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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — As Quinn reflected on the recent events that have taken place in her life, she felt compelled to express her true feelings to Ridge. Maya showed no sign of concern when Rick informed her of the legal matter that Carter had brought to his attention. Feeling as though she trusts Coco in their budding friendship, Nicole sorrowfully confessed to her new gal pal about her inability to have children. Quinn was reminded how lucky she’s to have such a wonderful husband as Eric. Maya didn’t quite understand why Nicole’s asking for more time to sign the legal papers officially naming Lizzy’s parents. Julius’ wheels began to turn when Carter informed him of the legal issues that Rick and Maya are facing. Coco confided in Zende her concern for Nicole not mentally or emotionally handling her diagnosis very well. Rick became furious when Maya filled him in on her and Nicole’s most recent interaction concerning Lizzy. Rick angrily pressured a reluctant Nicole into signing the adoption papers to make Lizzy legally his and Maya’s. Sally and Thomas brainstormed on how to portray to the public that Spectra Fashions is now a reputable company that can legitimately compete with Forrester Creations. Thomas quickly learned that working at Spectra is much different than his previous place of employment. RJ questioned Coco on whether or not her job at Forrester is having a negative effect on her relationship with Sally. In spite of Zende’s reassurances, Nicole struggled with the thought of possibly giving away her only chance of having a child. While being consoled by Rick, Maya felt hurt, betrayed and confused about Nicole refusing to sign Lizzy’s adoption papers. Julius shocked Maya and Rick when he voiced his opinion about whom he thinks should be raising Lizzy. Thomas began to settle into his new position at Spectra Fashions as their new lead designer. While having a business lunch at Il Giardino, Brooke was blindsided by a nemesis from her past seeking forgiveness from her. Wyatt didn’t find it amusing when Bill joked about the threats that were made against Quinn’s life. During a staff meeting at Forrester Creations, the chemistry between Ridge and Quinn was noticed by everyone but Eric.

THIS WEEK: Ridge and Quinn made assurances that Eric would never find out about their affair of the heart. An overheard conversation sparked an unwelcome interest in the Forrester family.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —Steve had surprising news for Adrienne. Tripp shadowed Kayla and gained her trust while devising a plan to frame her. JJ and Lani found Chad and Gabi in a compromising position. A feverish Paul got Eli to agree to something extreme. Nicole learned Chloe is moving to New York. Steve confronted Jade and Tripp about the surprise they have in store for Kayla. Jennifer discovered Eric’s letters to Nicole. With help from an unlikely source, Hope and Rafe closed in on Deimos. Nicole and Brady were stunned by Chloe’s decision. Chad learned Abigail’s planning to marry Dario. Hope and Rafe got a huge break in their case. Deimos and Sonny had a physical altercation. Gabi and Andre had a tense confrontation. Victor handed over the reins to Sonny. After a heart-to-heart with Marlena, Claire returned Ciara’s letter to Theo. Julie presented Eli with a lavish gift. Nicole and Brady’s family bliss with Holly was short-lived. Eric confided in Marlena about Jennifer and Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Sonny made a big — and unpopular — move at Titan. Deimos formulated a plan to get revenge.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nathan extended his support. Nina came to Nelle’s rescue. Josslyn rebelled. Carly and Sonny reminisced. Julian got an offer. Sonny let his guard down. Sam got news that seems promising. Nelle’s luck took a turn. Lulu surprised Dante. Nathan drew the line. Sam questioned her reaction. A friendly game led to painful memories. Nina was comforted. Laura cleared up any confusion. TJ’s secret was revealed. Jason’s timing couldn’t be better. Carly pulled back. Michael spent time with Nelle. TJ did damage control. Josslyn got in over her head. Carly remained skeptical. Josslyn lied to Bobbie. Nelle found happiness.

THIS WEEK: Kiki comforted Ava. Hayden summoned Curtis.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Neil informed Lily that Hilary was the one pushing Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment. Lily was hopeful the case would be dropped before any more damage is done. Meanwhile, Cane defended himself to Victoria and Billy, but Billy remained skeptical of Cane’s innocence. Jordan was visiting Hilary at GC Buzz when Lily arrived to confront her about manipulating Juliet. Jordan was shocked by Hilary’s behavior and that she would target his employer. Later, Hilary was afraid she’s too involved in Juliet’s case and told Juliet that she would not be testifying on her behalf. Phyllis admitted to Billy that she thinks Victoria leans too heavily on Billy and that he enjoys the dependence. Billy assured her that things would calm down after the lawsuit. Cane and Lily told Charlie and Mattie about Juliet’s lawsuit. Mattie was very upset at the news, but Charlie assured his dad that he believes that Cane would never do anything like Juliet is accusing. Hilary reached out to Devon telling him she needs to talk. Devon arrived and told Hilary that he’s tired of her attacks on Lily. Hilary admitted that Devon was her moral compass, so she’s struggling to find her moral center. Devon gave her a hug and it’s clear that they miss each other. Victor enlisted a displeased Abby and Scott to sell tickets to Nikki’s benefit. For once, Abby and Scott were in agreement, both believing the task to be beneath them. Meanwhile at the Ranch, Nikki was stressed as she practiced the piano. At Crimson Lights, Sharon continued to observe Zack, making him uncomfortable. He took a mysterious one-way phone call, impatiently telling the person on the other end that they need to speed things up. As Abby entered, he immediately adopted a more charming persona, and he suggested that they move to the patio. Zack charmed Abby who agreed to another date, so they could test out their dating app.

THIS WEEK: Jordan caught Chelsea up on the lawsuit against Brash & Sassy and revealed that it has made him see Hilary with new eyes. Chelsea remarked that Jordan’s protectiveness of Lily makes her wonder if he thinks of her as more than a friend.

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