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RECAPS - 6/9-13

ALL MY CHILDREN – JR had Richie beaten up and then held him captive. JR’s plan to get a confession out of his hostage took an unexpected turn when Richie went into convulsions. Annie injected herself with a fertility drug and fantasized about getting pregnant with Ryan’s baby. Jesse met with Samuel, who offered him the job of Chief of Police. Erica threw a fit when she learned she had been replaced on New Beginnings, until she got a new show – New Beginnings: Behind Bars! Greenlee had Kendall served with legal papers charging her with assault after getting pummeled in the eye with a tennis ball.

THIS WEEK: Zach forces a confession out of Richie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Holden and Carly took the kids to summer camp then wound alone together on the road back to Oakdale. Janet came to the rescue for Brad when Katie was out of town and he needed a co-host on the TV show. When Katie returned to the house, she was shocked to find Janet making herself at home. Cole and Sofie made love. He then told her to blackmail Paul, but she refused to listen. Then she confronted Paul and he gave her a check. She took it to the cops to prove he was trying to buy her off. Lily invited Noah to dinner at the farm for Luke’s sake. Bob tried to get Alison to drop the charges against the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Parker is intrigued with Liberty.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Nick gave Katie a chance to relive her prom, only this time with a happier result. A happy Katie then collapsed and Nick feared for her life. The family said their goodbyes and prayed for Katie. Bridget then administered a treatment to save Katie and she began to respond. To protect Donna’s secret, Marcus had to lie to Steffy about his true identity. Brooke was comforted by Stephanie when she confessed how torn up she is by the events in the Logan family the past few months. Ridge blamed his father’s marriage to Donna for causing Forrester Creations’ sales to plummet.

THIS WEEK: Nick goes to Paris to confront Katie’s mother.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Nick rejected the grant and told Dean Robbins that Max had actually written the winning proposal. Kate was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. Daniel diagnosed her ailment and said she needed an immediate operation. Marlena returned to find that John has been dating Ava. John told Hope that Philip had set him up. Paul was revealed to be the one who planted the drugs in John’s shipment. While hiding on the pier, Lucas saw Chloe in tears so he called her by cell and comforted her. EJ blackmailed Nicole to keep his secret about the annulment. Marlena decided to move out of John’s house.

THIS WEEK: Dean Robbins learns that he and Max are family.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Claudia offered Maxie money to seduce Johnny away from Lulu. After standing up for Leyla, a confident Spinelli was drenched in her praises when she called him her hero. Jax gave Spinelli pointers on how to appear suave and debonair. Nadine took Nikolas to see an abandoned

storefront as a location for a clinic, but they ended up getting arrested for breaking and entering and solicitation. Sonny pondered whether or not he should try to get his sons back and return to his old life. After retrieving the jewels Luke had hidden on the Haunted Star, Sam and Lucky headed to Mexico on a mission.

THIS WEEK: Sonny has very big plans for him and Kate.

GUIDING LIGHT – Doris hijacked Jeffrey’s job as D.A. while he’s recovering from the gun shot wound. Daisy reconnected with Grady and they made love. Grady blackmailed Lizzie, threatening to tell the cops about Alan hiring him to run down Jonathan. Ava told Bill their baby is going to be a boy. Remy asked Ava why she wanted Bill when she can do better. Bill shocked partygoers at the Spaulding mansion by proposing to Ava. Grady took Ashlee swimming and she was smitten with him. Marina challenged Mallet to tell the Coopers that they’re in love. Mallet faced Frank and Buzz and they gave him the okay.

THIS WEEK: Doris goes after Rafe for shooting Jeffrey.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Starr realized she wasn’t ready to have a baby and made a decision what to do about it. Rex told Adriana he wanted a divorce. She figured that way to save her marriage was to leave Llanview and return to Paris. A furious Rex confronted Roxy and said she was no longer his mother. Clint and Bo had Jared arrested. Todd was stunned to spot Tina from his limo and decided to follow her. Meanwhile, Todd listened to Tina and Ramsey via a hidden bug and raced to the penthouse when he heard gunshots. After Tina escaped, Jonas turned his gun on her.

THIS WEEK: David pulls a surprise on Dorian.

PASSIONS – Little Ethan surprised Ethan and Gwen with dinner that reminded Ethan of his love for Theresa. A moved Ethan went through Theresa’s things as she watched from the shadows. Theresa left a note for Ethan that she hoped would stop him from renewing his vows with Gwen. He was just

about to read it when Gwen announced that their nuptials were being moved up. Determined to leave Harmony before disaster struck, Tabitha sold her house to Mrs. Hernandez, who, in reality, was a disguised Juanita. She furthered her plans to kill everyone close to Pilar by setting off a bomb at the double wedding.

THIS WEEK: Pretty fears there’s something wrong with her baby.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – After learning that Paul suspected that David killed his first two wives, Nikki wasn’t sure to believe David’s explanation of Mrs. Chow Number One’s “suicide.” Everyone was shocked when the judge ruled in the Newman’s favor in the lawsuit. Alistair made Jeff believe he slept with Gloria, whom Lauren gave a job at her boutique. Gloria told Michael about Lowell, and he realized that his parents were never married. Later, Michael realized his father might still be alive and living in Canada. Devon was stunned by Chloe’s kiss. Sharon and Jack got rid of

Alistair by “finding” him an acting job out of town.

THIS WEEK: Michael is on a mission to dig up his roots.

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