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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Carter pleads Ridge’s case to an unwavering Detective Sanchez after the Forrester designer is placed under arrest for attempted murder. Despite her own feeling, Hope encourages Liam to do the right thing by Steffy and be better than his own father. Brooke becomes determined to help Ridge through this difficult time and prove his innocence. Steffy asks a distracted Liam to help her convince Bill that her father did not try to murder his father. Eric takes pause at Quinn’s ominous tone when he fills her in on Ridge’s arrest and the long list of possible suspects in Bill’s shooting. Hope and Steffy’s exchange about Liam escalates to accusations of dishonesty, resentment and ulterior motives. Quinn gets uncomfortable as Detective Sanchez interrogates her at Forrester Creations. On a mission to free her husband, Brooke slings allegations at Bill about why he pointed at Ridge for the crime. Thorne visits his brother in jail, reassuring Ridge that the Forresters will make it through this and get him exonerated. Ridge surprises Steffy and Thorne when he insists on protecting Quinn and swearing by her innocence.

THIS WEEK: Steffy and Thorne discuss Ridge’s tactics. Brooke comes to Ridge’s defense.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabby tells Stefan she has real feelings for him. Chad is arrested in Hong Kong. Eli makes a huge admission to Gabi. Doug and Julie chastise Rafe for his betrayal of Hope. Will and Paul make love for the first time. Sonny goes on a date with Leo, who harbors a secret. Belle comes to Chad’s rescue. Abigail freaks out when she suddenly realizes she’s in another country with Stefan. Chloe receives a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer. Kate hires Paul to find dirt on Vivian. Brady and Sonny almost come to blows over Titan. Will asks Adrienne for a job at The Spectator. Steve suffers a major setback. Eve tries to get out of having to work with Brady. Chloe and Lucas are caught off guard when they find out who sent Chloe the flowers. Tripp fights with Ciara about the New Face of Bella contest. Chad and Stefan almost come to blows. “Abigail” takes the stand at Gabi’s trial and drops a bombshell.

THIS WEEK: Lani comes clean with Abe. JJ confides in Jennifer about Lani.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Drew makes a decision. Alexis warns Sam. Jason supports Carly. Julian finds comfort from a friend. Ned begins to pick up the pieces. Jason says too much. Curtis pays Sam a surprise visit. Jordan and Dante grow anxious. Franco gets the wrong idea. Nina’s curiosity is piqued. Sam has a moment with Jason. Drew reaches out to Oscar. Franco wonders where he stands. Carly bonds with Josslyn. Peter wrestles with his guilt. Anna and Jason are at odds. Ava counsels Griffin. Lulu worries about Maxie. Peter makes an impression. Sonny tries his best. Sonny does what he can for Mike. Jason and Elizabeth put their differences aside. Bobbie gives Maxie a pep talk. Ned crosses paths with Alexis. Anna recounts her losses.

THIS WEEK: Anna lashes out at Jason. Griffin takes Ava’s words to heart.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki scolds Victor for starting a fight with Jack but Victor stands by his actions insisting he won’t stop until Jack learns his lesson. Meanwhile, Jack arrives home fueled up after his fight with Victor and blames Ashley for giving Victor something to use against him. Sharon is offended that Nick excluded her from the meeting about Rainbow Gardens.When Nick arrives home, Sharon tells him its time for him to move out without giving him an explanation. Nick quizzes Mariah who reveals why Sharon is upset with him. Jill has a run in with someone from her past and must confess some of her past sins to Billy. Later, Jill meets with Nikki and demands to know her plans for Chancellor Park. Nikki insists she has things under control but Jill is skeptical. Cane and Lily prevent Hilary from making her doctor’s appointment. Devon consoles Hilary who wonders if this is a sign they aren’t meant to co-parent together. Billy and Lily are thrilled to reunite with their old friends Raul and Brittany.

THIS WEEK: Traci crosses paths with J.T. and notices his strange behavior. J.T. beings to confide in Traci until Victoria interrupts their conversation

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