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RECAPS - 6/2-6/6

ALL MY CHILDREN – Tad was about to walk into “the light” with Dixie until she told him that he needed to continue living for his daughters. Adam gave Tad the news that Kathy was really Kate. When JR realized that Adam knew the truth about Kate all along, he washed his hands of his father. Tad thanked Adam for telling him the truth and the onetime enemies called a truce. Greenlee returned Aidan’s engagement ring. Annie visited a fertility doctor. Zach told Jake that there was a bounty on his head back in Africa and his return there would potentially mean the death of innocent people.

THIS WEEK: Erica loses her job at New Beginnings.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Sofie used the panties from the night she made love to Paul to convince the authorities that Paul raped her. After getting bailed out, Paul spoke to Meg and Barbara about how to discredit Sofie. Carly and Holden wound up alone in the woods on the same horse. The feelings between them were undeniable. Noah blamed Luke for Ameera being taken into custody following the exchange with Mayer. Brad was arrested after protecting Janet from Bud. Katie asked Jack to get the charges against Brad dropped. Alison hired Bonnie to bring a lawsuit against the hospital for sexual harassment when she was dumped from the nursing program because of Chris.

THIS WEEK: Casey lies to his parents by continuing to have sex with Emily.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Bridget gave Katie bad news about her new heart. Nick learned that Katie had a crush on him, so her took her sailing to Catalina. There, she broke down, knowing she didn’t have much longer to live. Donna chickened out telling Eric that Marcus is her son. To placate him, Donna got Marcus a job at Forrester and promised to make him part of her family. Steffy returned from London, and when she heard about Taylor’s engagement to Rick, she gave them her okay. Working at Forrester, Steffy met Marcus. He found her interesting, until Donna told him that since she’s a Forrester, she’s off-limits to him. Pam continued snooping into Marcus’s connection to Donna.

THIS WEEK: Bridget finds a way to save Katie’s life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – John was arrested when cocaine was found in his shipment. He accused Philip of setting him up. EJ got drunk and confessed to Nicole that his annulment from Sami is legit and he told Sami otherwise. Nicole threatened to tell her the truth. While caring for Allie, Lucas violated his house arrest. Philip made love to Chloe and asked her to stay in the mansion. Victor wanted Chloe out. The Brady Pub was converted to a ‘green’ restaurant. Steve and Kayla learned their baby was well enough to be removed from the ventilator. John believed Marlena went to Colorado to get away from him. He asked Ava out to dinner, but she declined his invitation.

THIS WEEK: Kayla tells Caroline about Max’s mathematical abilities.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Ric warned Sonny that he could be caught in the crossfire when Anthony retaliates against Jason. Jax asked Carly to distance herself from Jason, but she refused. Jax made it clear that he’d love to have a baby with Carly. In an effort to ease Nikolas’ grief over Emily, Claudia kissed him. Patrick hired Spinelli to post negative messages on Robin’s blog, but Robin was on to him. Sonny used his “influence” to help out Kate with the Crimson distributor, an act that she did not appreciate. Diane coached Spinelli on how to win a woman, but his efforts took an unexpected turn.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli becomes a hero in Leyla’s eyes.

GUIDING LIGHT – Jeffrey recovered from the shooting and lied to the cops, saying that Rafe’s gun went off accidentally. Reva and Josh spent time together and it was like old times, while Cassie was clicking with Jeffrey. Dinah confessed what she did for Mallet in hopes of reuniting with him. Mallet returned to being a beat cop and offered to help Olivia if she needs him. Cyrus’s little brother Grady came to Springfield. Cyrus was upset when Grady stole his stash. Not knowing who Daisy is, Grady began pursuing her. Blake made a move on Coop. Ashlee was intrigued by “dog-tag guy.” Lizzie vowed to get Spaulding back from Bill.

THIS WEEK: Mallet shares memories of Gus with Olivia.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – In a Buchanan Enterprises shareholder meeting, Dorian exposed Jared’s fraud and produced Pamela Stuart to confirm her claims. As a result, Nash lost his vineyard to Malcolm. Jared and Nash got into a fight, resulting in Nash being struck by falling glass and dying. Viki resuscitate a drunken Charlie when he stopped breathing and was dismayed when she heard Jared calling Charlie “Dad.” John and Antonio overheard an agitated Janet tell Ramsey that someone became panicky and wondered if Ramsey was hiding something in his penthouse. Rex walked out on Adriana, who accused Dorian of sabotaging her marriage and disowned her.

THIS WEEK: Rex tells Adriana he wants a divorce.

PASSIONS – Theresa was not happy to learn that Gwen and Ethan were planning on renewing their wedding vows. Juanita realized a photo of Luis found in Pilar’s friend’s bookstore was a clue to Pilar’s whereabouts. Juanita then donned a new disguise and quizzed a talkative Tabitha about the Lopez- Fitzgerald family history. Tabitha cast a spell she hoped would save Harmony from imminent doom. Pilar tried to convince her family they must leave town immediately, but it was difficult when she couldn’t tell them why. Viki and Vincent decided the upcoming wedding

would be the perfect time and place to wipe out Harmony!

THIS WEEK: Theresa comes up with a scheme to keep Ethan from recommitting to Gwen.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – Paul learned that David was telling the truth that his stepdaughter Mina was out to get him because she was cut out of her mother’s will due to a drug problem. David called Walter for a loan after losing $40,000 on a horse race. Kevin reluctantly gave Gloria a job at the coffeehouse but she was promptly fired after pulling a prank on Jeff. Jack offered to let Gloria live in the Abbott pool house rent-free. Gloria told Michael she wanted to confess to the police about the face cream. Sabrina asked Victoria to be her matron of honor but Victoria refused to be in the wedding.

THIS WEEK: There’s some skinny-dipping going on at the Abbott mansion.

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