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RECAPS: JAN. 8 – 12

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge surprises Brooke by bringing her daughter Hope back to Los Angeles. A beautiful mother daughter reunion ensues. Katie feels badly about keeping Wyatt in the dark about what she knows about Liam, Steffy, Bill and Sally. Inconsolable at not being able to reach Liam, Steffy is shocked to find Bill at her front door. After revealing that Katie now knows the truth, Steffy urges Bill to leave in case Liam decides to return home. Wyatt finds Liam packing up his office at Spencer and questions his brother on what is happening with him and Steffy. Brooke’s feeling of joy at Hope returning soon changes to dismay when Hope and Rick begin to squabble. Maya questions Rick about when he will confront Ridge about his affair of the heart with Quinn. Bill returns to Spencer Publications where his inner turmoil over losing his son is on full display. Bill urges Liam not to turn his back on Steffy and his unborn child. Katie attempts to comfort Steffy using reason, logic and a little bit of fate. Sally bumps into Liam in the Spencer reception area and quickly realizes that something is not right. Worried, she follows him to his hotel room and presses him for information. Wyatt learns the truth about Bill and Steffy. Sally refuses to take no for an answer when trying to comfort Liam. This just doesn’t seem to be Bill Spencer’s best day. Wyatt goes off on his father, disgusted that he is the reason that Liam and Steffy’s marriage is in shambles. Soon after Wyatt leaves, Katie arrives and lashes out at Bill for his abominable behavior. Liam finally tells Sally that he no longer works for Spencer and cannot help Spectra relocate but refuses to give her any further Intel on the situation. Liam returns to the beach house which causes Steffy to have hope for their reconciliation. Katie and Wyatt discuss the dilemma with Bill, Liam and Steffy. Pam catches up with Hope for the first time since her homecoming and Hope meets Sally for the first time. When Sally and Hope are left alone, Hope begins to notice that Sally has feelings for Liam; a territory she finds way too familiar.

THIS WEEK: Sally admits to Hope that she and Liam have kissed. Wyatt makes it clear to Katie that he does not think that Liam will ever be able to get past what Steffy and Bill have done.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stefan and Abigail have an awkward encounter. Andre deceives Kate. Ciara makes a surprising decision about Rafe. Tripp tries to comfort Claire, who is distraught about Theo needing to go away for treatment. JJ feels guilty when he learns about Theo. Lani gets stunning news. Steve experiences strange symptoms. Believing Eric isn’t interested in her, Jennifer agrees to dinner with a new man. Gabi and Stefan clash at work. Steve keeps a secret from Kayla. Lani’s life is turned upside down as a result of her Christmas Eve mistake. Chad hires John to investigate Stefan. Brady reveals to Victor his plans for Eve. Chloe grills Eve about her intentions towards Brady. Lani makes an important decision. JJ resigns from the force. JJ overhears that Lani is pregnant. Eli and Gabi celebrate her success and their future.

THIS WEEK: Abigail questions Stefan about his past. Vivian pays Brady and Eve a visit.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna is shocked. Jordan offers a welcome relief. Nathan candidness in Dante. Maxie turns to Lulu. Oscar and Josslyn disagree. Sam pulls back. Alexis reacts. Carly pushes back. Molly calls her mom out. Michael accepts Nelle’s decision. Franco tries to reconcile his past. Laura shares her news with Kevin. Ned is optimistic. Valentin gets a surprise visit. Anna finds evidence to support her theory. Sam makes her intentions known. Nathan angers Dante. Maxie has a horrible nightmare. Lulu betrays a confidence. Sonny marks his territory.Jason follows through on a promise. Oscar looks to Drew for guidance. Carly agrees to compromise.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli makes progress. Kim makes a friend.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy struggles to get back on a normal schedule on his first day working at Chancellor. Meanwhile, Lily and Cane both contemplate texting each other but neither is able to make the first move. Cane and Billy attend a meeting at the GCAC and Cane is distracted when he sees Lily eating with Devon. Phyllis arrives and encourages Cane to make amends with Lily. Cane approaches Lily and they share a warm moment. Lily suggests to Cane that they put their divorce proceedings aside. Cane responds by pulling Lily into a passionate kiss. Abby decides to take a break from Genoa City and take care of Brash & Sassy business in Paris. Victoria asks Lily to go along so she can do a photo session in Paris. J.T. settles into the Chancellor Mansion. Cane is suspicious when J.T. receives a delivery from a messenger. Charlie stops by to visit Cane and Cane admits that he has hope for their family; Later, Cane and Lily agree to take things slow. Cane is disappointed when Lily announces she is going to Paris on business. Cane asks Lily not to go but Lily tells him she doesn’t have a choice. Scott asks Lauren for a loan so we can but #Hashtag. Scott insists its about business but Lauren sees through him and realizes he wants to create distance from Abby. At Crimson Lights, Sharon meets a homeless woman named Kathy who is getting warm on the patio with her children. Mariah is surprised when Sharon invites Kathy and her family to stay with them for a few days. Nick learns of this and questions Sharon’s motives.

THIS WEEK: Ashley is surprised when Jack tells her that he is renovating the Jabot lab for her. Ashley accuses Jack of doing this to keep her away from the CEO position. Later, Jack and Ashley argue and Ashley tells him that she wants to go forward with their arbitration.

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