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RECAPS: Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thorne’s return to Los Angeles after a lengthy stay in Paris was met with mixed emotions, especially from his elder brother, Ridge. Confused about the sudden change in dynamics within the Spencer family, Wyatt demanded that Bill tell him how his resolution with Liam happened. Attributing his reconciliation with Bill to Steffy, Liam insisted that she escort him to his first day back at Spencer Publications. Undetected tension filled the room between Steffy and Bill as Liam praised them both for his current happiness. Having temporarily moved back into Brooke’s home until he finds a place of his own, Thorne confided in her his frustrations regarding Ridge. Thorne admitted to Brooke why he stayed away for so long and what brought him back to Los Angeles. While at lunch at Il Giardino, Pam was startled to find that Sheila’s her server and even more surprised when she offered an olive branch and a promise. Liam explained to Wyatt his side of the story about how he and Bill reconciled following the Spectra building demolition. Thorne surprised Brooke when he told her about what he has been doing in Paris. Thorne hit the nail on the head with his assumption about why Brooke and Ridge did not get married in Australia: another woman. Brooke confirmed this but did not name the woman in question. Charlie became concerned, for selfish reasons, when he learned about Pam’s interaction with Sheila. Eric was caught off- guard when he’s greeted by Sheila at Il Giardino and learned that she never left town. Sheila offered him a sincere apology about her attempt to come between he and Quinn. Coco questioned Sally’s plan to pay an uninvited visit to Liam knowing that her sister’s presence is controversial. Liam’s overly professed appreciation for their reunion caused great anxiety for Steffy prompting her desire to break her promise with Bill. Upon her arrival at Liam’s house, Sally attempted to get a read on the current state of his and Steffy’s marriage. Steffy and Bill expressed their sincere regrets for betraying Liam and discussed the ramifications they would face if their secret’s revealed. During their already uncomfortable conversation, Sally bluntly asked Liam if he and Steffy are really happy or if their marital bliss is just an act. In return, Liam asked Sally where she thinks they stand in their affiliation with each other.

THIS WEEK: Coco filled Darlita in on what happened between Sally and Liam after the Spectra building collapsed. Steffy was adamant with Bill that she intends to remain in her marriage and that she plans on telling Liam the truth about their betrayal.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abe ordered Hope to fire JJ. A guilt-ridden Kate visited Theo. Sami got an idea of how to help her son. Will asked Marlena to help him regain his memory. Will reunited with Kate. Rafe went to bat for Hope with Abe — but things didn’t go quite the way he expected. Ben made a surprise return to Salem. Chad kicked Andre out of the house. Sami went to extremes to trigger Will’s memory. Lucas was stunned to see Will and realized his son’s truly alive. Rafe and Hope had a blow-out fight when she learned that he took her job. Kate made a shocking admission to Andre. Will ripped into Sami over her outrageous plan. Rafe pushed Hope to tell him the truth about why she doesn’t want to get married. Abigail asked Chad to reconsider throwing Andre out of the mansion. Andre made a surprising decision about Kate. Rafe and Sami sought comfort in one another. Hope confided to Jennifer about her breakup.

THIS WEEK: Ciara made an entrance as she returned to Salem. Eli and Gabi had a huge fight over the JJ and Theo situation.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason’s insecurities got the best of him. Sam wasn’t exactly forth coming. Kiki said the wrong thing. Ava had high hopes. Alexis’ plan backfired. Oscar snuck out. Alexis was shocked. Ava hesitated. Griffin arrived just in time. Jordan and Curtis teamed up. Valentin was blindsided. Finn informed Anna of his intentions. Nina called Sam out. Dante agreed to help Patient 6. Jordan made an emotional plea. Sonny confronted Obrecht. Curtis came through on his word. Carly put Jason on the defense. Franco had a change of heart. Josslyn came up with a plan of her own. Sonny got help from an old friend. Jason was in disbelief. Alexis ran into Dr. Bensch.

THIS WEEK: Ava shared her fears. Griffin’s anger ran deep.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the GCAC, Christine approached Victor and asked him to come to the police station for questioning about Design- Date. Victor went to the station but refused to answer any questions until Michael arrived. While waiting for Michael, Victor subtly suggested to Paul that Nick might be responsible for the fire at The Underground. Billy and Phyllis reflected on their exciting new romance and agreed to always be honest with each other. They ran into Nick and Chelsea, and they all agreed never to mention what happened during their weekend in New Orleans. Victor invited Chelsea to a tree lighting ceremony at the Ranch. Chelsea declined the invitation when she saw that Nick’s not invited. When Victor pressed her for a response, Chelsea said she needs to start making new memories with Nick. Victor covertly mentioned how he would hate for the secret of Christian’s paternity to be revealed. Dina was less than impressed when Jack went overboard to impress her with decorating the house for Christmas. Jack was disappointed when Dina didn’t remember ornaments from his childhood. Meanwhile, Ashley was running things at Jabot and butt heads with Gloria who detests working for Ashley. Ashley lost it when she discovered that Gloria’s secretly reporting back to Jack. Lily and Cane caught up with Cane filling in on Sam’s progress and his new position at Chancellor.

THIS WEEK: Lily was secretly hurt when she saw how well Cane’s doing without her. Cane cut their conversation short when he received an urgent call from the hospital.

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