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RECAPS - 6/16-20

ALL MY CHILDREN – After remembering how Richie ran him down with his car and then trapped him and Greenlee in the bunker, Ryan threatened to kill Richie. Zach and Greenlee learned that the DNA test results proved that Richie stole JR’s bone marrow, and that he was arrested. Richie blackmailed Annie, demanding she bail him out of jail or else he’d tell Ryan what she was up to. Erica interviewed Samuel for her new talk show and there was clearly a spark between them. Jesse accepted the position of professor of criminology at Pine Valley University. Randi was beat up on the pier.

THIS WEEK: Erica’s new cellmate is trouble waiting to happen.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Sofie learned about Meg’s medical errors in the past and switched a morphine vial so that Meg gave Barbara the wrong dosage. Following their steamy kiss, Holden tried to avoid contact with Carly. He made love to Lily and they planned a trip to Montana. Reg showed interest in Luke that made Noah insecure. Luke assured Noah that he only wants to be with him. Ameera moved to L.A. Casey spied on Tom for Emily and learned that Tom might use Alison’s porno tape to discredit her in court when he defends Chris. Henry wanted to use Grey’s money to invest in Metro, but Vienna’s not so sure.

THIS WEEK: Holden and Carly share another heated moment.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Katie responded to the treatment and Bridget declared Katie strong and well. Nick was torn about his feelings when Katie confessed she loves him. When Katie called her mother and didn’t get the response she expected, Nick decided to fly to Paris and confront Beth Logan. Jackie questioned Nick about his true feelings for Katie. Meanwhile, Katie promised Bridget that she would not go after Nick. Marcus caught Steffy searching his backpack, so he admitted that he’s Donna’s son. Steffy agreed to keep it confidential. Rick defended Donna when Ridge blamed her for business problems at Forrester.

THIS WEEK: Stephen tries to protect Beth’s secret from the family.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – EJ negotiated a divorce settlement for Nicole from Victor. When Dean Robbins heard that Max’s last name was Brady, he realized that Max was his son. Philip instructed his men to make sure Paul remained quiet about setting up John’s shipment. Later, Paul’s dead body was found on the pier. Marlena offered to divorce John so he could choose to reunite with her or not. Lexie told Kate that she was worried about Theo and arranged for him to see a child psychologist. Nicole ran in to Trent Robbins and they reminisced about their past together. Chloe was ticked off when she saw Philip kissing Morgan.

THIS WEEK: Marlena tells John she has the disk from Stefano’s safe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Alexis blasted Sonny and Carly after Anthony made a threat against Kristina. Jerry implied he’d kill Anthony if he made a move against Alexis’ daughter. Later, Jerry and Alexis made love. Jax slugged Jerry when he heard of his fling with Alexis, and both men got arrested. Certain that Patrick wasn’t responsible enough to care for Robin, Mac hired Epiphany as Robin’s nurse. Claudia, Spinelli and Jason were quarantined together after being exposed to a virus. Carly accused Kate of getting close to Jax as payback for Carly’s relationship with Sonny. Diane ended up wearing an engagement ring Sonny meant for Kate.

THIS WEEK: Alexis fears that Mr. Craig is back and her Jerry is gone!

GUIDING LIGHT – Cassie freaked out when she learned that Grady was in town. She wanted him to pay for killing Tammy. Grady and Cyrus wound up in jail. Grady blackmailed Lizzie, threatening to implicate Alan unless she helped him. Cassie took the phone from Buzz when he was talking to Harley, ready to tell her all about Grady and Cyrus. Josh tried to talk Cassie out of seeking revenge. Reva urged Daisy to put Grady behind her. Reva and Jeffrey both had qualms about getting married. Reva relived memories of her love for Josh with Mark, the actor playing him in the movie. Dinah and Olivia competed with one another as they planned Bill and Ava’s wedding.

THIS WEEK: Ava learns that Remy has real feelings for her.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Shane admitted to Brody that he was the one who sent Rex the letter. Clint and Bo relented and accept Natalie’s offers to give them the name of the real Buchanan heir in exchange for them dropping all charges against Jared. Dorian and Blair were flabbergasted when David and Addie revealed that they got married in Las Vegas. Sarah convinced Cristian to let Tina hide in his studio. Cole became unhinged when Starr said she wanted to give their baby up for adoption. Starr later asked Marcie to adopt her baby. Marty had no idea who Todd was and no memory of her past.

THIS WEEK: Tina reveals why she returned to Llanview.

PASSIONS – Determined to throw a wrench into Luis’ plan to marry Fancy, Pretty feigned a problem with her unborn baby. Juanita vowed to kill Pretty to keep the wedding on schedule. Gwen intercepted and read Theresa’s letter to Ethan confessing she was alive. Pilar told Theresa that she must give up Ethan and leave Harmony with her family to protect her children. Ethan told “Gertrude” about his feelings for Theresa, saying he could never feel the same for Gwen. Eve and Julian revealed the truth about their son. Viki and Vincent pooled their twisted talents to orchestrate the perfect mass murder.

THIS WEEK: Tabitha grants Esme three wishes.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Sabrina asked Victor to keep her pregnancy a secret until she’s further along and later learned the baby is due on Christmas Day. Lauren fired Gloria when her mother-in-law caused a $100,000 fire at the boutique. Jill and Kay later rehired Gloria; not as an executive, but as a receptionist. Neil shocked Karen with a proposal. Victoria and Heather discussed a green cosmetics line for Jabot. Heather was thrown when Adam told her about Newman’s re-design and realized it was exactly what Jabot was planning. Colleen returned from China and broke up with Adrian. David bought Nikki a horse. Realizing that his gambling is out of control, David asked Nikki for a divorce.

THIS WEEK: Victor and Sabrina’s wedding begins…but how will it end?

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