Whitesburg KY


GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava was her own worst enemy. Jordan was backed into a corner. Anna made a confession. Jason knew better. Nina played hostess. Nelle used the situation to her advantage. Ava met with Scott. Diane didn’t have the best news. Carly sat down with Kevin to discuss recent events. Curtis surprised Jordan. Drew was skeptical. Finn worried about Alexi’s well-being. Julian ran into Lucas. Oscar made plans with Drew. Jordan questioned Curtis’ intentions. Anna paid Alexis a visit. Sam came through for an old friend. Lulu had an awkward run in with Maxie. Nina and Curtis planned their next steps. Valentin got an unexpected visit. Anna came clean. Sam questioned Curtis. Franco struggled between two evils.

THIS WEEK: Sonny, Dante and Diane considered their options. Nelle offered Ava her advice.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Despite having signed annulment papers to dissolve their marriage, Steffy made it clear that she intends to fight for her marriage. Ridge was confused as to why Steffy would sign the papers if she doesn’t want to end her marriage. Wanting Liam to have a fresh start, Hope suggested to Brooke that Liam move it to the cabin on their property. Steffy pulled Liam into an unexpected kiss. The new Forrester Creations intern, Emma, made a big impression on Eric and Ridge. Hope confided in Brooke that she revealed her true feelings about him to Liam. When Ridge learned about Liam’s new living arrangement from Simon, he confronted Brooke about the whole situation, hoping she would convince Hope to allow Liam to mend his relationship with Steffy. Wyatt was not convinced that Liam’s making the right decisions. Hope and Steffy faced-off over Liam. Ridge welcomed Liam but still hopes to convince him to reunite with Steffy. Ridge assured his heartbroken daughter that he’s in her corner. She confessed she’s to blame for Liam being gone but also laid some blame on Hope. Hope appreciated Liam’s input on her current line. She told Liam it’s time for them to move on as a couple. Tension built between Liam, Hope and Steffy when Liam debated whether to stay with Hope or leave with Steffy to go to her ultrasound appointment. Brooke and Ridge bickered over their daughters, and their relationships with Liam. Dr. Phillips gave Liam and Steffy startling news. Liam and Steffy comforted one another after the scare that they had at the doctor’s office. Bill was not fazed when Wyatt told him that Det. Sanchez has not yet identified the shooter. Wyatt confided in Bill that he has called off his engagement with Katie and hopes that Bill would keep his promise and make him his heir.

THE WEEK: Bill revealed his plans to Wyatt about when he would have Spencer Publications. Bill used information that Wyatt innocently provided him to his advantage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad’s discovery sent him into a rage. Trapped in the secret room, Vivian and Kate lashed out at each other — and Marlena was stuck in the middle. In prison, Gabi found herself in danger when she encountered someone with an axe to grind. Will and Sonny came together for Arianna’s sake. Rafe and Hope were forced to arrest Chad. Steve ran into “Gabby,” who’s on the run. Ciara and Wyatt put the past behind them. Claire had a heart-to-heart with Julie and made a confession. Ciara and Tripp worked together to trap an unwitting Claire. Miguel made a move against Lucas. Eli sought help and advice from Julie regarding Lani’s condition. Concerned about Brady’s commitment to win back Eve, Victor made an inquiry into his grandson’s past. Eve was furious when she mistakenly believes Brady rigged the Bella contest. Steve was frustrated when he realized he let Abigail slip through his fingers. Ciara and Tripp confronted Claire and Wyatt. Jennifer and Eric shared a romantic evening. Despite Stefan’s urging, Gabby refused to leave his side. Jennifer got the lowdown from Chad about Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Lucas rushed Brady to the hospital. Miguel abducted Chloe!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki resumed her affair with Arturo. Things briefly faltered for Nikki and Arturo

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