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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyat t and Justin engaged in a heated argument over Bill and Spencer Publications. Brooke and Katie discussed the explosive relationship between Ridge and Bill, and Bill’s threated to disown Wyatt. Quinn flipped when she learned what Bill has done to Wyatt. Sheila and Ridge stared one another down at Il Giardino. Eric shared a secret about Quinn with Wyatt. Seething over being manipulated by Bill, Thomas and Sally reminisced about how he broke them apart. Hope and Steffy attempted to help the man they both love, Liam, the best that they know how. Hope revealed to Steffy that she knows about Bill’s marriage proposal. A mysterious woman returned to town with a serious score to settle. Thursday, March 15, 2018 Pre-Empted for CBS Sports March Madness, Friday, March 16, 2018 Pre-Empted for CBS Sports March Madness

THIS WEEK: Sally defended herself when accusations were made. Liam went to visit Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady’s nuptials to Eve came to a grinding halt. Maggie and Victor attempted a reconciliation. Steve and Kayla had a touching moment as they dealt with his medical condition. Will and Paul shared a kiss! Brady reeled from the fallout of his nonwedding to Eve. Ciara and Tripp grew closer and finally kissed. Claire was stunned by Ciara’s news. Adrienne had a warm reunion with Steve. Abigail sought help from Kayla. Chad searched Stefan’s office and found incriminating evidence. Gabi laid into Lani about her one-night stand with Eli. Valerie tried to talk JJ out of marrying Lani until the baby arrives. A vulnerable Gabby opened up to Stefan, and she made a bold decision. Chad confided in Kate his concerns about Abigail. JJ called Valerie on her negativity towards him and Lani. Eli laid down the law with Julie. Lani and Chad confronted Stefan about Andre’s phone. Gabby was forced to pretend to be Abigail in front of Kayla and Jennifer.

THIS WEEK: Tripp disapproved of Ciara’s plan to get back at Claire. Determined to win her back, Brady gave Eve an ultimatum.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco pleaded with Drew. Carly encouraged Sonny. Peter paid a visit to Griffin. Anna confronted Valentin. Kiki got a surprise from her mentor. Franco risked losing everything. Nelle showed her maternal side. Michael was propositioned. Finn called Alexis. Curtis was taken aback. Drew forged an unlikely partnership. Spinelli got a lead. Nina was put off by Peter’s interest in Maxie. Ned got in over his head. Julian and Kim commiserated. Drew grew frustrated with Franco. Liz and Kim bonded. Alexis offered Sam her perspective. Ned lost his temper. Dante and Lulu have much to be grateful for. Griffin questioned Peter. Anna vented to Andre. Peter got good news.

THIS WEEK: Maxie and Nina got good news. Michael confided in Carly.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Hilary and Devon gave Shauna a tour of GC Buzz. They discussed the difference that authority figures made in their life and hope they can do the same for Shauna. Lily arrived and pitched Devon a business plan to start a modeling agency. Devon proposed that Lily open the modeling agency under the Hamilton-Winters umbrella. Lily agreed and shared the news with Cane. Ashley and Traci were startled when Dina thought it’s the day of her high school winter formal. Victor arrived in the middle of Dina’s episode and pretended to be Dina’s date for the evening. Hilary pushed Devon to reconsider her proposal to co-parent, but they were interrupted when Lily called to ask him to watch Sam. Devon secretly let Hilary visit with Sam at the GCAC. Hilary was impressed when she saw how natural Devon’s with the baby. At Crimson Lights, Abby warned Victoria that she’s done being sidelined and that she and Ashley would replace Victoria as the new dynasty at Newman Enterprises. Victoria tried to make amends with J.T., but J.T. played on her guilt and asked her how they could have a relationship if she doesn’t trust him.

THIS WEEK: Nick meets Nikki with lunch and is suspicious of her strange behavior. Nikki secretly made plans to meet Arturo upstairs after lunch.

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