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RECAPS: JAN. 29 – FEB. 2

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill comforted Steffy who’s devastated and heartbroken over the state of her marriage to Liam. Bill asked Steffy to give him a chance; that he would do anything for her and her child. Hope was shocked to learn that Steffy slept with Bill. Ridge begged Liam to forgive Steffy. Liam was conflicted by his deep pain. Steffy gave Bill her answer while Liam explains his point of view to Ridge. Thorne was annoyed when Ridge was late to the meeting he called in the Forrester CEO office. Ridge and Brooke told R.J. their news ahead of the others; they’ve decided to marry right away. Brooke assured a disbelieving Thorne that Ridge would not let her down again. He suggested that his brother’s pressuring Brooke to move too quickly. Quinn invited Brooke and Ridge to hold their wedding at the Forrester Mansion. Ridge extended an olive branch to Thorne and asked him to stand up with him when he marries Brooke. Katie was ecstatic when Brooke asked her to be her Maid of Honor. Thorne accepted Ridge’s request with one stipulation. Brooke went to Rick and asked for his blessing Ridge. Katie and Thorne found themselves in charge of the wedding planning. Ridge shared with Steffy that he and Brooke hope that she and Liam would attend the wedding together; that they’re trying to set an example that forgiveness is possible. Sally brought a distraught Liam baked goods in hopes of comforting him. Wyatt ran into Hope for the first time since she’d arrived back in Los Angeles. They did their best to move past the awkwardness, but they both realized there’s much unsaid between them. Later, Steffy became defensive when Hope paid her an unexpected visit to discuss Liam. Sally put herself in a vulnerable place and told Liam how she really feels. Brooke and Ridge begged Liam to attend their wedding and take a step towards healing his relationship with Steffy. Steffy was angry with herself that she let this happen, but Ridge assured her that this is all Bill’s fault.

THIS WEEK: Everyone received his or her assignments for the wedding. Steffy visited Liam and asked him if he could find it in himself to go to the wedding with her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eli and Rafe made a surprising discovery while reviewing security video from the night of Andre’s murder. Stefan assured Vivian he’s covered their tracks. Lani made a confession to Gabi. John and Steve agreed to investigate who sent Anna the mysterious letter. Kayla found Steve struggling with his vision and urged him to see a doctor. Sonny was gut-punched by Will’s news. Paul was disturbed when he overheard John on a private call. Valerie remained suspicious of Lani and decided to take action. Steve shared with Kayla dire news about his health. Will vowed to help Paul get to the bottom of what’s going on with John. Eve tried to give Sonny relationship advice, but he lashed out at her. Victor suggested how Brady could win Eve’s trust. Tensions rose at Andre’s funeral. Carrie returned to Salem to defend her parents. John and Paul got a lead on Anna’s letter. Rafe learned someone else knows his secret. Andre’s funeral was interrupted by an unexpected guest.

THIS WEEK: Roman and Anna provided Hope with another suspect for Andre’s murder. Will sought Hope’s help. Rafe questioned Stefan about the DiMera security footage.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna had questions. Jason was determined. Jordan was deceived. Sonny grew suspicious. Griffin attempted to repay a debt. Valentin had a tender moment. Anna made a surprise move. Jason was interrupted. Drew knew more than he thinks. Sam made a promise. Valentin reminded Nina of her actions. Peter was unable to help. Sam refused to help. Curtis had plans for Jordan. Stella was compassionate. Things didn’t go according to plan for Jason. Anna got disappointing news. Sonny got a disturbing phone call. Monica was put on guard. Kevin interrupted Franco’s time with Scott. Drew lost his temper. Sonny confided in Jason. Ava put Kiki in an uncomfortable position.

THIS WEEK: Car l y threatened Nelle. Maxie was relieved.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Traci arrived home and noted the tense atmosphere between Jack and Ashley. Jack and Ashley began arguing and ignored Traci’s pleas to put their differences aside. Jack was surprised when Ashley’s lawyer, Tony Kingsman arrived to meet with Ashley. Tessa was shocked when Devon told her that he’s pulling her song’s release and cutting her from his label. Hilary confided in Billy and Phyllis that she’s at peak fertility and planned to find a donor immediately. Phyllis was supportive and suggested that Hilary relax and let nature take its course. Nick began renovations at the Penthouse and was shocked when he found a huge stash of money in the vents. Chelsea arrived home, and Nick asked her if the money belongs to Adam. Chelsea attempted to defend Adam against Nick’s unflattering assumptions. Hilary was anxious to raise money for her fertility treatments and met with buyers about selling GC Buzz. Cane asked Lily to watch Sam when his babysitter’s sick. Lily agreed but was anxious when left alone with Sam. While at his meeting, Cane checked on Sam using a remote baby monitor and saw Lily struggling to connect with Sam. Cane came home and told Lily that he needs to spend more time rebuilding their relationship. Mariah was shocked to learn that Hilary sold GC Buzz back to Devon, which would force her to work with Tessa. Later, Hilary told Lauren and Phyllis that she experienced a glitch when making a Chelsea 2.0 purchase on the Fenmore’s website.

THIS WEEK: Lauren asked Ravi to look into the matter. Devon learned of Hilary’s plans and offered to buy back GC Buzz.

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