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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill remained unfazed as Sally threatened him for reneging on the deal that Liam promised the Spectras. Katie threw Thorne for a loop when she revealed that she knows the truth about his meddling then gave him a startling relationship status update. Steffy was aggravated by Hope. Bill became enraged when he learned of an unexpected couple’s plans to marry. Ridge worried that Steffy realized that Hope has feelings for Liam and cautioned her to monitor the time they spend together. Wyatt became defensive with Bill about his relationship with Katie. Bill threatened Wyatt that there would be dire consequences if he continues seeing his ex-wife. Unhappy to be issued an ultimatum, Wyatt issued his own threat toward his father. Hope and Liam met at Il Giardino where he expressed his desire to work with her on her new line. Steffy agreed to go to lunch with Ridge at Il Giardino where they spotted Bill and Justin. Sheila watched with interest as it became quickly evident just how much Ridge hates Bill. Ridge confronted his nemesis, upset that he’s so close to Steffy. Bill and Ridge’s encountered quickly became physical. Quinn became worried when Eric’s health’s affected after learning of Bill and Steffy’s affair. Pam attempted to put Cupid’s arrow back into Steffy and Liam. Brooke became concerned for Steffy when Liam showed up to work at Forrester Creations and proposed a different scenario to her daughter. Justin reminded Bill of what would happen if he disowns both Liam and Wyatt. Steffy became jealous when Liam brought up the topic of Hope. Quinn promised Wyatt that she would take care of Bill Spencer and his threats against Wyatt and Katie. Steffy settled for a “maybe” response from a hesitant Liam when she invited to a home-made dinner. A menacing Quinn came after Dollar Bill. Ridge arrived to Steffy’s and was pleased to see her cooking for Liam.

THIS WEEK: Brooke attempted to help Hope who was conflicted between helping Steffy fix her marriage and loving Liam. Bill made an unexpected move and fired a loyal employee who’s been working for him for decades.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kayla had grim news for Steve. Claire confided in Marlena about Rafe’s infidelity. Hope and Rafe made a surprising decision about their nuptials. Vivian asked Victor to form an unconventional partnership. Vivian and Kate hurled accusations at one another. Eli questioned a new suspect about Andre’s murder. Abigail dreamed of Andre who gave her clues about his killer. Claire debated whether she should tell Hope the truth about Rafe’s affair. Vivian’s life was threatened during an unusual encounter. Gabi shared her fears of going to prison with Sonny. Valerie questioned Eli’s choice about letting JJ raise his child. JJ suggested he and Lani elope. Stefan and Vivian discussed what really happened the night of Andre’s murder. Chad got closer to the truth. Ciara comforted Tripp about Steve. Brady learns Maggie had left Victor and was tempted to come clean with Eve. Hope and Rafe prepared for their big day! Ciara found out that Claire knows about Rafe’s indiscretion and feared she would tell Hope.

THIS WEEK: Valerie confronted Lani over marrying JJ. Eli stood up for Lani and reasserted their agreement to keep their secret.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny felt helpless. Tensions ran high at the PCPD. Ava gained confidence. Nelle bonded with Joss. Julian suffered a blow. Dante worried about Peter’s intentions. Franco grew restless. Scott was supportive. Curtis and Drew worked together. Anna had news for Felicia. Franco struggled against a nightmare. Sonny pled with Ava. Kiki learned that not everything’s as it seems. Drew and Sam celebrated Scout. Kim became intrigued with Julian. Griffin was happy for Ava. Scott and Kevin put aside their differences. Franco had an epiphany. Jordan was put in a precarious position. Drew looked to Kim for answers. Franco confronted Harvey. Sam and Drew played chaperone. Jason ran into Sam. Carly confronted Nelle.

THIS WEEK: Peter confided in Valentine. Jordan paid Curtis a visit.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Hilary was upset after having a bad meeting with a sperm donor. She returned to GC BUZZ and got into an argument with Devon. She told Devon that she’s quitting the show, but Devon reminded her that she’s under contract, and he would sue her for breach of contract if she tries to leave. J.T. was shocked when he learned that Mac’s suing him for gull custody of their kids. J.T. told Victoria that Mac’s punishing him for getting back together with Victoria. Later, Victoria asked Reed for his take on Mac, but Reed didn’t offer up much information. Victoria decided to call Mac to see if she would reconsider asking for full custody. Jack met with Victoria, and they discussed their strategy to get Ashley out of Newman and back to Jabot. Ashley entered and was suspicious to see Jack and Victoria having such an intimate conversation. Ashley left and visited Billy to ask if he knows anything about Victoria and Jack working together. At GC Buzz, Hilary received a mysterious phone call and told Mariah that she needs to host today’s show solo.

THIS WEEK: Mariah’s shocked but managed to pull off a successful show. Devon toasted Mariah on a job well done and suggested removing Hilary from the show.

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