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RECAPS - 5/19-23

ALL MY CHILDREN – Dixie’s spirit urged Jake to stay in Pine Valley for Tad’s sake. Zach wanted JR’s help investigating who ran him down and then framed JR for the crime. Jesse and Angie’s friends and family gathered in the casino ballroom, where they exchanged vows. Robert attended the reception and pulled a gun on Jesse when he figured out that Robert was really Papel. With Angie as his hostage, Robert headed to the roof to escape by helicopter. Once there, he took aim at a heroic Tad. A protective Jack spoke without thinking, telling Greenlee that Aidan and Kendall slept together.

THIS WEEK: Annie is determined to have Ryan’s baby.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lily and Holden clashed at Faith’s dance. Carly advised Lily to give Holden some space. Liberty broke Parker’s heart by making out with Dylan. When Janet lashed out at Liberty for her actions, Liberty asked Brad to take her in. Janet decided to stay in Oakdale. Bonnie told Henry that he has no claim on Grey’s estate. Noah feared that his father would hurt Ameera when Colonel Mayer escaped from prison. Luke followed Noah to New York where he was searching for Ameera. Meg agreed to be Barbara’s nurse when she struggled with her treatment, but Paul intervened and let Meg off the hook.

THIS WEEK: Chris tries to get close to Alison but she’s uncomfortable with intimacy.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Stephanie told Eric that Donna might want children. Marcus introduced himself to Donna and she admitted that he could be the child she gave up for adoption nearly 20 years ago. Phoebe walked in on Taylor and Rick in bed. Seeing her reaction, Taylor ended her romance with Rick. Pam suspected that Donna was keeping a secret from Eric. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia wanted to oust Eric from the board of Forrester because of Donna. Eric vowed to resign as CEO if Donna did anything to embarrass the Forrester name. Marcus lashed out at Donna for abandoning him. Bridget and Nick get Katie to stay with them now that she can leave the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Eric wonders if Donna is having a fling with Marcus?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Kayla and Steve’s baby boy struggled to survive. She named him Joe, for Steve’s mother Jo. Lucas was transferred from prison to house arrest, but when he discovered Sami making love with EJ, he tried to run. Tony proved his love for Anna by proposing to her – and she said yes. A sympathetic Ava visited Kayla, showing her a photo of baby Joe in the incubator to cheer her up. Lucas blasted Sami for sleeping with EJ and threatened to take Allie. Later, they reunited and made love. Lexie told Daniel she’s having marital problems. Daniel told Chelsea they can only be friends, but she wanted more.

THIS WEEK: Ava asks EJ to be her attorney.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – To escape their shared grief, Carly and Sonny had sex in the limousine, after which she presented him with legal documents asking him to give up his parental rights to Morgan. Jax and Kate ended up in a kiss after sharing their feelings about being shut out of Carly and Sonny’s lives. When Jax found Carly missing in the middle of the night, he packed his bags and left. A stabbed Claudia collapsed in Nikolas’ arms then, in her delirium, revealed her connection to Ian. Trevor arranged for Luke to be arrested for money laundering. Before the cops could get him, Luke skipped town with Tracy at his side.

THIS WEEK: Sam shows Spinelli how to win a woman!

GUIDING LIGHT – Josh attacked Chris, thinking he was Cassie’s one-night-stand. Cassie blasted Josh for spying on her. Alan’s dream lead Rafe to find 512 $20 bills in Gus’s old baseball jacket. He wanted to use the money as a down payment on a house. Mallet suspected the cash was proof that Gus has been getting kickbacks. Cyrus took the blame for the fake ID’s so Daisy would be able to graduate. Rick told Beth that he hoped she would return to him by the Fourth of July. Lizzie told Bill that even though she loved him, she would fight him for Spaulding.

THIS WEEK: Jeffrey is determined to figure out what Dinah is up to.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – At Rex and Adriana’s wedding, Gigi publicly declared she was in love with Rex. After Adriana calmly responded by slugging Gigi, Adriana and Rex were married. Jared threatened to kill David to insure his silence, David proposed Jared pay him off instead. After learning that Starr’s baby was okay, Blair lashed out at Todd for treating their daughter so badly, then had him arrested on assault charges. Ramsey told Antonio of his scheme to steal the Crown Jewels of Mendorra from Lindsay’s gallery and set up Talia to take the fall. Michael and Marcie witness a car crash.

THIS WEEK: Rex grows suspicious of his new wife.

PASSIONS – Set on revenge, Vincent trapped Sheridan and tossed on a blonde wig in preparation of stealing her identity and seducing Luis. Gertrude and Pilar pleaded with Ethan and an icy Gwen not to ship Little Ethan off to boarding school. Gertrude later cornered Ethan ready to spill the truth when a disastrous earthquake hit Harmony. Theresa dove to save Little Ethan from a falling bookcase, but they were both hit hard. Kay and Tabitha were unable to stop Alistair’s murder and found Julian standing over him with a smoking gun. Tabitha warned Kay that this was the beginning of the end!

THIS WEEK: Juanita returns to Harmony bend on revenge.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – Paul and JT realized that David gambled away his previous wealthy wife’s money. They teamed up to find her in Bermuda. Jeff and Gloria were in mid-argument when he spotted a document from Gloria’s bank about her jewels. Jeff headed to the Cayman Islands to see what Gloria had in the bank. Neil informed Victor that Natural Glow, Adam’s company, was being sued by Jabot before Newman Enterprises acquired it. That means that now Newman had to deal with the lawsuit. Danny told Phyllis he wanted Daniel to join him on tour. On the anniversary of Cassie’s death, Nick and Sharon shared the grief they still feel.

THIS WEEK: David’s exwife claims that he’s a coldblooded killer!

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