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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly was confronted. Nelle messed with Ava’s head. Jason moved with caution. Griffin questioned Finn. Kiki expressed her doubts. Dante remained supportive. Lulu got an idea for a story. Spinelli got himself in a bit of a bind. Alexis had a surprise. Kim made her intentions clear. Anna struck out but pushed on. Maxie ambushed Nina. Elizabeth offered words of encouragement. Kiki ran into Molly. Jordan got a lead. Chase caught Sonny off-guard. Kim encouraged Julian to support his family. Griffin was unsuccessful. Liz sympathized with Franco’s possible triggers. Joss was overwhelmed. Griffin comforted Ava. Carly was at her wit’s end. Sonny received a welcome phone call.

THIS WEEK: Lulu updated Peter. Jason saw the truth.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy assured Liam that she would love and support him no matter what the situation at hand brings them in the future. Bill attempted to bully his way into getting out of an uncomfortable situation. Ridge became overly anxious as he learned new information about the night Bill was shot. Hope attempted to give Liam solace when his vivid memories of the crime he committed became overwhelming. Steffy found herself, once again, in the uncomfortable position of having to defend Bill Spencer and the fact that their night of passion was definitely consensual. Liam told Steffy that Bill would tell her anything she wants to hear because he’s in love with her. Steffy made a deal with the devil himself, Bill Spencer. Liam returned something of significant value to his father. Hope put her resurfaced feelings for Liam on full display to Maya. Bill let Steffy know that he expects her to keep her part of their deal and issued her an ultimatum. Brooke learned of Wyatt and Katie’s broken engagement.

THIS WEEK: The two sisters discussed Liam, Steffy and Bill and how grateful they are that that the father of Steffy’s baby is Liam. Hope and Liam shared another kiss.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Refusing to give up, Chad and Rafe worked to prove Gabi’s innocence. Abigail got closer to the truth while trapped in her subconscious. Thinking he’s speaking with Abigail, John grilled Gabby about Marlena’s whereabouts. Marlena warned Stefan that he’s making a big mistake. Ciara, Claire, Eve and Brady anxiously waited for the winner of the Bella contest to be revealed. Vivian realized someone might be on to her plan. Chloe had a tense confrontation with Kate. Paul shared his suspicions about Leo with Will. Brady pled his case to Eve. Chloe made a decision about the job offer in Mexico. Paul questioned Leo about his ties to Vivian. Ciara reconnected with someone from her past. Gabby and Stefan made plans to leave Salem. Kate spied the “mystery woman” at the mansion. Hope reluctantly worked with Rafe in order to help Gabi. Lani opened up to JJ about her medical situation. Kate in stunned when she discovered the mystery woman is Abigail! Chad got the shock of his life.

THIS WEEK: Rafe and Hope zeroed in on the mystery woman. Paul helped John try to track down Marlena.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane saw J.T. who told Cane about the breakup. Cane was sympathetic and encouraged J.T. not to give him up on Victoria. J.T. thanked Cane for his friendship and told him not to believe the unflattering things he might hear about him. Nick visited Victor at the hospital. Victor struggled to communicate with Nick to reveal that J.T. attacked him. Devon was still upset with Hilary for telling Simone about their night together. Hilary tried to win Devon over with some business proposals, but Devon kept his distance. Devon told Tessa and Hilary to have a working dinner together to discuss her ideas. At the GCAC, Hilary was furious when Devon arrived with Simone. Hilary interrupted their date with small talk but soon fainted and wondered out loud if she’s pregnant. Lauren warned Kyle that his plans to take Jabot public will be halted when Jack’s released from jail. Later, Phyllis was torn between Jack and Lauren when Lauren told Phyllis that she’s counting on her to support Kyle and vote in favor of taking Jabot public.

THIS WEEK: At Newman, Victoria and Ashley engaged in a power struggle. They were shocked when Nikki arrived and revealed that Victor had appointed her CEO in his absence.

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