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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny and Mike were interrupted. Obrecht covered her tracks. Peter continued to plead his case. Nina ran into Drew. Amy offered her insight. Carly played nice. Nelle reflected on her past. Franco caught up with Kevin. Liz wanted to keep things simple. Sam admired Alexis. Dante laid into Chase. Michael confronted Chase. Josslyn leaned on Nelle. Kiki worried all would be for naught. Oscar was disappointed. Sonny was relieved. Anna refused to place blame. Nina demanded answers. Kiki was disappointed. Julian heard Alexis out. Sonny was confused. Sam and Curtis hit a deadend. Valentin’s romantic gesture back fired.

THIS WEEK: Alexis unloaded on Julian. Carly feared nothing would ever be the same again.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Suspicious of the new intern’s motives, Maya searched for a link between Emma and Justin. Believing that Emma poses a risk, Maya determined to confront the young woman. Emma began her pitch to Hope, and she and the dancers made a presentation. Hope was impressed with the passion and energy Emma and her dancers would bring to the Hope for the Future fashion preview. Wyatt made Sally an offer that’s hard to resist. Maya overstepped as she made a decision about Emma after witnessing her taking photos of the collection. Tensions rose as Hope, Thorne and Xander arrived – with Hope demanding an explanation of what’s going on. As Emma attempted to defend herself, Justin arrived and set everyone straight about Emma’s talent and intentions. Wyatt and Sally found solace in each other for feeling disconnected from their loved ones and somewhat lost. They shared a kiss. Hope dealt with the shock of learning that Liam’s preparing to ask Steffy to be his wife again. Ridge told Hope that Steffy and Liam getting remarried is what is best for the entire family. Steffy got wrapped up in the excitement of her dream coming to fruition. Her mood soured when Bill paid an unexpected visit with a list of new demands. Sally and Wyatt flirted. As Steffy pled for Bill to stop his delusions about marrying her, Bill proceeded to drop a bomb and blackmailed Steffy. Maya voiced her concerns to Julius about Xander’s burgeoning interest in Emma. Julius teased Xander and encouraged him to ask Emma out on a date, which frustrated Maya. Liam visited Hope and made a big announcement about his relationship with Bill and Spencer Publications. As Steffy worried that Bill would come back and continue to threaten her, Taylor arrived. Oblivious to the current situation, Taylor thanked Steffy for convincing Bill to keep quiet about her having been the one who shot him. Hope shared with Liam how close she came to having her happily ever after.

THIS WEEK: Xander asked Emma out on a date. Hope made Liam an offer concerning his future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara cautiously opened up to Ben. Hope made an unsettling discovery. JJ rushed Lani to the hospital. Will had a flash of memory. The Hortons rallied around Eli and Lani as she underwent an emergency c-section. Lani had a fantasy of her perfect life with her baby and JJ. Abe had a warm moment with Eli. Eric, Jennifer, Lucas and Chloe had a celebratory dinner. Distraught about Ciara, Hope lashed out at Tripp. Ben confided to Ciara a disturbing moment from his childhood. Will kept a secret from Paul. Chad had an expected suggestion for Sonny. Chad pitched himself to Victor as the best candidate to run Titan. Kayla was caught while snooping around Kate’s room. Steve blasted Stefan for what he did to Abigail. Hope was relieved when Ciara called her but was upset by her daughter’s news. Kate made a huge confession to Chad. Gabi was released from prison, but her reunion with Ari wasn’t quite what she expected.

THIS WEEK: Brady and Eve were thrown a curve ball by Stefan. Lani received terrible news.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Fathers’ Day arrived in Genoa City, forcing Nick to face the truth on his relationship with Victor. He and Sharon struggled to explain the situation to a distraught Faith, and her subsequent distress prompted Nick to crash the Newman’s Fathers’ Day brunch. Meanwhile, Abby decided to disrupt the event as well, bringing Arturo as her guest, so that he and Victor could reach an understanding. Later, Nick found himself disagreeing with Brittany when she suggested that breaking up with Sharon is the only way to win in court. At Newman, things started to go awry when Victoria received anonymous threats from a hacker who plans to bring down their company. Things started to get more serious for Abby and Arturo, with Abby deciding it’s time he met Ashley. The group had a great time, but Nikki witnessed them all together and was upset by what she saw. Wanting to re-establish his relationship with Jack, Kyle offered to help him in the search for his biological father, and they started by searching Dina’s things for any clues.

THIS WEEK: Now happily reunited, Hilary and Devon celebrated Fathers’ Day with the Ashby/Winters clan, where they revealed their new relationship to grudging acceptance. Hilary attempted to hide the less glamorous parts of her pregnancy from Devon, but he put a stop to that, insisting that he wants to be there for all of it, even the morning sickness.

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