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RECAPS: MAY 21 – 25

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Valentin walked a fine line. Lucy was apologetic. Anna grew anxious. Peter stayed by Maxie’s side. Kiki was misunderstood. Peter felt deceived. Finn sought answers. Sam tried to help. Nina wasn’t interested. Kiki found comfort in an old friend. Valentin crossed Lulu. Dante had had enough. Drew paid his respect. Maxie was disheartened. Kiki acted impulsively. Carly was upset. Nelle got the support she craves. Alexis quickly regretted her actions. Griffin got more than he bargained for. Oscar made a pact with Josslyn. Sonny was tormented. Nina paid Lulu a visit. Valentin tried his best.

THIS WEEK: Anna was distraught. Peter had an ace of his sleeve.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope thanked Brooke for helping her plan her dream wedding to the man she loves, Liam. Liam asked Wyatt if he’s sure of what he saw between Steffy and Bill. Wyatt wrestled with his guilt while Bill attempted to distract him with fancy gifts and an offer of his empire. Hope tried on Brooke’s altered wedding gown. Steffy became emotional when Liam unexpectedly arrived at her doctor’s appointment. Ridge warned Brooke that Liam’s being manipulated and that he’s positive that Steffy and Bill are not still having an affair. Steffy did not know how to convince Liam that she’s in love with him, not his father. Brooke stood up to Ridge for Hope. Liam and Steffy had a touching moment over their baby. Steffy revealed to Liam the name she has chosen for their child. Wyatt was resentful of Bill’s sudden appreciation of him, but Katie insisted that this is what Wyatt has always wanted. Katie urged Wyatt to keep deceiving Liam. Ridge fiercely defended his daughter to Brooke and Hope. Steffy made a final plea to Liam to stay with her for the sake of the baby. The Logan sisters came together to assist Hope in getting ready on her wedding day. Friends and family gathered to witness the marriage of Hope Logan and Liam Spencer. Taylor arrived at Steffy’s house and was outraged to hear that Hope and Liam are getting married. As Hope and Liam’s wedding continued, Steffy told Taylor that she confronted Bill, but he denied the lie.

THIS WEEK: Justin attempted to convince Bill that Steffy’s committed to Liam and that no matter what gifts he has bestowed upon him, Wyatt might crack and tell Liam the truth.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stefan threatened Abigail with Chad’s freedom. Brady was shocked to find his past waiting for him at home. Eve shared the news of her engagement with Jennifer. Chloe’s crushed and fearful when Mateo told her some unsettling news. Eve was shocked to see her sister Theresa back in Salem and sharing a moment with her fiancĂ©. Will found a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary. Ciara and Tripp’s romantic dinner took an unexpected turn. Lani had a scare concerning her unborn baby. Chad argued with Melinda to get a plea deal for Abigail. Jennifer supported Abigail who’s ready to accept responsibility for her actions. Kate learned her fate regarding her role in Vivian’s death. Sonny’s world was turned upside down when he received stunning news. Sonny realized Leo has been conning him. Abigail faced the music regarding Andre’s murder. Ciara confided in Hope about pushing Tripp away. Xander taunted Jennifer about her relationship with Eric. Theresa attempted to guilt Eve into leaving Brady. Brady confessed his conflicted feelings to Marlena.

THIS WEEK: In Mexico, John and Paul attempted to rescue Chloe. Gabi learned a judge has overturned her conviction, but a new problem arose.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy had decided that he wants to take a real shot at being CEO and deemed Jack unfit to return to the position, so he overturned their motion, shutting down the vote. Determined to wait it out, Jack and Kyle decided to bide their time, hoping that Billy would mess up soon, leaving the CEO position vacant. However, this proved more difficult than anticipated since Billy plans on making drastic changes to Jabot, and Jack found himself unable to sit idly by. Billy however, thrived in his new job, taking Phyllis’ advice to heart, and really working to make the position his own. He installed new policies and amenities, and planned a major renovation of the CEO office. His sudden changes concerned Jack, but especially Ashley, who wished that he would stick closer to her vision for the company. She confided in Neil, implying that she’s waiting for the opportune moment to overturn the Blood Abbott Clause and took the CEO position for herself. Despite his pact with Jack, Kyle also set out to gain Billy’s trust, so Billy decided to make Kyle prove himself, and took him with renegotiating a contract with Neil. Kyle quickly found himself out of his element, and Neil put him in his place, right in front of Tessa. Kyle was intrigued by her and asked her out, not picking up on the unspoken feelings between her and Mariah. Sharon and Nick struggled to fight their deep feelings for each other, despite their “friends with benefits” status. Things came to a head when they attend a New Hope benefit with other people, and found themselves becoming increasingly jealous. Devon and Hilary grew closer, attending the New Hope dinner together, and going out dancing afterwards. The next day, things went awry at GC Buzz when Hilary’s guest cancels. At the same time, she discovered that Shauna’s upset because she hadn’t been invited to her prom yet. Realizing that there’s a way to solve both problems at once, Devon swooped in to save the day.

THIS WEEK: Abby and Arturo bonded, with Abby offering to help Arturo pick out a suit for a New Hope benefit he’s required to attend. While they’re at Fenmore’s, they bonded as they learn more about each other.

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