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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope and Steffy argued about Liam’s well-being. Wyatt filled in for Bill at Spencer Publications while Bill recovers. Jarrett made a big request of Wyatt. Bill attempted to converse with Liam who’s still apprehensive about giving his father a second chance at a relationship. Thorne pressed Katie on her relationship with Wyatt asking her to weigh the pros and cons. Steffy made a serious accusation against Hope. Wyatt took action when Katie feared that they should still be very worried about Bill’s actions against them. Bill continued to try and build a bridge with Liam. Katie was affected when Thorne told her that Bill and Wyatt are a “package deal.” Bill offered Wyatt the keys to the kingdom with a major stipulation. Brooke worried when Ridge refused to let go of his rage at Bill. Ridge made a surprise and unwelcome visit to Bill’s house. Steffy revealed Hope’s true feelings for Liam to an alarmed Ridge. Hope and Liam worked together on her new “Hope for the Future” campaign. Detective Sanchez suggested that recreating the scene of the crime might jog Bill’s memory. Steffy took advantage of a surprise run in with Liam at Forrester Creations. Steffy was shocked by Liam’s attitude and disposition. Ridge admitted to Brooke that Hope might no longer be supporting Liam and Steffy’s marriage.

THIS WEEK: Brooke was taken aback when Ridge unabashedly states that he has no sympathy for Bill and his situation. She warned her husband that if he continues expressing his hatred for Bill he might wind up back in jail.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi’s fate was decided. Marlena realized she’s been tricked by one of Abigail’s alters. Sonny made a difficult decision concerning Leo. Vivian visited Victor and Maggie, claiming she wants a truce. Marlena was appalled when she learned Stefan and Gabby are romantically involved. Hope returned home from Hong Kong and comforted Rafe after Gabi’s sentencing. Brady made a bold bet with Eve. Lucas tried to dissuade Chloe from considering Miguel’s offer. Stefan and Gabby went to extremes to make sure Marlena doesn’t reveal their secret. John started to worry when Marlena missed their dinner plans. Lucas confronted the person he thinks is behind Chloe’s offer. Rafe was rocked by Hope’s decision regarding their marriage. Adrienne had a surprising suggestion for Will’s first Spectator article. Vivian urged Leo not to give up on the plan to take down Sonny. Rafe vowed to fight for his marriage to Hope. Tripp made an unexpected choice between Ciara and Claire. John searched for Marlena as she tried to convince Stefan to release her. While Gabby fended off Chad’s questions, Abigail struggled to figure out what’s happening to her.

THIS WEEK: Ciara was hurt by Tripp’s decision. Claire conspired to win the New Face of Bella contest.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Liz was frantic. Carly was forced to come clean. Joss remained hopeful. Nelle forged a new friendship. Drew took matters into his own hands. Drew was not ready. Sonny pushed for a professional opinion. Finn was interrupted. Anna tried to deflect. Valentin prepared a romantic evening for Nina. Anna had an idea. Peter had plans of his own. Maxie pled her case. Franco needed time. Nina looked to Curtis for answers.

THIS WEEK: Curtis is tight-lipped. Anna puts her plan in motion.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick noticed a mysterious woman leaving Victor’s hospital room in a hurry. Nikki arrived and Nick told her about the mysterious woman. Nick convinced Nikki to take a break to attend the dedication for Chancellor Gardens. During the dedication ceremony, Hilary was annoyed when Devon arrived with Simone. Jill and Nikki fought for the spotlight, as they each wanted to discuss how close they were to Katherine. Kyle told Ashley that he wants to move into the Abbott mansion. Ashley sought Abby’s help in discouraging Kyle from moving in. Kyle tried to gain Abby’s trust by asking for an update on Victor’s condition. Abby told him that she appreciates his concern but still doesn’t trust him. At the GCAC, Hilary tried to use Kyle to make Devon jealous. Kyle was amused by Hilary and agreed to play along. Meanwhile, Devon started to tell Simone about his contract with Hilary but was interrupted by a phone call. Hilary used the opportunity and told Simone about sleeping with Devon. Nick and Mariah were surprised when Sharon announced that she’s going on a date. Nick reacted with jealousy and Sharon insisted that it’s the only way she could move on. Later, Billy pressed Sharon for her thoughts on Phyllis and Nick’s renewed connection.

THIS WEEK: Nick told Phyllis about kissing Sharon. Phyllis warned Nick to be careful suggesting that Sharon might be using him to get custody of Christian.

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