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RECAPS: NOV. 20 – 24

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill was disturbed by a recent revelation about himself that completely goes against his beliefs and family’s creed. Word got out to the other members of the Spencer family that Steffy and Liam have reunited and renewed their vows. Liam confessed to Wyatt that his association with Sally went too far and almost cost him his marriage and his relationship with Bill. Steffy saw a notso pleasant side of Bill when he questioned her about returning home to Liam. Members of the Forrester family gathered together to begin preparations for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner taking place the following day. There was an underlying fear within the family that Sheila might make an uninvited appearance to the festivities. Justin suspected that Bill’s feeling remorseful about losing Brooke unaware of what’s actually bothering his friend. Liam went to Bill’s office asking to return to Spencer Publications and for the chance to prove his loyalty and devotion.

THIS WEEK: The Forrester, Logan, Spencer, Avant and Spectra families put aside their conflict, secrets, rivalry and forbidden love for one day, joining together to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Forrester Mansion. Hosted by Eric and Quinn, everyone at the Thanksgiving table realized that there’s much to be grateful for and said something kind and poignant to the person seated to their right.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami and Susan battled over Will. John and Marlena attempted to find a way to get through to Susan. Hope and Rafe argued over the shooting. Adrienne and Justin reconnected on a romantic level. John got Roger to admit to Will that Susan has been lying to him. Paul thanked Sonny for defending him, but Sonny made clear all is not forgiven. A familiar face visited Susan. Eve blasted Brady and Victor for trying to set her up. Roman and Sami comforted Abe. Will reunited with Gabi and Arianna.

THIS WEEK: Guilt-ridden JJ snuck into Theo’s hospital room. Lani was consoled by Eli.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Nathan was under fire. Felicia shared too much. Cassandra tested the waters. Finn sought out Anna. Michael was standoffish. Patient 6 faced his past. Carly laid blame. Jason had terrible timing. Franco comforted a foe. Ava continued her quest. Jason turned to Monica. Carly opened her home. Alexis attempted to make amends.

THIS WEEK: Stella was reflective. Lulu was observant.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Juliet interrupted Cane and Lily’s divorce hearing to speak to Lily. Lily refused to listen to Juliet and kicked her out of the courtroom. Scott and Abby chased a lead from information found in paperwork in the storage locker. They arrived at a motel outside of Genoa City. They found the room empty, so they began to search the room for evidence and were startled when Zack’s suddenly returned to his room. Nick told Chelsea that he’s being investigated for arson and wondered if the investigation was triggered by the reveal on The Hilary Hour about her past cons with Jordan. Chelsea told Nick that her past is behind her and was insulted when Nick’s not sure he believes her. Nikki continued to criticize Dina forcing Jack to snap and tell Nikki that she’s no longer invited to spend Thanksgiving dinner with the Abbotts. Devon noted tension between Mariah and Tessa and pressed Mariah about their friendship. Scott was shocked when Victoria told him that she’s shutting down his website, Hashtag, and reassigning him to other duties at Newman Enterprises. Abby was furious when Victoria told her that she’s being demoted at Newman Enterprises. Abby and Scott bonded over their new animosity towards Victoria. Nick refused to join Chelsea and the boys for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ranch. Nikki visited Nick and convinced him to crash Victor’s dinner. Nick agreed and apologized to Chelsea for his behavior.

THIS WEEK: Victoria picked a fight with Abby who decided to leave and have dinner at the Abbotts. Later, Nikki and Victor were left alone at the ranch and reminisced about past holidays. However, they quickly returned to their frosty relationship.

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