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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna was all worked up. Jason looked for an ally in Lulu. Curtis stumbled upon an interesting piece of information. Nina was not convinced. Peter was unphased. Lucy offered a welcome interruption. Griffin confronted Ava. Bobbie was concerned. Curtis looked to TJ for support. Alexia and Finn had a heart to heart. Chase respected Finn’s wishes. Sonny skirted the issue. Anna was put on notice. Griffin was horrified. Dr. Bensch was dismissive. Anna surprised Jason. Maxie sought out Peter. Nina urged Curtis to continue his search. Drew offered words of encouragement. Franco faced his demons. Carly received an invitation. Lulu was less-than-honest with Dante.

THIS WEEK: Maxie looked on the bright side. Valentin played peacemaker.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — After receiving confirmation that he successfully has signed his beach house over to Steffy, Bill relayed to Justin details of an important assignment he wants him to complete. Hope organized a vegetarian dinner for Liam with Ridge and Brooke. Bill maintained to Wyatt that his and Steffy’s relationship is far from being over. Wyatt questioned Bill about why Steffy would willingly sign the annulment papers for Liam. After dinner, Liam thanked Hope for all of her support and wished he could promise her that it would all amount to something in the end. Liam prepared to make the biggest decision of his life: stay with Steffy or move on with Hope. Bill set Wyatt up to see the remnants of a romantic date in Bill’s office in an effort to frame Steffy. Hope shared with Brooke her optimism about getting back together with Liam. As Liam pondered his decision between Hope and Steffy, Ridge reminded him to remember his marital obligations and his wedding vows to Steffy. Ridge pled Steffy’s case, explaining that she has more than apologized for her transgression with Bill. Liam made his decision. Bill led Wyatt to believe that he and Steffy are an item. Wyatt was distraught over Steffy’s alleged affair with Bill and vowed to tell Liam, which is exactly what Bill wants. Justin was remorseful about lying to Wyatt while Bill did not care about the consequences of his actions. Steffy received the romantic surprise of her life. Steffy became emotional at the over the top display of love that she had received. Liam’s anxiety escalated as Wyatt divulged what he had learned about Bill and Steffy. Bill told Justin that he’s doing what is best for Liam by getting in between of Liam and Steffy. Feeling guilty for his part is Bill’s current deception, Justin delivered a dire warning to Bill about the possible outcome of his situation. Liam went to Steffy in search of answers. An angry Liam confronted a blindsided Steffy about her continued relationship with his father. Wyatt was devastated and did not understand why Steffy would do this given all of the pleading she’s done to get Liam back. Ridge was in a good mood, believing that Liam and Steffy are reunited, although Brooke was not as enthusiastic. She understood why he’s happy for his daughter but worried about her own. Liam realized that Bill has been using Taylor in the hopes of winning back Steffy. Bill and Justin argued over whether or not Steffy would soon find out that she’s been framed or if she would end up in Bill’s arms.

THIS WEEK: Steffy cried to Ridge about the current state of her relationship with Liam. Hope supported Liam’s decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — At the police station, Gabby lashed out at Chad and Jennifer. Marlena, Kate and Vivian’s situation became dire. John and Paul searched the DiMera mansion for Marlena. Rafe and JJ gave Gabi shocking news. Gabby made a deal in order to save Stefan. Stefan came under fire from Jennifer. Kayla and Steve had a heart-to-heart regarding his condition. Vivian dropped a bombshell on Kate about Andre. Abigail tried to fight off Dr. Laura’s control to get to Chad. John, Paul and Hope attempted to rescue Marlena, Vivian and Kate. Will visited Gabi who was still reeling over news about Abigail. Leo helped Sonny out of a sticky situation. A torn Eve held vigil outside of Brady’s hospital room. Chloe found herself in a precarious situation in Mexico City. Lucas fought temptation as he tried to figure out why Chloe left him. Kate shared Abigail’s diagnosis with Chad who vowed to fight for his wife’s mind and heart. Chad pled with Dr. Laura to bring Abigail back to him. Abigail fought off an old foe in her mind.

THIS WEEK: Chloe was shocked when she encountered someone unexpected in Mexico. Brady tried to convince everyone, including Eve, that he hasn’t fallen off the wagon.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon struggled to come to terms with the fact that he’s having a child with a woman that he can’t trust, so he put his energy into maintaining his relationship with Simone and keeping his distance from Hilary. However, he’s forced to confront some uncomfortable truths when Phyllis accused him of putting up walls to block his obvious attraction to Hilary. Affected by Phyllis’ words, Devon made an effort to be kinder to Hilary. Things continued along smoothly for Billy and Phyllis, despite Billy’s confusion over her new friendship with Victoria. Phyllis struggled to keep their relationship as normal as possible, but lying to Billy is clearly taking a toll on her. Now armed with the truth of Jack’s paternity, Kyle used his close relationship with Dina to dig for more information. But when Abby commented on how happy Kyle has made Dina, he’s forced to confront the morality of what he’s doing. At Jabot, he teamed up with Billy to get the Blood Abbott Clause thrown out, hoping to protect both his and Jack’s position at the company. Victor continued to push himself to regain his full strength, but Neil’s forced to intervene with some tough love when it became clear that Victor’s pushing himself too hard. He also attempted to regain control of his marriage, inviting Arturo over for a conversation, and trying to get him to confess to an affair with his wife. Out of all the women, Sharon carried the most guilt over what they did, especially when she realized that Nick and Mariah have noticed her strange behavior.

THIS WEEK: The other women all kept a close eye on her, worried that she’d crack. Upon realizing that Paul’s getting closer to the truth, Victoria assembled the guilty women, and volunteered to take the fall for JT’s murder.

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