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RECAPS: FEB. 19 – 24

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy and Liam shared a rare moment of celebration. Dr. Phillips gave Liam advice. Thorne and Katie had a make-out session after which he made her an offer for their future. Ridge extended an olive branch to Thorne and gifted him with a family heirloom. Separately Steffy and Liam shared the news of the sex of their unborn child with those they love the most. Hope was excited that Hope for the Future’s back in business and having a new designer collaborate with her. Steffy thanked Hope for her help with Liam. Hope and her team at Forrester met to discuss the Hope for the Future relaunch. Katie got happy when she learned that Thorne would be collaborating with Hope. Wyatt and Bill argued about whether or not Bill deserves Liam’s forgiveness. Dollar Bill asked his son to be duplicitous on his behalf. Hope was forced to stifle her own feelings when Liam shared important news with her. Brooke offered Katie comfort over her break-up with Wyatt. Although happy at the news that he and Katie splitup, Quinn did her best to offer kind motherly advice to Wyatt in his time of heartache. Sally arrived at Bill’s office, called him out and demanded that he do right by Spectra. She was stunned to learn that Liam and Steffy are having a baby. Wyatt met up with Katie, and the two realized that they were victims of Thorne’s interference. Steffy became exhausted by Ridge’s rage for Bill. Sally revealed her true feelings to Bill. Katie and Wyatt realized that they must have a serious conversation with Bill. Sally expressed her anger at Bill reneging on the deal that Liam made with her to Shirley and Saul.

THIS WEEK: Sally barged into Bill’s office and assured him that he’s messing with the wrong woman. Justin hesitantly left Sally alone with Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stefan saw Abigail in a new light. John admitted the truth to Steve, Kayla and Marlena. Paul and Will struggled to break free, but their predicament had drawn them closer. Tripp and Ciara bonded. Billie was rushed to the hospital. Tripp and Ciara found themselves in grave danger. Kayla tried to keep Steve in the dark. A hostage situation turned deadly. Steve and Tripp had a heartfelt reunion. Marlena comforted a guilt-ridden John. Eric and Jennifer had a tense run-in with Brady and Eve. Maggie learned of Victor and Brady’s plan. Kate ripped into John for putting Billie’s life in danger. Chad warned Stefan to stay away from Abigail. A fed-up Maggie walked out on Victor. Lucas had a warm moment with Will. Abigail made an unexpected move regarding Stefan. Hope had a romantic surprise for Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Claire finally uncovered Ciara’s secret. Brady made a confession to Eve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason was pitted against Drew. Anna paid Maxie a visit. Peter changed his mind. Alexis was caught off guard. Sonny confided in an old friend. Molly lashed out. Monica surprised Michael. Olivia stood by her man. Drew looked to Curtis for help. Kim stepped in. Alexis ended up in a precarious position. Anna made a promise. Sam looked out for a friend. Peter appealed to Lulu. Kim asked a favor. Jason looked to Peter for help. Peter knew more than he let on. Ava’s gallery was threatened. Nelle was ready to take the next step. Alexis met with Brad. Sonny confided in Epiphany. Griffin called for help. Franco met with Kevin.

THIS WEEK: Anna was awkward around Finn. Kiki got the help she needed.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick accepted Chelsea’s proposal. Later, Chelsea had a hostile exchange with Phyllis. She arrived home and told Nick that she wants to get married right away. They argued when Nick told Chelsea that she’s rushing things. They agreed to a compromise of getting married in July but starting the adoption process, so they could be the parents of both Connor and Christian. At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary gave Charlie a flash drive to complete tasks. Charlie copied files onto Devon’s laptop but quickly left when he realized that he’s late for hockey practice. Devon arrived at the office and was shocked to see one of the files is footage that Hilary secretly shot of Juliet admitting that she lied about Cane sexual harassing her. Phyllis asked Sharon to help her dig up dirt on Chelsea. Sharon was hesitant until Phyllis told her that she’s worried that Chelsea would ruin Nick’s life. Later, Mariah was suspicious of Phyllis and Sharon’s conversation and confronted Sharon.

THIS WEEK: Sharon gets defensive. Juliet pays for her lies.

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