Whitesburg KY


GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina had impeccable timing. Peter made a promise. Franco was curious. Sonny played it cool. Finn extended an olive branch. Michael apologized. Nelle was shaken. Carly confided in Kevin. Sam got a clue. Finn’s suspicion grew. Nina chastised Valentin. Obrecht was distracted. Nelle suffered a setback. Ned reached out to Drew. Lulu agreed to back off. Valentin questioned Nina’s story. Sonny prepared Mike. Jordan looked to Stella for guidance. Michael enlisted Alexis’ help. Nelle didn’t like what she heard. Carly demanded to see Kevin. Something about Oscar seemed too familiar to Ava. Chase made a plea.

THIS WEEK: Jason took Drew aside. Ned addressed the elephant in the room.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam and Steffy bonded over the love they have for their daughter – although Steffy remained distracted by Hope’s pregnancy. Hope called a private meeting with Emma and Xander to discuss Emma’s relation to Justin. Katie and Thorne played hooky at the Bikini Bar. Emma received good news from Hope. Liam broke bad news to Steffy. Xander revealed a secret about himself to Emma. A mysterious woman, Zoe, arrived in town. Katie and Thorne hired Ken to help them find out who’s sending threatening messages to Hope. Zoe listened in as Sally and Wyatt talked about Hope’s distrust of Sally. Wyatt and Sally tried to learn more about Zoe and her past. Zoe lurked and watched Xander’s interaction with Emma. After making love, Sally confided in Wyatt her concerns about Zoe. Maya called in Julius about Xander’s behavior and then summoned Xander to Forrester. In a move to become acquainted with Emma, Zoe spilled iced tea on her. Xander gave Maya and Julius important information about his past in England. Thorne and Katie questioned Sally when she arrived at the office. Wyatt and Liam caught up on one another’s lives. Liam revealed to Wyatt that Hope’s pregnant with his child. Katie and Thorne leveled a serious accusation at Sally. Zoe talked to Harry about her past and future plans with Xander. Steffy and Hope discussed their predicament. Hope and Steffy argued about Liam’s new duty to his two families. Bill visited Wyatt to make amends but instead learned news that could change his game plan.

THIS WEEK: Liam became concerned when Katie and Thorne implicated Sally for the crime of posting threatening messages to Hope. Emma danced for Xander then the two shared a kiss.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope and Rafe raced against the clock to find Ciara. As the fire spread at the cabin, Ciara passed out. Brady confessed the truth to Eve. Will and Sonny’s plan hit an unexpected snag. Ciara was questioned by Hope about her ordeal with Ben. Tripp learned Ciara’s back home and raced to see her. Theresa felt guilty for sandbagging Brady, and JJ suggested that she find a middle ground with him. Eve encouraged Brady to throw Nicole under the bus to clear his name. Ciara confronted Ben about whether or not he set the fire at the cabin. Sonny and Will were desperate to figure out what happened to Leo. Gabi experienced excruciating pain and was rushed to the hospital. Things heated up between Kate and Ted. With Victor’s help, Eve plotted to help Brady win the custody battle against Theresa. Theresa made one last plea to Brady to reunite as a couple. Abigail anxiously waited for the results of the paternity test. Kayla delivered devastating news to Gabi. Gabi offered her support to Abigail. Stefan pressured Kate to deliver the goods.

THIS WEEK: Theresa was furious when she suspects Brady pulled a fast one in order to gain the upper hand in the custody battle. JJ made a stunning announcement at the hearing.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Not wanting Phyllis to know about his gambling problems, Billy tried to keep the loss of JaBoat a secret until he’s able to win it back. Meanwhile,

Phyllis unknowingly planned a party for Billy on the boat. Luckily, Summer was able to intervene, and Billy diverted Phyllis with a lie about the boat needing repairs. In addition to investigating his lineage, Kyle also took on a role as matchmaker, getting both Mariah and Tessa to admit to their feelings for one another, and putting a plan in motion. Ashley grew closer with Neil, offering him some insider info on a failing Newman contract that could benefit Hamilton-Winters. Grateful for the help, Neil took her advice to heart and invited her to dinner as a thank you. At Newman, Victor struggled to balance the defection of his clients with the accusations that he’s the one behind JT’s disappearance, which caused his family concern for his health.

THIS WEEK: Feeling protective of her husband, Nikki told Abby that she shouldn’t bother Victor over Arturo’s recent string of bad luck, considering that she was the one behind it. Despite Abby and Arturo’s anger, Nikki refused to back down, but she’s soon overwhelmed and went to Sharon for counsel.

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