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RECAPS DEC. 25 – 29

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — B&B is preempted on Friday, December 29, and is airing a classic Christmas episode on Christmas Day which originally aired in 2016. In that episode Steffy is feeling guilty about not spending Christmas with her family, but, basks in spending the holiday reunited with Liam. Ridge has a moment of nostalgia of Christmases past when Rick implements a new tradition for his family. Bill and Katie spend a cordial holiday together in her new home for the sake of Will. Knowing that his family members have other plans, Eric calls them over for at least one Christmas carol. It’s a much different picture this Christmas as Steffy is conflicted about telling Liam that a one night stand with his father could mean that Bill is the father of her unborn child. Liam is blissfully unaware of her conflict and has daydreams about being a father. On December 28 Liam has a fantasy of playing with Steffy’s unborn child. If the scene looks natural there’s a good reason. Ford Clifton the real-life son of Scott Clifton (who plays Liam) will be playing the role of the Steffy’s son. Liam imagines how idea life will be once he and Steffy become parents. Meanwhile, Steffy is terrified that Bill won’t play along and concede that Liam is the baby’s father and not fight for a paternity test. Brooke and Ridge barely have time to celebrate their engagement when the Forrester family feud erupts again. Brooke has to step in and entreat Thorne to move out of her house so Ridge will have no doubt about how committed she is to him.

THIS WEEK: Katie gives Brooke a piece of advice. Steffy looks for firm answers to what plagues her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Salem’s families come together to celebrate Christmas. JJ receives an unexpected visitor. Eli realizes he made a huge mistake. A Christmas miracle affects many people in town. Lani tries to get answers about the night Theo was shot. Andre makes a deal with Chad regarding Kate. JJ visits Theo. Ciara puts Claire on notice. Kate makes a huge confession. Ciara suggests to Tripp that they join forces. Jennifer asks Eric out for New Year’s Eve. Abigail realizes Andre is in love with Kate. While planning a big New Year’s Eve party, Abigail discovers an odd discrepancy. Ciara finally confesses her true feelings. Hope receives good news. Belle and Shawn head out of town. Abigail and Chad throw a huge New Year’s Eve bash at Doug’s Place. Ciara gets drunk and causes a scene at the event. A mysterious couple crashes the party. Several surprising couples kiss at midnight.

THIS WEEK: Ciara cause trouble for Rafe. Vivian makes a shocking statement.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — GH is preempted on Christmas Day in all time zones across the country. Sonny shares his regrets. Sam seeks Kim’s help. Anna urges Finn to learn self-defense. Lulu remains determined. Nathan looks for answers. Ava worries she overstepped. Maxie corners Amy. Obrecht makes a confession. Dante is proud. Laura crosses with Stella. Anna enjoys a minor victory. Carly is up to her old tricks. Lulu is excited about her future. Michael turns to family for support. Nelle feels hopeful. Sam runs into Jason. Jason voices his regrets. Drew’s car breaks down. Kim remains vague. Dante disagrees with Lulu’s actions.

THIS WEEK: Anna is cornered. Carly is involved in a confrontation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Paul and Christine invite Nikki for a Christmas Eve dinner in an attempt to get information about Victor. Nikki quickly catches on to their plan but plays along during dinner. Sharon and Mariah spend Christmas Day trying to find the perfect gift for each other while Billy and Phyllis enjoy their first Christmas as a couple. Hilary reflects on her painful Christmas’ as a child and Nikki is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. The next day, Nikki tells Victor about her dinner with Paul and Christine. Victor suggests they renew their vows on New Year’s Eve to convince everyone that their reconciliation is legit. Nikki agrees and invites Paul and Christine. Paul tells her that he sees through her plan and will not attend. Victor tells Nick that he needs to attend for the sake of his family. Nick is torn until Victor warns Nick about hurting Nikki. Cane and Billy update Jill on the Abbott family drama causing Jill to second guess selling Chancellor to Jack. Jill decides to keep the company and appoints Billy to be Cane’s co- CEO. Nick tells Chelsea that their family is out growing the Penthouse and tells her that he wants to build their dream home. Chelsea is touched but tells him that she’s not ready to move on from all of the memories she shared there with Adam.

THIS WEEK: Jill is impressed. Dina causes trouble.

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