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RECAPS: DEC. 11- 15

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke broke up the argument between Ridge and Thorne who each blamed the other for starting the squabble. Liam confronted Steffy about why she lied about staying in the Forrester guest house the night that they argued. Feeling cornered, Steffy did her best to cover. Quinn shared with Maya the inspiration behind the new bracelet prototype that she’s working on. She also shared the information she has about Steffy and Liam. Unable to take anymore fighting between the brothers, Brooke demanded that Ridge leave. Thorne attempted to prove to Brooke why his brother’s not worthy of her love and then surprised her with a kiss. Thorne admitted to Brooke that he has wanted to kiss her for a while and asked if she would like to give their relationship another try. Home from Paris, Nicole was captivated by Maya’s stories and video from her trip to South Africa. They both couldn’t believe how far they’ve come in their lives and careers. Nicole witnessed Brooke and Thorne immersed in a deep conversation and later reported this to Maya who wondered if there’s something more going on between them. Ivy and Quinn were mesmerized by the diamonds that Simon had brought to them. Quinn revealed to Ivy that she’s designing an engagement ring that Ridge plans on giving to Brooke. Ivy queried Quinn to see if she feels it’s strange to make a ring that a man she cared for would give to another woman. Later, Quinn delivered the ring to Ridge, and the two reminisced about their forbidden kisses. However, both agreed that their lives are back on track, and they are both where they want to be. Steffy and Ridge had a heart-to-heart conversation about how challenging marriage can be and how forgiveness is important. Ridge pulled out the ring that he plans to give to Brooke and told his daughter that he plans on proposing to Brooke. Ridge brought up the subject of Bill and warned her to stay far away from her father-inlaw; that he is evil. During a business meeting, Bill was visibly distracted, which led Wyatt, Liam and Justin to assume he’s missing Brooke. When they were alone, Liam told Bill how happy he and Steffy are and that he’s amazed that Steffy has been able to forgive him for kissing Sally. Liam asked Bill about his love life and apologized for Brooke divorcing him, which caused Bill to be overcome with guilt. Steffy and Liam relished in their renewed love. Thorne and Eric discussed how Ridge doesn’t seem to be happy that Thorne’s back in town. Thorne suggested that they oust Ridge from the company so that he and Eric could work side-by-side. He revealed to his father that in order to prove himself to Eric, he started his own line in Paris called “Aly” and that sales are doing well. Ridge arrived at Brooke’s house and surprised her with a romantic dinner out on the patio. During dinner, Ridge laid on the compliments and gave a touching toast before asking Brooke to become his wife. THIS WEEK: Quinn told Eric and Thorne and Ridge’s proposing to Brooke. Liam thanked Bill for his loyalty to the family and told him that he’s grateful to have him as a father.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Will found Hope’s engagement ring in Sami’s hotel room. JJ offered to make an unexpected move on Hope’s behalf. Eli and Rafe got new information about the night of Theo’s shooting. Kayla and Steve confronted Kate about blackmailing Tripp. Sami and Rafe got stuck in an awkward situation with Hope. Abe questioned Eli about the investigation into his son’s shooting, wanting Eli’s personal take on whether JJ was at fault. Doug gave Rafe a stern warning. Eric tried to help JJ deal with his guilt. Sami said goodbye to Marlena, John and Will. Sonny was stunned when he learned that Will kissed Paul. Eve made Gabi a surprising offer. Hope and Rafe enjoyed a romantic morning. Sami and Rafe’s secret was uncovered! Brady busted Eve with the information he got from Paul. Hope got into an argument with Ciara. Sonny urged Will to give their relationship a chance. Chad and Kate brought in a specialist to help Theo. Steve made a surprising move.

THIS WEEK: Ciara figured out Tripp has feelings for Claire. JJ learned his fate has been decided.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Patient six got a lead on his kidnapper. Sonny placed a call to Dante. Sam learned the truth. Oscar got cold feet. Carly was livid. Sonny filled Anna in. Cassandra propositioned Finn. Charlotte was thrilled to see Nelle. Michael turned to Dante. Laura remained confident. Nelle stood up for herself. Patient 6 offered up a bit of advice. Sam confided in Monica. Michael had big news. Ava mulled over her relationships. Sam ran into Patient 6 at the pier. Oscar was disappointed. Monica rolled out the welcome mat. Cassandra got good news. Anna took the next step. Alexis delivered a painful truth. Finn couldn’t fight the inevitable. Scott was invited to drinks. Liz worried about Jake.

THIS WEEK: Liz worries about Jake. Franco’s conscience kicks in.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick told Sharon and Scott about his plan to stop the demolition of Chancellor Park. Nick explained that the developer’s operating under a shell corporation named, “Alco.” Sharon asked Scott to help investigate, but Scott resisted and suggested that Nick has taken on a lost cause. Nick left, and Sharon scolded Scott for not being helpful. Ashley did her best to make the most of her time with Dina, but Dina felt patronized by her efforts. Ashley persisted and decided to take Dina ice skating and was surprised to see a warmer side of her mother. Ashley and Dina arrived home, and Ashley was heartbroken that Dina has forgotten about their day together. Cane reached out to the twins in attempt to heal their relationship before the holidays. Cane was surprised when Charlie arrived alone without Mattie. They reminisced on happier times, and Charlie encouraged Cane not to give up on Mattie yet. Michel met with Kevin and asked him to do some digging into Victor’s accounts. Kevin blew him off and later made a phone call telling someone that Victor would soon learn the truth. Ravi told Ashley that he’s going to accept a job offer from Victoria. Ashley confronted Victoria and threatened legal action against Newman because Ravi has a non-complete clause. Victoria was unfazed, but Michael encouraged her to give up the fight for Ravi. Victoria reluctantly agreed and withdrew her offer to Ravi. Ashley shared this with Ravi who admitted that he was only leaving in hopes of giving their relationship a chance. Billy was enjoying his new life of leisure and suggested to Phyllis that she quit her job, so they could spend more time together. Phyllis reminded Billy that she does not want to be a kept woman. Later, Billy ran into Nick while jogging, and the two bonded over their dedication to save Chancellor Park. Lily visited Cane and was surprised to see a woman in Cane’s living room. Cane quickly explained that he’s interviewing nannies. Lily was surprised to see Cane moving on with his life and left.

THIS WEEK: Hilary revealed to Nick that she has learned that neither Victor nor Devon won the bid for Chancellor Park but instead it went to an anonymous bidder. Nick worried that the buyer would have bad intentions.

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