Whitesburg KY



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill Spencer attempted to convince Steffy that he’s the only man for her. Saul treated Shirley and Sally to dinner at Il Giardino where Sally fumed over Bill’s arrogance. Pam worried about Liam and Steffy. Charlie learned that Pam’s off her meds. Bill took Steffy’s answer as a personal challenge. Ridge went after Bill when he learned that he made another visit to Steffy. Eric and Quinn were shocked and appalled to learn of the terrible deeds Bill has been bestowing upon their friends and family. True to his word, Bill served Katie with papers seeking full custody of Will. Emmy confirmed to Justin that Bill’s wishes pertaining to Wyatt and Liam are being fulfilled. A faithful employee’s world was turned upside down when Bill fired them with no warning. A concerned Eric tried to track down Quinn. Brooke attempted to get ahold of Ridge. A frazzled Liam finally arrived at Steffy’s house for dinner. Wyatt came home to an empty house and decided to befriend a bottle of booze. Sheila pressed Ridge to share his troubles. The gravity of Bill and Steffy’s affair became a main topic of conversation for many. Charlie urged Pam to get back on her meds. Ridge surprised Brooke with his nonchalant answer to her very serious question. Quinn became offended by Eric’s persistent questions. An impromptu rundown on the history of the Forresters and the Spencers was given.

THIS WEEK: A beloved son returned to town. Wyatt and Katie announced their engagement to their family and friends during a tense situation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope was rocked when Rafe’s secret was exposed! Ciara declared war on Claire. Eli made a confession to Gabi. Jennifer and Eric ended up on opposite sides as Jennifer blamed Sami for Rafe and Hope’s troubles. Gabi reeled as Eli explained he cheated on her with Lani. Lani was rushed to the hospital in distress. Jennifer consoled Hope about Rafe. Brady tried to trick Eve into marrying him. Abigail was confused when Chad mentioned an incident she doesn’t remember. Gabi made a shocking discovery. Tripp tried to talk Ciara out of getting revenge on Claire for ruining her mother’s happiness. Rafe was taken aback by Hope’s surprising decision. Gabi was caught committing a crime. Stefan was forced to confront “Gabby” about her true identity. Brady continued to work Eve and found himself having conflicted feelings. Maggie gave Victor an ultimatum. Stefan came face-to-face with Abigail’s second alter. Lani arrested Gabi.

THIS WEEK: JJ was thrown by Eli’s interest in Lani’s baby. Brady and Eve threw together an impromptu wedding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam looked to Jason for help. Harvey turned his back on Franco. Kiki supported Kevin. Drew got a clever idea. Jordan reminded Curtis that all is not okay. Griffin took charge. Ava got time with Avery. Carly had no time for Nelle’s antics. Kim worried about Oscar. Dante arrived in time to help. Jason was put in a precarious position. Dante proved an unlikely ally to Franco. Ned took himself very seriously. Alexis just wanted the best for Molly. Finn did all he could. Monica checked on Nelle. Carly thought it’s time for a heart to heart. Sonny made a bold move. Peter extended his support to Maxie. Anna made progress. Sam was ready to take the next step. Liz was grateful to Jason.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Carly came to a decision that affected their family. Maxie was ready to learn the truth. Nina was hopeful.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon and Mariah discovered that Hilary has been mentoring a young girl named Shauna, which explained her disappearing acts. Shauna told Devon that Hilary paid for her brother to go to drug rehab after he suffered an overdose. Devon and Hilary made amends, and Devon promised to stop threatening to give her show to Mariah. Later, Shauna met Charlie and enjoyed his flirting. Jack and Ashley received a video call from Dina who got separated from her nurse in Europe. Dina disconnected the call before they got any information from Dina about her whereabouts. Later, they received a call from a social worker who found Dina. Jack decided to go to London to bring Dina home. Victoria put her plan in motion. She showed Victor fake evidence that Ashley’s sharing information with Jack. Victor ordered J.T. to start an investigation. J.T. broke into Jack’s office and found documents that Jack and Victoria planted to frame Ashley. Billy needled Phyllis about being so involved in Nick’s business. Phyllis tried to distract him with seduction, but Billy stood his ground and told her that she needs to back off Nick. Victoria learned that someone posted negative comments about her on a Newman employee website.

THIS WEEK: Lily was upset when Victoria told her that she could no longer take the day off because of a staff meeting she needs to attend. During the meeting, Victoria accused Lily of leaving the negative comments forcing Lily to leave the meeting.

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