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RECAPS: DEC. 18 – 22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam is elated and Steffy is reserved about the big news that they have received. Thorne makes an appeal to Rick to help him stop Broke from allowing Ridge back into her heart. Rick jumps on board, overjoyed that there is someone else who finally feels the way he does about Ridge. Thorne shocks Maya and Rick by disclosing the secret affair of the heart between Quinn and Ridge. They quickly discern that Thorne has feelings for Brooke; which Thorne does not deny.. Thorne continues to try and sway Brooke to break of her relationship with Ridge so that they may have a second chance. Liam misreads Steffy’s lack of excitement about her future. Ridge gloats to Bill about his relationship with Brooke. Katie reveals to Brooke that she is secretly involved with Wyatt. Brooke issues her sister a warning about what may happen when Bill finds out the news that his son is sleeping with his ex-wife. Steffy has a “day-mare” about delivering what the outcome of her pregnancy may be. Steffy arranges to meet Bill and shares with him that she has received unexpected news. Bill goes from happy to horrified when he realizes that Steffy doesn’t know who the father of her child is. Ecstatic at the prospect, Liam confides in Wyatt that he and Steffy are going to be parents. Wyatt shares his brother’s enthusiasm and cannot wait to tell Bill. Brooke reminds Thorne that he needs to respect her relationship with Ridge if he plans on continuing to live under her roof. Thorne assures Brooke that he will respect her wishes, but does not fess up that he has no intention of giving up on her. Steffy and Bill are having serious guilt about their one-night-stand together. Bill convinces Steffy to take the necessary steps to find out the identity of her baby daddy. It’s Christmas at the Forrester Mansion, and the Logan, Forrester and Avant families come together to share the spirit of the season. Eric and Brooke make toasts about the history of their families and the meaning of the holiday, while one power couple takes advantage of the magical moment to announce their engagement. As is Forrester tradition, all gather around to sing carol while Eric accompanies them on the piano.

THIS WEEK: When Katie admits to Wyatt that she told Brooke about them, Wyatt worries that the more people who know, the sooner that Bill will find out. Katie reveals the present she bought him for Christmas as she unwraps her robe to reveal sexy Santa lingerie. Steffy takes a paternity test while an unknowing Liam voices his appreciation for Bill and how their relationship has come a long way.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ learned the results of the Internal Affairs investigation into Theo’s shooting. Abe got bad news regarding Theo. Ciara opened up to Hope. Kayla and Tripp shared a warm moment. Will asked Paul if they could be friends. Eve overheard an argument between Brady and Victor. John surprised Marlena with a romantic gift. Kate and Eve battled over Gabi’s company. A guilt-ridden JJ wrote letters to his loved ones and gave away his possessions as he prepared to take a drastic step. JJ recalled fond memories of his friends and family, including Jennifer, Jack, and Abigail. It’s Christmas Eve in Salem. Claire and Ciara caused a commotion during the traditional hanging of the Horton ornaments. Chad and Abigail had a romantic night. Eli supported Lani, who’s then encouraged by Valerie not to give up on JJ. Doug and Julie reached out to Abe. A surprising couple made love. Will asked Sonny about their past.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer made an emotional appeal to Abe to forgive JJ. Brady moved forward with a plan to neutralize Eve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Drew put it all out there. Carly felt terrible for her friend. Sam lashed out. Sonny and Drew 6 talked through potential scenarios. Jordan and Anna bonded. Drew and Jason shared a common goal. Drew got the reassurance he needs. Griffin apologized. Curtis comforted Jordan. Alexis took Danny to the park. Laura asked a favor of Lulu. Alexis infuriated Molly. Nelle got a break. Nathan confronted Obrecht. Felicia put Maxie at ease. Laura hoped for the best. Jason paid his respect. Franco received a mysterious note. Sam got a surprise. Ned softens. Michael poured his heart out. Carly had a plan. Laura got a surprise.

THIS WEEK: Molly opened her home. Griffin accepted an uncomfortable situation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mattie caught up with Reed who admitted that J.T.’s in town and he’s been avoiding him at all costs. Meanwhile at the GCAC, Cane was surprised to see J.T. in town. Cane revealed that their kids are dating and J.T. shared that he’s worried that Reed’s avoiding him. Cane called Mattie and she agreed to meet him for dinner at bring Reed. Mattie and Reed arrived at the club and were shocked to find J.T. there. J.T. and Reed cleared the air and J.T. asked Reed to give him a chance. Nikki warned Kevin that she fears J.T.’s audit would reveal that he helped her steal Victor’s money. She promised Kevin that she would protect him and suggested that he return to Seattle before things get out of hand. At Crimson Lights, Mariah saw Abby and Scott talking and later quizzed Abby about her “friendship” with Scott. Abby was annoyed by Mariah’s sudden interest in her personal life and dodged her questions. Jill returned home for Christmas and told Billy that she’s considering selling Chancellor. Billy shared the news with Jack who quickly made Jill an offer for the company. Meanwhile, Traci and Ashley worried that Jack’s overwhelmed with caring for Dina and running Jabot. Ashley was furious when she learned that Jack made Jill an offer for Chancellor. Hilary visited Cane and learned that he would bring Baby Sam home from the hospital by New Year’s Eve. Lily arrived and noticed Hilary and Cane’s bond. While Cane left the room, Lily questioned Hilary’s intentions but Hilary insisted that she’s not interested in Cane.

THIS WEEK: Ravi asked Ashley to go on a vacation with him. Ashley realized that Ravi wants more from their relationship than she does.

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