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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Regretting that she slept with Bill and concerned that it will ruin her marriage to Liam, Steffy contemplated how best to tell her husband that she slept with his father. Ridge was shocked when Brooke confronted him about the seemingly intimate moment she witnessed between he and Quinn. He became angry when Brooke informed him of Thorne’s current residence. Thorne arrived at Forrester Creations for his first time since returning to Los Angeles. He and Eric discussed Ridge, Brooke and Sheila. In order to save their relationships with Liam, Steffy and Bill made a pact to never tell him what happened between them. Thorne attempted to get details out of Eric about Ridge’s affair that caused his breakup with Brooke. Eric was impressed when Thorne showed him what he’s been working on in Europe. The energy between the two brothers became intense when Brooke and Ridge arrived at the office and saw that Thorne intends to compete with Ridge. Quinn and Ivy talk discussed Thorne’s return and the vast differences between he and Ridge. Eric, Quinn and Brooke must intervene in a heated argument between Ridge and Thorne. Brooke stood up to Ridge for his mistreatment of others and left with Thorne. Frustrated, Ridge vowed to relieve Brooke of her “babysitting” duties. Steffy’s immense guilt surfaced when Liam queried her about the night she left him and what caused her to forgive him. Steffy lied, which caused her anxiety. At lunch with Brooke at Il Giardino, Thorne attempted to convince Brooke to leave Ridge and be with him. Ridge soon arrived and took Brooke back to the office. Having observed all of this unseen, Sheila approached Thorne and seized the opportunity to spill the beans about Ridge and Quinn. As Sheila told Thorne about Ridge and Quinn kissing in Australia, he’s unsure of whether or not to believe her. Ridge surprised Brooke with a visit to the Forrester Creations steam room. He made it abundantly clear that he intends to win her back. Eric recounted Brooke’s colorful history with the Forrester men to Quinn. Thorne confronted Eric about the news he learned from Sheila. Quinn arrived at Il Giardino to pick up lunch and had an unpleasant encounter with Sheila. Eric pleaded with Thorne to drop his vendetta against Ridge, but Thorne has too much bitterness and resentment built up.

THIS WEEK: While Steffy filled Bill in on the lie she told to Liam about the night she left him, Quinn was innocently telling Liam about the bracelet Steffy left behind at the Forrester guest house. Thorne admitted to Brooke one of the real reasons he returned to LA. Ridge interrupted Thorne and Brooke and as the two brothers argue, push came to shove.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami and Rafe made love! Hope was concerned when Shawn and Belle gave her an update on Ciara. Ciara warned Claire that she’s going to make her pay. Kate urged Lucas to go to rehab. Rafe was forced to hide when Hope showed up at Sami’s hotel room. Will reunited with Belle who inadvertently revealed an unpleasant incident from his past. Paul confided in John that he fears he’s going to lose Sonny. Eve turned the tables on Brady. Sami lashed out at Belle. Hope opened her heart to Rafe who’s wracked with guilt over sleeping with Sami. Sonny made his decision about whether he wants to be with Paul or Will. Will flirted with Paul. Will kissed Paul as Sonny arrived outside Paul’s room. Eric comforted Sami. Steve confronted Tripp about Kate. Ciara visited Theo at the hospital. Sami urged Lucas to sober up and be there for his son. Eric appealed to Will to give his mother a chance.

THIS WEEK: Eve asserted her authority in the Kiriakis household, but Maggie fought back. Brady asked Paul to dig up dirt on Eve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam fought for her future. Jason was drawn to the familiarity of the docks. Franco wrestled with his conscience. Liz defended her intentions. Nelle tried to play nice. Sam made her intentions known. Amy was surprised to see Maxie. Lulu hatched a plan. Olivia crossed Monica. Ned offered a solution. Sam pleaded with Alexis for help. Carly had a run in with Nelle. Olivia was sidelined. Ned stood his ground. Lulu learned the truth. Sam sought help from an unlikely source. Sonny got a lead on an enemy’s whereabouts. Josslyn received an important package. Franco surprised Liz. Lulu told Michael the truth. Sonny had questions. Sam’s reunion was bittersweet. Franco got more than he bargained for.

THIS WEEK: Carly’s day went from bad to worse. Oscar came clean.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley was furious when she learned that Abby quit Newman Enterprises after Victoria tried to set her up at the press conference. Ashley visited Victor who insisted he wasn’t aware about Abby quitting Newman Enterprises. Victor called Victoria and Abby and forced Victoria to apologize to Abby. Abby used the opportunity to negotiate a rich deal to return to Newman. Sharon told Nick that she’s in love with Scott and wants him to move in. Nick gave his blessing despite his feelings about Scott. Chelsea received pressure from Victor to attend his tree lighting party at Newman Ranch. Chelsea stood her ground with Victor and later told Nick about Victor’s strong requests. Victoria invited Ravi for a drink and offered him a position at Newman. Ravi felt discouraged about a future with Ashley and accepted Victoria’s offer. Jack and Nikki shared an emotional moment, but Jack insisted he must focus on Dina’s care. Jack admitted to Nikki that he wonders if she’s moving closer to reuniting with Victor. At Jabot, Billy stopped by to see Ashley and insisted that they discuss the reveal of her parentage. Both siblings expressed that nothing has changed in their relationship, and Ashley was touched by her brother’s support. However, the mood was broken when Billy admitted that he also came by to ask to borrow the company jet. Billy attempted to convince reluctant Ashley to lend him the jet, turning the topic to her own personal life. Ashley wondered when Billy would actually get back to work, suggesting that he return to Jabot. Billy argued that Jack would never allow it, but Ashley pointed out that it’s not just his decision anymore. Nick and Nikki learned that the city’s selling Chancellor Park. Nick attended a town meeting and was shocked to learn that the park’s being demolished to make way for new condos. Scott and Abby had a heated conversation. They paused in their argument when they realize how close they’re standing. They’re about to kiss when Scott pulled back and left the office. Hilary reached out to Jack about having Jabot sponsor the Hilary Hour. Jack agreed if Hilary agrees to change her reporting style and stop covering scandals. Hilary reluctantly agreed. Lily was moved when she saw Cane holding Baby Sam for the first time. Lily was embarrassed that she wasn’t able to connect with Sam and quickly left the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Hilary noticed her swift exit and told Cane to be patient with Lily. Cane was impressed when he saw Hilary instantly connect with Sam.

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