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GENERAL HOSPITAL Maxie was moved to tears. Finn’s timing was impeccable. Drew made arrangements. Oscar stepped up. Mike got the attention that he needs. Sam asked for help. Valentin kept his word. Jason had doubts. Kim heard a different side of the story. Lulu struggled against a difference of opinion. Finn was supportive. Anna came clean. Sonny cautioned Carly. Julian apologized. Alexis was stunned. Ava relayed what she saw. Josslyn was on the defense. Griffin was interrupted. Lulu made a promise. Franco took matters into his own hands. Alexis confronted Monica. Jason was put on the spot. Nelle was thrilled.

THIS WEEK: Michael made a call. Curtis wanted to help.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — With Liam by her side, and Ridge waiting in the hallway, Steffy went into full-blown preterm labor. Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke, Hope, Eric, Thorne, Quinn and Pam worried about Steffy and the wellbeing of her baby. When the baby’s heart-rate began to fall, Dr. Phillips told Steffy that she must push and get the baby out as soon as possible. Liam and Steffy bonded over the birth of their baby girl. Ridge was overwhelmed when he met his granddaughter for the first time. Liam carefully weighed in on Ridge’s advice about staying with Steffy and their family. Brooke attempted to remain strong for Hope through this tough time. Liam became furious when he learned that Bill was responsible for Steffy falling and going into early labor. Wyatt and Quinn discussed Bill’s manipulation. Quinn urged Wyatt not to blame himself for this father’s misdeeds. Quinn defended Wyatt to Brooke who’s furious that he didn’t say something sooner. Liam left to see Hope while Wyatt paid a visit to Steffy in the hospital. Liam and Hope had a heart-to-heart discussion about their current circumstances and what their future might hold. Ridge comforted a devastated Brooke. Still unsure of Liam’s decision about staying with her and the baby, Steffy headed home from the hospital. Liam delivered big news to Steffy. Hope reflected on the turn of events. Ridge and Thorne discussed what it means to have a daughter, and Liam’s relationship with both Steffy and Hope.

THIS WEEK: Ridge further divulged to his brother the difficulty he’s faced with Brooke over navigating the situation with their daughters. The brothers speculated on whether or not Liam and Steffy have a future together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Theresa pulled out all the stops to fight for Brady. Kayla gave Ciara advice about Tripp. Passion ignited between Claire and Tripp. Hope told JJ about Ben’s impending release. Ciara was stunned to find Tripp and Claire in a compromising position. JJ made a surprising offer to Theresa. Brady laced into Victor for encouraging Theresa to keep quiet about Chloe’s whereabouts. Justin and Sonny were presented with damning evidence when they met with Leo and his unscrupulous lawyer, Ted. Ben showed up on Will’s doorstep to make amends. Kayla reluctantly agreed to Stefan’s deal.

THIS WEEK: Hope chastised Marlena for not stopping Ben’s release. Ciara’s life hung in the balance.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Shauna and Charlie ended up in hot water when Lily caught Shauna sleeping in her son’s bed and immediately assumed the worst. Feeling defeated at every turn, Jack decided to keep looking for clues to his father’s identity, and he’s rewarded with a lead when a surprisingly lucid Dina revealed some details about her past affairs. However, Jack hit a roadblock when she’s unable to remember her lover’s name. Neil discovered that Hilary wants to buy Chelsea’s old penthouse. Neil worried that Hilary would soon scheme her way back into Devon’s life. Unhappy to saw Abby and Arturo together, Nikki decided to tell Abby about their romantic history, and Abby was furious with Arturo for lying to her.

THIS WEEK: But Arturo wasn’t Nikki’s only worry, as she soon caught wind that Nick and Sharon are preparing to leave town for San Diego. Furious, she automatically assumed that it was Sharon’s idea, but Sharon set her straight, telling Nikki to ask Victor why Nick wants to get away from Genoa City.

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