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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly snapped. Andre was reluctant. Franco wasn’t entirely supportive. Alexis ran into Kevin. Kiki got infuriating information. Peter had leverage. Jason was noncommittal. Alexis wanted to get to the root of the problem. Elizabeth offered her support. Julian was disappointed. Obrecht placed blame. Ava discouraged Griffin. Valentin tried to defend himself. Sam was terrified. Andre shared his fears. Carly looked on the bright side. Jason offered words of encouragement. Maxie felt foolish.

THIS WEEK: Nina got a mysterious text. Anna wanted to make up for lost time.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Having interrupted Liam and Hope’s wedding, Wyatt divulged a big secret to his brother. Unable to continue waiting and wondering, Hope entered the room and demanded clarification from Liam and Wyatt as to why the wedding has stopped. Steffy received a text from Ridge letting her know that she has been vindicated. Bill was both excited and nervous, wondering why he hadn’t heard from Wyatt. Justin refused to do Bill’s bidding and reached out to Donna for information about the wedding. Having learned the truth, Liam struggled to contain his anger. Hope made a big decision about her immediate future. Steffy made a plea to Liam. Brook’s heart broke for her daughter, while, for Steffy’s sake, Ridge was relieved about Hope’s decision. Bill seethed as Wyatt stood up to his father and remained calm. Bill unleashed his anger on Wyatt. Liam was caught in the dilemma of being loyal to Hope and going back to Steffy. Liam confronted his father about the terrible deceit and pain he has caused so many. Steffy and Hope reached an impasse, neither willing to give up on Liam. Bill arrived, uninvited and unwelcome, at Steffy’s house. After slamming the door behind Bill, Steffy fell and became terrified for the health of her unborn child. Brooke advised Hope to pick up where she and Liam left off and get married immediately.

THIS WEEK: Ridge asked Liam to forgive Steffy. A frantic Steffy called Liam to tell him about her accident.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady was ready to decide whether he wants to be with Theresa or Eve, but before he could give his answer, he’s thrown a curveball. John and Paul were caught by Mateo and his minions. Victor was furious when Sonny told him about Leo’s lawsuit. Gabi was set to be released from prison, but someone from her recent past stands in her way. Stefan offered Kayla a deal to help Steve regain his vision — but it came with major strings attached. Laura arrived to help Abigail integrate her personalities. Gabi was on the hot seat once again. Hope received stunning news about Ben Weston. Xander continued to be a thorn in Theresa’s side. Chloe and Eve compared notes about Theresa. Tripp pressed Ciara for an explanation when she once again pulled away from him. Back from Mexico, Paul and John reunited with Will and Marlena. Chloe blew Theresa out of the water. Dumped by their partners, Claire and Tripp found comfort with one another.

THIS WEEK: Will and Paul debated whether or not Will should pursue a cure for his amnesia. Marlena evaluated Ben and tried to determine if he’s telling the truth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack grew more and more frustrated by the changes that Billy’s making to Jabot, but Kyle encouraged him to stay positive and stick it out. But when Jack learned of Billy’s plan to discontinue an old perfume from their father’s regime, he hit his breaking point. After a pep talk from Lily, Abby decided to give things with Arturo another go, and she invited him to come spend the holiday weekend with her in Miami. Impressed by her spontaneity, Arturo agreed, excited to show her some places off the beaten path. They came back more in synch than ever, but trouble started to brew when Nikki saw them kissing on the roof deck. Hilary and Devon grew closer as they helped Charlie and Shauna to prepare for the prom.

THIS WEEK: Charlie found himself losing his cool around Shauna, but things got even more complicated when she revealed that she’s run away from home. Nick and Victor continued to repair their damaged relationship, and Nick considered rejoining Newman Enterprises.

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