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RECAPS - 5/26-30

ALL MY CHILDREN – While Jesse and Robert fought, Angie tried to regain control of the helicopter. Finally, Jesse pulled Robert from the chopper and rescued Angie. The police took away a cuffed Robert leaving a critically hurt Tad who was airlifted to the hospital. Aware that her situation was hopeless, Julia refused surgery. Zach walked in on Greenlee ridding her apartment of everything related to Aidan. Greenlee impulsively kissed Zach and suggested they get Aidan and Kendall out of their lives. After misunderstanding a sympathetic moment between Ryan and Greenlee, Annie eyed a pamphlet about how to get pregnant. JR vowed to find Kate.

THIS WEEK: Tad hears a heaven-sent voice.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul rejected Sofie when she threw her naked body at him. Meg discovered Sofie at Paul’s, but believed him when he said he only wanted Meg. Sofie cut herself while trashing Paul’s room. Later, hurt and vengeful, she told Mike that Paul had raped her. Luke and Noah were in New York searching for Ameera. Colonel Mayer warned Noah to bring him Ameera or else. Liberty teased Parker about his date with Ashley, but when he and Liberty kissed, they were both shake. Holden and Carly were drawn together. Casey discovered that Emily had no interest in having a future relationship with him. Chris was furious with Alison for leading him on sexually.

THIS WEEK: Paul faces off with Mike about Sofie and Meg.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Stephanie realized that Katie was uncomfortable living with Nick and Bridget because she has feelings for Nick. Eric assured Ridge that Donna would not bring scandal to Forrester. Bridget learned from Katie’s doctors that the heart transplant was failing. Ridge and Brooke were at odds over Donna. Pam overheard Donna with Marcus and assumed she was cheating on Eric. When Eric found Marcus at the mansion alone with Donna, he accused her of sleeping with the younger man. Donna blurted out that Marcus is her son. In front of Ridge and Brooke, Rick proposed to Taylor and she accepted but only if Steffy and Thomas agreed.

THIS WEEK: Katie’s health takes a turn for the worst.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Steve and Stephanie brought Kayla to the family’s new home, but baby Joe had to remain in the hospital. EJ signed the annulment papers for Sami’s sake, but vowed to fight to win her back. Chloe was crushed when she received divorce papers from Brady, but Philip comforted her and they made love. Stephanie learned that Max was the math genius behind Nick’s grant application. Roman arrested John for assaulting a cop. EJ defended John about the cocaine found on the docks, saying John had been framed. Marlena swore to stick by John if he’s really innocent. Ava asked Marlena for help dealing with her guilt.

THIS WEEK: Lucas is arrested and Allie winds up in Child Protective Service’s care.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – A scheming Anthony ordered Ric to find a way to get Claudia to turn against Johnny. Jason agreed to take over the mob if Sonny gave up his rights to Michael and Morgan. Jason burned down the Zacchara mansion after learning they had destroyed one of his shipments. Patrick was at Robin’s side when she felt the baby’s first kick. Jax and Carly’s marriage problems were even more apparent when he saw her and Sonny in an embrace. Spinelli erroneously thought he had sex with Maxie after waking up in her bed. Sam offered to give Spinelli tips on how to attract women.

THIS WEEK: Nikolas finally reaches closure with Emily’s death.

GUIDING LIGHT – Thinking that he was protecting Gus’s reputation, Rafe confronted Jeffrey with a gun. It accidentally went off and Jeffrey was seriously wounded. Harley quickly concocted a plan to save Rafe from prosecution and the Coopers united to help. Buzz told Cyrus that Harley was on the run with Rafe. Nat was able to speak with Rafe. Mallet blamed Dinah for hurting so many people by trying to be helpful. He resigned as chief wanting to be a cop again. Lizzie drugged Bill to keep him from becoming CEO of Spaulding, but he won the election despite her efforts. Reva asked Josh to officiate her marriage to Jeffrey once he’s better.

THIS WEEK: Dinah realizes that she may have lost Mallet.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – While Michael tended to a hurt Adriana, Marcie pulled Sam from Todd’s wrecked car. When Todd regained consciousness, a furious Marcie refused to hand over Sam because Todd didn’t put him in a car seat. Later, Sam was placed in Child Protective Services. Marcie, Markko, Langston, Cole, Starr and Blair all gave damaging testimony against Todd at Sam’s custody hearing, where Blair made a surprising announcement. Dorian agreed to hide an escaped David and suggested he not tell Jared the truth just yet. To prevent Charlie from coming clean with Rex and Viki, Dorian drugged him and brought him to a bedroom.

THIS WEEK: Dorian drops a bombshell at the shareholder meeting.

PASSIONS – Sam refused to arrest Julian for Alistar’s murder when it was revealed that his gun was filled with blanks. Not knowing why he had become so attracted to Gertrude, Ethan leaned in to kiss her. Pretty’s phony pregnancy was in danger of being revealed when Luis insisted she see a doctor after the earthquake. Sheridan survived the plunge down the falls and was brought to the ER. Ivy thought she was being helpful by finding a boarding school for Viki, who vowed to make Ivy pay for her meddling. Valerie watched Viki hide Ivy’s lifeless body and realized she might have killed Alistar.

THIS WEEK: Tabitha uses her magic to save Harmony.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Paul asked Elizabeth for proof that David killed her sister, but her conspiracy story made Paul think she was crazy. Nikki saw David paying back Brad and wondered what was going on. Nick and Sharon relived the painful night Cassie died. Amber and Daniel promised to trust each other while he was on tour with Danny. An appraiser shocked Gloria by telling her that her diamonds were fake. Gloria was later fired from Jabot, prompting Michael to invite her to move in with him and Lauren. Brad and Victoria weren’t thrilled when Nikki assigned them to work together on a Jabot Retro campaign.

THIS WEEK: Adam and Heather’s attraction skyrockets.

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