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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL —CBS aired a repeat episode that originally aired on March 23, 2017. Liam is left with an immense wave of anxiety after learning Steffy went to Dr. Campbell for a paternity test. He presses an emotional and distraught Steffy to reveal why she would need such a test. Rick and Nicole discuss Lizzy and Rick and Maya’s relationship. Justin pressures Bill into telling the truth about his and Steffy’s affair. The weight of Steffy and Bill’s betrayal weighs heavy on Liam, who angrily demands the details of the affair from his wife. Wyatt digs deep with Bill when he announces he is gifting the Spencer cliff house to Liam and Steffy. Steffy breaks down in an unimaginable way after her argument with Liam. Liam spews harsh and angry words at Steffy before leaving her heartbroken and alone to confront his father, the mighty Bill Spencer. Bill quickly realizes by the look on his son’s face that Liam knows the truth and quietly prepares for the worst. Katie arrives to Steffy to congratulate her on the baby news and realizes that something is terribly amiss. Bill physically blocks the exit to his office so that Liam may not escape which allows Liam to unleash a fury unlike anything he’s ever felt before on his father. Comforted by Katie and grateful for her lack of judgment, Steffy finally confesses to her adulterous affair with Bill and about Liam’s forbidden kiss with Sally.

THIS WEEK: Steffy breaks down in Katie’s arms. Carter drops a bomb on Maya with an amends and admission of his true feelings .

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Monday’s episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES was preempted this week. Eve demands to know if Brady is playing her. Will admits to Marlena that he kissed Paul again. Vivian has shocking news for everyone at the party. Drunken Ciara is determined to expose Rafe’s secret. Vivian and Kate face off. Stefan has more surprising news for Chad and Abigail. Will decides to end things with Sonny. Chloe questions Brady about his true feelings for Eve. Chad accuses Stefan of sabotaging his company. Ciara makes a big confession. Rafe realizes Ciara must know about his dalliance with Sami. Abe and Theo get unexpected news about Theo’s medical situation. Chad and Abigail plot to thwart Stefan. Andre confesses to Kate he has feelings for her.

THIS WEEK: Rafe gets Ciara to confirm she knows the truth about him and Sami. Eric is stunned to learn the identity of Roman’s New Year’s Eve date.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Monday’s episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL was preempted this week. Anna is in a bind. Nina grows anxious. Sam is interrupted. Jason confronts Carly. Griffin calls Ava. Jordan tracks Anna down. Franco’s confusion grows. Michael and Ned meet. Julian makes an emotional plea to Olivia. Molly turns to Alexis for help. Anna pays a visit to the ICU. Amy hopes to have good news for Nathan. Lulu’s attempts fall flat. Jason calls on Spinelli. Maxie overshares with Obrecht. Nathan jumps to conclusions. Carly is forced to face the music. Nelle is nervous about her first day. Kiki probes Griffin for answers. Ava dismisses her insecurities.

THIS WEEK: Ava has a serious setback. Nina’s anxiety deepens.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Monday’s episode of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS was a classic episode from the past. At the GCAC, J.T. confronts Billy and implies that he is a negative influence on Reed. The two argue and both bring up their past misdeeds. Their conversation is cut short when Jill arrives to chat with Billy. Jill is impressed with Billy’s recent behavior and suggests he take over Chancellor to further her legacy. Meanwhile, Lily and J.T. reconnect and bond over the drama of raising teenagers. Lily offers to reach out to Cane about possible jobs at Chancellor. J.T. insists that he does not want to impose but Lily is secretly pleased to have a reason to contact Cane. Later, Cane asks J.T. to come to the mansion and offers him a job during their meeting as well as stay at the mansion until he finds a place. Billy arrives and informs Cane that he and Cane will be working together at Chancellor as Co-CEOs. Jack brings Dina to Jabot after she chases off another caregiver that Jack has hired. At Jabot, Dina quickly causes chaos at the office so Jack calls a care to bring Dina home to stay with Mrs. Martinez. Dina leaves and asks her driver to make a stop before bringing her home. Ashley hires a hotshot lawyer, Tony Kingsman and meets with him at the Abbott mansion.

THIS WEEK: Jack and Michael are surprised to find Ashley at home with Tony. Michael privately tells Jack that he Tony is a shark and will play dirty to win a case. Newsday Crossword

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