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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge attempted lighten the moment and reassured Steffy that even if Liam couldn’t get through to Bill, that he’d be just fine. He expressed gratitude that Brooke and Steffy are in his corner. Brooke and Det. Sanchez went back and forth about whether Ridge’s guilty and if there are any other suspects Sanchez should be looking at. Bill was incredulous at Liam’s words and thought it’s a ploy to get Ridge off the hook. Hope intervenes between Bill and Liam, which irritated Bill. Steffy hoped that Liam would be able to get his father to exonerate her father. At Brooke’s insistence, Det. Sanchez questioned Bill about his story. Liam and Hope worried about the outcome. Katie and Wyatt discussed Bill’s insistence that Ridge’s the person who shot him and then moved on to discussing their future together. Det. Sanchez reminded everyone that Bill’s testimony against Ridge is the primary piece of evidence in his case. Liam got Bill to take a hard look at his own part in his current predicament. Steffy, Katie, Wyatt, Eric, Quinn, Pam, Charlie, Maya and Carter were all gathered waiting for news on Ridge. A celebration ensued when Ridge came home. Eric and Wyatt both wondered where the investigation is now, and if there’s still an attempted murderer among them. Thorne stated that Ridge’s absence proves that Forrester Creations could do just fine without Ridge as CEO. Hope came clean to Liam about her true feelings. Steffy wondered where Hope and Liam were. Hope attempted to get Liam to remember the kind of person he really is and urged him not to question his own integrity because of what Bill and Steffy did. Ridge became more and more agitated as he recounted everything Bill has put him and Steffy through. Brooke told Steffy that she agrees with Ridge for being upset about Bill’s false accusations but reminded them both that they need to now focus on finding the real person who shot Bill. Steffy worried that Hope’s absence means she’s spending time with Liam. Liam and Hope discussed their feelings. Thomas and Sally shared big news with the Forresters. Steffy thanked Liam for getting her father out of jail with a kiss. She realized that she put him in a terrible position. Steffy asked Liam for a new beginning. Justin helped Bill settle in at home. He told Bill that eventually the police would figure out the identity of the perpetrator.

THIS WEEK: Justin pressed Bill for more details. Hope confessed to Brooke what she said to Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Lani blasted Valerie for her role in revealing the true paternity of her child. Abe was angry with Valerie, while Eli apologized to JJ. Gabi and “Abigail” faced off over “Abigail’s” testimony. Chad questioned if “Abigail” was telling the truth. Laura and Gabby battled for control of Abigail. Chad and Stefan played a game of chess with high stakes. As Lani’s world unraveled, Eli offered to be there for her and the baby. Steve adjusted to life without his sight. Fearing she’s losing her mind, a desperate Abigail turned to Marlena for help. As Chad pressed him for answers, Stefan fi- nally revealed the identity of the mystery woman. Paul and Will grew closer, while Sonny got to know Leo better. Justin had to scramble when he realized he screwed up with Adrienne. Kayla relayed bad news about Lani’s baby. Steve met Stefan for the first time and had a stern warning for him. Jennifer and Eric shared a romantic night. Marlena met “ Laura.” Chad and Rafe grilled Stefan. While waiting for her verdict, Gabi lashed out at Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Leo had stunning news for Sonny. Vivian took the next step in her plan to bring down her enemies.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie felt smothered. Lulu got the encouragement she needs. Spinelli prepared to leave. Alexis offered words of caution. Finn was disinterested. Peter manipulated a situation to his advantage. Griffin was conflicted. Jason worried about Elizabeth. Nina looked to Curtis for advice. Nathan’s actions were honored. Peters wanted answers. Anna got help. Michael worked to preserve his family’s legacy. Carly and Bobbie reminisced. Ava couldn’t help herself. Franco was terribly shaken. Elizabeth and Jake inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way. Drew showed a softer side. Kiki attempted to clear up a misunderstanding. Julian and Kim shared a moment. Carly confronted Jason. Kevin preferred to err on the side of caution. Nelle’s plans to sabotage Carly was in full swing.

THIS WEEK: Drew was shaken. Sonny was left unsettled.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Hilary gloated to Lily about spending the night with Devon. Simone visited Devon at the office, and Lily schemed to push Devon and Simone together. At the GCAC, Abby met Arturo and was quickly charmed by him when he lent her a sympathetic ear. Sharon was worried about Nick and tried to get him to open up. Sharon was upset when Nick responded by snapping at her. He later apologized, but Sharon was still irked by their previous exchange. Later, Mariah questioned Sharon about her feelings for Nick. Nick found himself more comfortable opening up to Phyllis rather than Sharon. Billy noticed their bond and decided not to mention it to Phyllis. Ashley and Abby struggled with the validity of a family secret.

THIS WEEK: Ashley contemplated sharing the news with Jack, but Abby warned her of the consequences.

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