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RECAPS: MAY 7 – 11

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava couldn’t have been happier. Carly stepped up. Franco was anxious. Jason made up for lost time. Ned had his doubts. Jason ran into Drew. Valentin crossed Peter. Lulu looked to Anna for advice. Alexis threatened Ned. Franco got a break. Carly tried to fix things with Josslyn. Nelle made her intentions clear to Ava. Lucas was wary. Drew and Oscar bonded. Julian paid Kim a visit. Carly was thrown off guard. Nelle set Ava up. Finn opened up. Lucy tracked Dante down. Sonny worried about past misdeeds. Joss pled with her mother. Nelle kept up the charade. Sonny filled Jason in.

THIS WEEK: Anna made her move. Nina was grateful to Curtis for all his help.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope was shocked by Liam’s unexpected proposal of marriage. Bill attempted to get Steffy to run away with him. Wyatt confessed to Steffy what he witnessed between Steffy and Bill. Liam and Hope shared a tender moment and daydreamed about their future together. Bill laid out his plan to Justin. Wyatt questioned Steffy about Bill. Hope showed Liam a memento that she saved from their previous engagement. With annulment papers in front of him, Liam was faced with making a final decision in ending his marriage to Steffy. Ridge attempted to help Steffy sort things out with Liam. They attempted to get to the bottom of why Liam changed his mind. Ridge was convinced that Bill’s behind everything. With the ink barely dry on Steffy and Liam’s annulment papers, Hope told a stunned Steffy that she and Liam are engaged to be married. Steffy and Hope argued. Ridge confronted Liam about his decision to divorce Steffy and marry Hope. Brooke stood up for her daughter.

THIS WEEK: Unaware that Liam believes she’s still having an affair with his father, Steffy begged Liam not to marry Hope – to at least wait until their daughter is born. Ridge and Bill came face-to-face; with Ridge accusing Bill of causing his own son misery and heartache.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail shared an emotional reunion with Chad. Marlena talked to Kate about Andre’s betrayal. Brady had a medical crisis. Chloe gave a stunned Theresa the details about Brady and Eve’s relationship. Chad tried to help Abigail remember the night of Andre’s murder. Kate threatened to reveal Vivian’s plot to the DiMera Board. Sonny exploded when he learned Paul’s investigating Leo. Will filled Paul in on his new lead about Dr. Rolf. As Abigail coped with learning that she’s responsible for Andre’s death, Dr. Laura and Gabby both took control of her body. Rafe informed Gabi about Abigail’s diagnosis. Kate and Vivian had an explosive showdown. Eli and Lani bonded over their respective breakups. Stefan anxiously waited as Vivian’s life hangs in the balance. Rafe questioned Kate about her fight with Vivian. Abigail asked Chad about Gabby and Stefan’s relationship. Roger gave Paul and Will evidence that could help them find answers.

Brady had a dream about Theresa. Victor struggled to keep to himself the truth about why Theresa really left town.

THIS WEEK: Theresa and Chloe worked together to bring down their captor, but a familiar face showed up to complicate things. Lucas and Kate clashed over his feelings for Chloe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — As Devon struggled to navigate his new relationship with Hilary, he sought advice from his father. Neil advised Devon to be there for Hilary, explaining that he can’t care for his child without also caring for its mother. True to his word, he told Simone about his dedication to Hilary and his future child, and was surprised when she insisted that she wants to stay with him anyway. Despite her enthusiasm, he ended the relationship, explaining to Hilary that his current commitment is to her and their unborn child. Despite Sharon’s best efforts to deter Nick from his JT investigation, he became more determined than ever, even going so far as to team up with Victor and Hilary to offer a reward for information, live on

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