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RECAPS: JUNE 11 – 15

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Emma pays a visit to a family member who urges her to keep their connection a secret from the Forresters. Ridge and Brooke become frustrated when each defends their daughter to the other. Xander Avant arrives in Los Angeles and quickly must defend himself to his Uncle Julius. Wyatt and Katie share a bittersweet moment while discussing their secret relationship. Xander’s first impression of Emma is a knock-out! Thorne raises Katie’s spirits by spending time with her and Will. Liam fills Brooke in on his confrontation with Bill and his deep remorse over the situation at hand. Steffy, Hope and Liam become emotional when Hope and Steffy seek closure and Hope meets baby Kelly. Sally Spectra makes a shocking revelation to Wyatt when they run into one another at the Bikini Bar. After sharing a tender moment, Liam makes a new proposal of marriage to the woman he loves.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt tries to digest what he’s just learned. Liam makes grand plans for the future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Theresa seeks help from Victor to win back Brady. Jennifer is displeased to learn Theresa is living with JJ. Xander makes a pitch to Victor to make him CEO of Titan. Will reveals to Sonny there’s a chance he could get his memory back. Brady and Eve are stunned when Theresa drops a bombshell. Despite the risk, Will has Marlena inject him with Rolf’s serum. Xander stumbles onto an explosive secret. Per Stefan’s orders, Kayla spies on Kate and witnesses a curious exchange. Ben takes an injured Ciara to a place that holds bad memories for him. Claire and Tripp feel guilty for hurting Ciara. Hope realizes her daughter is missing. Valerie and Lani bond over Lani and Eli’s unborn baby. Ciara freaks out when she finds herself trapped in a cabin with Ben. Tripp and Hope try to track down Ciara. Theresa has a steamy proposition for Brady. Eve is determined to find a way to thwart her sister. Ben tries to earn Ciara’s trust. Hope gets a lead on Ciara’s whereabouts.

THIS WEEK: Lani asks JJ if he’d consider getting back together. Theresa urges Brady to make love to her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael stays close to Nelle. Anna lets her guard down. Nina is unnerved. Peter sees an out. Chase is compassionate. Nelle is shocked. Kim prepares for a big night. Jason and Sam meet for coffee. Nina cuts her visit short. Julian has a lot to prove. Jason looks for a way in. Nina is rattled. Kiki faces her demons. Alexis questions Valentin. Franco is full of surprises. Valentin refuses his fate. Carly doesn’t trust her instincts. Kiki is startled. Alexis meets with Kevin. Elizabeth is shocked. Mike opens up to Sonny. Kevin is reassuring. Nina is compassionate. Oscar is touched by Drew’s confession. Finn is comforting.

THIS WEEK: Carly continues to have her doubts. Sonny processes what Mike has told him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby and Arturo deal with the fallout of Nikki’s reveal, and Arturo goes so far as to confront Nikki, asking why she would go behind his back to sabotage his relationship with Abby. He then attempts to woo Abby back, but she insists that she can’t trust him anymore, and they need to keep their relationship platonic. Meanwhile, Summer continues to create chaos for those around her, including her new roommates, Billy and Phyllis. Phyllis is concerned by Summer’s lack of ambition and disregard for rules, and her judgement causes tension between the two. Billy tries to play mediator but finds himself in an awkward situation. Summer’s return also awakens old grudges (and emotions) in Kyle, who insist that he has no interest in Summer, despite his obvious attraction to her. Victor’s custody lawsuit throws the entire Newman family into chaos as everyone finds themselves forced to take sides. Desperate to protect Nick, Sharon appeals to Victor, but he insists that this is the only way to settle things. Now under one roof, Devon and Hilary become even closer, but with Shauna in the picture, their romantic moments are constantly interrupted. Hilary tries to keep Shauna out of the apartment long enough for her and Devon to reunite, but Shauna quickly catches on to Hilary’s plan, which makes her feel unwanted and unwelcome.

THIS WEEK: Shauna struggles with her new reality. Kyle’s anger gets the better of him.

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