an accusatory retort. In spite of Thomas’ strong feelings for Sally and seeing how happy he is, Steffy was still not softening her stance on their relationship. Quinn learned an interesting tidbit of information about Eric’s past. Knowing that Quinn’s still worried about the threat made against her, Eric promised to always protect her from harm. Bill and Brooke returned home from their honeymoon to the shocking news about Quinn and Katie’s quarrel. Brooke awkwardly came face-to-face with Ridge for the first time since her wedding to Bill. Eric received a text message from Katie that gave him a great cause to worry. Ridge explained to Quinn about Eric’s past relationships and why his father would never leave her. Liam made an unfavorable suggestion to Bill about the plan to take over the Spectra building knowing that Sally’s business might be around a while. A usually trusting Eric refused to believe news given to him. While home alone, Quinn’s confi- dence in her own safety was short-lived as she received another threat against her life. Brooke was shocked when Ridge brought up a not-so-pleasant time in their past that she almost forget about. Ridge became offended when Brooke made a joke about his relationship with Quinn. Katie recalled the threat she made to Quinn and had a difficult time suppressing her hatred and rage. Ridge attempted to comfort a shaken and distraught Quinn. Bill and Brooke basked in marital bliss as they discussed the problems that the others in their lives are experiencing.

THIS WEEK: Word got out to family and friends about the earlier situation which took place at the Forrester mansion. Brooke couldn’t help but notice that Ridge and Quinn appeared to be closer than ever before.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve uncovered information regarding Adrienne’s competitor. Tripp started to formulate his plan to punish Kayla for Ava’s death. Chloe made a surprise appearance at Nicole’s hearing. Nicole blasted Deimos for his role in her kidnapping. Nicole’s fate was decided. Hope and Abe made a shocking discovery. Hope’s advice caused Claire to re-think her future. An unlikely couple got married. Gabi and Chad talked about where they’re headed romantically. JJ warned Sonny that extreme measures might be used to take down Paul. Claire was horrified when everyone assumed the worst of her — including Theo. While investigating Adrienne’s case, Steve encountered a face from the past. Sonny tried to get through to Paul. Lani admitted to Eli that she’s not sure where she and JJ stand. Steve learned that Anjelica’s out for revenge against Adrienne. Jade was forced to make a confession. Gabi and Chad, realizing they might spend the rest of their lives on the island, clung to one another. Dario pressed Abigail to file for a quickie divorce.

THIS WEEK: Nicole was upset over news regarding her community service. Eric and Jennifer’s date didn’t go as planned.

GENERAL HOSPITAL —Carly second guessed herself. Kiki offered her support. Scotty worried about his fate. Sonny confided in Laura. Jordan asked a favor of TJ. Carly just wanted what’s best. Sam was on the edge. Jason worked to find out who’s been doing Helena’s bidding. Anna stopped by Lulu’s. Amy had a favor to ask. Jason got ahead of an enemy. Liz took pains to keep Jake safe. Sam was less than thrilled to see her mother. Olivia got surprising news. Nathan gained a little perspective. Liz and Hayden had a run-in. Jason learned the truth. Sam had a premonition. Lulu and Dante were in over their heads. Kevin whisked Laura away. Jason was taken aback. Ned and Olivia made a decision. Michael had something important to discuss with Nelle.

THIS WEEK: Griffin paid Sonny a visit. Ava was devastated by what she saw.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Scott entered Victor’s office and told Victor that he’s not challenged in his position and needs to resign. Victor surprised Scott when he told him that he just purchased a media company called “Hashtag” for Scott to run. Scott back peddled and accepted Victor’s offer. Abby asked Jack to sell her back his share of the incubator company and promised to honor Jack’s plans of a new lab for Ashley. Graham crossed with Ashley and Victor in the GCAC lobby and Victor told Ashley that she’s smart not to trust Graham. Meanwhile, Jack and Nikki bonded when Jack opened to Nikki about his issues with Dina. Sharon confessed to Mariah that she doesn’t trust Tessa and worries that she would break Noah’s heart. Sharon asked Mariah to spy on Tessa. Lily vented to Neil about Juliet’s lawsuit. Neil asked Lily if she believes that Cane’s telling her everything. Meanwhile, Hilary met with Leslie and thanked her for representing Juliet. Leslie revealed that Brash & Sass has filed to dismiss Juliet’s suit and asked if Hilary has anything to support Juliet’s credibility. Hilary insisted to Leslie that Juliet’s telling the truth. Ashley revealed her suspicions about Graham to Ravi who agreed to help her find out more about Graham’s past. At Crimson Lights, Sharon recognized Zack from his date with Abby and attempted to make small talk. Zack offered little details about himself and was relived when Abby arrived to discuss their new project. Reed was excited to see Mattie at Chancellor Park and asked her for her number. As Reed charmed Mattie, Charlie arrived and Mattie realized that Reed’s the boy Charlie fought with at Crimson Lights. At the Underground, Nick and Billy shared a tense moment after Nick saw Billy having a good time with Phyllis. Chelsea intervened and asked Billy to join her for a drink leaving Phyllis to confront Nick on his bad behavior.

THIS WEEK: At the GCAC, Juliet was shocked when Cane showed up at her suite and begged her to drop her lawsuit. Juliet stood her ground and told him that she’s willing to tell the truth in court.

To list reunions in The Mountain Eagle’s weekly reunion column, send information in writing to Reunions, The Mountain Eagle, P.O. Box 808, Whitesburg, Ky. 41858. Information must be received by Friday to be included in the following week’s issue.

JENKINS HIGH SCHOOL — The Jenkins High School Class of 1977 will hold its 40th-year reunion at Highland Winery in Seco on July 29. Each person will pay for his or her own dinner so there is no upfront cost. Classmates are also welcome to just sit on the porch and visit. Dinner will begin at 6 p.m. Visit Robin Banks’s Facebook page to say if you will attend so they will know how many dinners to plan.

MEADE — The Newt and Mora McFalls Meade family reunion will be held Sunday, July 30, in Shelter No. 1 at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park in Greenup County. Those attending should bring a covered dish and an item for auction. Family and friends will gather Saturday afternoon and evening in the lodge lobby and dinner is at 6 p.m. in the lodge dining room. For room reservations, call the lodge at (606) 473- 7324. For more information, call Eldridge Meade Muncy at (606) 784-2934 or (606) 776-3151.

BENTLEY — The Otho Bentley reunion will begin at 6 p.m. June 23 and 24, and at 1 p.m. June 25. It will be held at the Otho Bentley homeplace at Millstone. Those attending should bring a covered dish. For more information, contact Eddie Bentley at (606) 634-8867.

FRAZIER/COMBS — The Frazier/Combs family reunion will be held June 24 at Little Colley Church beginning at 11 a.m. Those attending should bring a covered dish and photos to share. For more information, call Sonny Frazier at 633-5650.

JOHNSON/VANOVER — The Johnson and Vanover family reunion will be held June 24 at the large shelter behind the trailer at Fishpond Lake. It will begin at 10 a.m. and continue throughout the evening. Those attending should bring soft drinks. For more information, call Reba Hall at (606) 832-2718, Mary Wright at (606) 855-7471, or Carolyn Pollard (859) 815-9618.

FIELDS —The Willie and Susan Fields family and friends reunion will begin at 10 a.m., July 1, at Upper Shelter #2 in Kingdom Come State Park in Cumberland. Those attending should bring a covered dish. For more information, call Isom Fields at (423) 231-0254.

MULLINS/FLEMING — Descendants of “Revolutionary John” Mullins and the Robert and Elizabeth Stumbaugh Fleming family will hold a reunion beginning at 10 a.m., June 17, at the Clintwood, Va. Community Shelter #1 at the walking park next to Food City. Those attending should bring a covered dish for a potluck lunch. For more information, call John and Kay Dotson at (276) 926-6180, Paul Fleming at (606) 832-2778, or Barbara Davis at (276) 971-0013.

COLLINS — The 11th reunion of the family of Henry and Rosilla Collins and Silas and Effie Collins will be held at Dogwood Shelter at Carr Creek Lake from noon to 6 p.m., August 5. Those attending should bring a covered dish. For more information, call Oscar Collins at 633-0068, Russell Collins at 633-0758.

WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL — A reunion of all classes of WHS will be held Aug. 11-13 at the Hilton in Lexington. The cost of $65 per person includes a Friday evening reception and Saturday night banquet. For those who only attend activities on Friday, the fee will be $30 per person. Send check or money order made out to WHS Reunion and mail to Bert Francis, 138 Caleast Road, Richmond, KY 40475. For overnight accommodations, the Hilton has reserved a block of rooms for WHS alumni. Call (859) 231-9000, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and use the group code WHIT17. Reservations cannot be made by calling the Hilton National office, it has no knowledge of the contract and the rates will be higher. Reservations may be made online: www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/ personalised/L/LEXDT HFWHIT17 20170810/index. jhtml?WT.mc. Room reservations deadline is July 18; banquet reservations deadline is August 1. For more information, contact: Leigh Lewis Blankenbeckler at (606) 634-1325, or leighblank@hotmail.com; Jolinda Maggard Wright at (859) 797-9818 or jwright9779@gmail.com; Lee Anna Collins Mullins at (606) 633-9644, (606) 634-9644 or garyleeanna@bellsouth.net, or their Facebook page at WHS ALL CLASS REUNION WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY.

COLLINS — The 11th reunion of the family of Henry and Rosilla Collins and Silas and Effie Collins will be held at Dogwood Shelter at Carr Creek Lake from noon to 6 p.m., August 5. Those attending should bring a covered dish. For more information, call Oscar Collins at 633-0068, Russell Collins at 633-0758.

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