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RECAPS: FEB. 12 – 16

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Stunned by his own feelings, and the stolen kiss he witnessed, Wyatt made a bold suggestion to a bewildered Katie. While relishing in their honeymoon bliss, Ridge and Brooke wondered what Stephanie would think about their wedding. Steffy was taken aback by Hope’s direct approach in discussing their past and present relationships with Liam. Thorne accidentally grabbed her phone instead of his after a heavy flirt session with Katie. Steffy demanded answers from Hope after Hope revealed her true feelings for Liam. Brooke and Ridge celebrated Valentine’s Day, as did Maya and Rick, and Hope comforted Liam after giving him a gift from Steffy. Having accidentally learned the identity of Katie’s mystery man, Thorne made a move to secure a future with her. Hope made a selfless request of Liam regarding Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Thorne admitted to Katie that he knows that her mystery man is Wyatt. Liam and Steffy shared a special moment during her first ultrasound appointment with Dr. Phillips .

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope was curious about Carrie’s reaction to her and Rafe’s wedding invitation. While speaking with Rafe and Eli, Abigail reluctantly implicated Gabi. Marlena questioned John’s behavior. Kate discovered a shocking scene at the DiMera Mausoleum. Abigail and Stefan shared a moment. John attempted to inject Steve with another dose. Kate was reunited with Billie, who has a mysterious reason for being in town. Claire confronted Ciara about the secret she shared with Tripp. There’s love in the air in Salem! Rafe and Hope escaped to Smith Island for a romantic night. Eve helped Brady out of a sticky situation. Eric figured out he and Jennifer had had a misunderstanding. Eric wanted another chance with Jennifer but would he get it? Stefan continued to get under Chad and Abigail’s skin. JJ asked Lani a very important question! Eli comforted Gabi and promised to exonerate her. JJ and Lani celebrated their engagement with Eli and Gabi. Stefan found an unexpected intruder in his room.

THIS WEEK: Billie saved John’s life. Steve made a shocking discovery from his hospital bed!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna and Felicia commiserated. Drew questioned Franco. Finn sought legal advice. Oscar tried to get one over on Kim. Julian threw a bone. Michael took Jason’s words to heart. Ava was concerned. Jake put Jason on the spot. Franco was put on notice. Drew learned something new. Sam laid into Jason. Sonny and Carly reminisced. Ava looked forward to her time with Griffin. Spinelli stepped in to help Kiki. Curtis surprised Jordan. Nelle thought quickly on her feet. Michael got an unsettling phone call. Anna paid a visit to Andre. Alexis was a ball of nerves. Ava lashed out at Griffin. Carly encouraged Jason to find out everything he could. Drew was put in an uncomfortable situation. Diane relayed a particularly audacious announcement.

THIS WEEK: Ava took care of Kiki. Sonny laid his trust in Griffin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon told Victor about Noah’s drunken incident at Top of the Tower. Victor called Noah to his office and called him to task for his behavior. Noah thanked Victor for his tough love. Devon introduced Hilary to Simone, revealing that she’s a new artist that he’s trying to sign. The two headed out to talk business leaving Hilary burning with jealousy. Jack told Traci that Ashley refused to accept his apology. Traci urged him to keep her position open at Jabot. Jack informed Traci that he’s already hired someone to replace Ashley. Victoria told Victor that she believes Ashley accepted the job as part of a Jabot plot to uncover Newman secrets. Meanwhile, Ashley kept her cool when she learned that Jack has recruited a high-powered executive to replace her. Later, Victoria met with Jack and suggested they work together to get Ashley out of Newman and back to Jabot. Devon and Hilary argued about the creative direction of The Hilary Hour, and Hilary was offended when Devon mentioned that Hilary’s hormones are causing her to behave erratically.

THIS WEEK: Ashley fights for her place. Hilary goes a long way to prove Devon’s point.

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