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RECAPS: JUNE 26 – 30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — While Wyatt was advising Katie on her new position at Forrester Creations, she got out of him that he’s still hung up on Steffy. Wyatt gave Katie an idea to pitch that would ensure her success within the company. Liam surprised Steffy with a luxurious day at the spa and a reminder of why she married him. Ridge’s nostalgic gift to Quinn compelled her to remind him that their inappropriate relationship is long behind them. RJ and Coco made their relationship official by posting an adorable selfie together on social media. Maya and Rick were concerned about Nicole not having signed the adoption papers yet, especially after Julius spoke with her. Katie interrupted an intimate moment between Steffy and Liam to pitch her idea about how to launch the new Summer collection. Zende was concerned that Julius’ interference in Nicole’s life is making her more unhealthily attached to Lizzy. Julius attempted to convince Nicole that the situation with the adoption papers is a sign that she should be the one to raise Lizzy. While in the middle of an intense talk with Julius, Nicole was put on the spot by her family who overheard her father’s persuasions. Wyatt arrived at Katie’s door with a gift for Will and was invited in for a celebratory and appreciatory lunch. During the meal, Katie picked Wyatt’s brain about other ideas he might have about promoting Forrester Creations’ new collection. Zende stood up to Julius to stay out of an arraignment that was already in place between Nicole and Maya. Steffy and Katie got Ridge on board with their plan to unveil a swimwear line at the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. Charlie and Pam argued about the alleged Ridge and Quinn affair when he refused to drop the subject. Quinn pulled out all the stops for Eric “just because,” and the two shared loving moments and commitment to one another. Ridge called in Liam and Wyatt and pitched them the idea to partner for the Spencer Summit, throwing in a charitable event as well. Katie recruited the Forrester Creations staff, including Steffy, to take part in a photo shoot that previews the new swimwear line. Sally began to get excited when she saw the designs that Thomas is working on for Spectra’s newest collection.

THIS WEEK: Steffy announced to the media about Katie’s new position and that they would be launching the new collection at the Spectra Summit in Monte Carlo. Thomas suggested to Sally that they crash the Forrester photo shoot.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole started her community service working with Eric at the Horton Center. Tripp made his first move to get revenge against Kayla. Theo came to a big decision about Claire. Anjelica and Adrienne got into a heated argument that got physical. Salem residents gathered at the Martin house to celebrate the rescue from the Greek island. Paul’s alarmed to discover Sonny has the cursed amulet. Chad and Abigail were both affected when they learned their divorce is final. Nicole and Eric were forced to work together to use the party to promote the Horton Center. Deimos had slipped Halo into the drinks at the Martin House party, and the attendees were hit hard by its effects. Under the effect of the Halo, Chad and Abigail imagined that they’re renewing their wedding vows. Nicole and Eric shared a kiss! Rafe proposed to Hope. The party was over as everyone woke from their Halo-induced sleep to find themselves with strange bedfellows. Gabi stumbled onto a dead body. Raines arrived to tell them that they’re all suspects. Hope had a potentially life-threatening reaction to the drug. The fallout from the party at the Martin House continued. Marlena was brought in to hypnotize JJ.

THIS WEEK: Lani felt awful after implicating JJ and guilty for kissing Eli. Chad met with Abigail, and both talked about what happened to them while they were under the influence.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Monica kept vigil. Sam had a change of heart. Sonny had a tough road ahead of him. Kristina offered an apology. Finn held his tongue. Carly was hopeful. Josslyn panicked. Julian made his case. Spencer wanted what’s his. Charlotte missed Valentin. Josslyn lashed out. Sonny imparted his wisdom. Ava stonewalled Dante. Scotty was dismissed. Nina resorted to blackmail. Nelle’s happiness was infectious. Nina hesitated. Ned had a serious talk with Dillon. Anna updated Jordan. Finn looked for a final resolution. Sam’s health became an issue. Sonny shared his plans with Jason. Curtis and Jordan reconciled.

THIS WEEK: Nina got a call from Valentin. Andre looked to Anna for comfort.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon pressed Nick about his problems with Victor. Nick bent the truth and told her that his family’s freezing Victor out because of his role in Adam’s escape from prison. Jack met Nikki at Chancellor Park and implored her to cancel her concert. Nikki insisted that she needs to perform, so she could prove that Victor can’t shake her confidence. A furious Victor arrived to find Jack hugging Nikki. Victor and Jack argued about what’s best for Nikki, and Victor ordered Jack to stay away from his wife. Cane called Hilary out for all the problems she’s caused and demanded she stay away from Lily. Meanwhile, Devon asked Lily if there’s a chance Cane lied about sleeping with Juliet. Cane arrived home, and Lily decided to stand by him. Jill returned to town and was shocked that Billy and Phyllis are back together. Jill berated Billy for not trying harder to make things work with Victoria. Later, Jill met with her doctor to discuss the changes she has been making to improve her health. Dr. Lang was pleased with the results of Jill’s EKG and told Jill that she must continue to lead a healthy life. Chelsea confessed to Nick that she met with Victor for business advice. Nick was tempted to tell Chelsea the truth about Victor and Chloe but held back as he’s worried it would ruin their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Cane met Colin and told Colin the truth about what happened in Tokyo. Colin advised Cane to stick to his story as it’s the only hope for holding onto his family

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