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RECAPS - 6/23-27

ALL MY CHILDREN – To prove that she could be friends with a man, Greenlee suggested Jake move in with her. Erica blackmails Adam into giving Carmen a job at the mansion and allowing her to live there. Samuel and Erica got locked in her cell together when the prison went into a lockdown. Adam surprised Colby with a new car and keys to a cabin for eighteenth birthday. Richie called Annie to testify at his arraignment and forced her to admit she gave false evidence against him in the past. Richie was released on bail but ordered to wear an ankle-monitoring device.

THIS WEEK: Let’s just say, Colby really can’t hold her liquor!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Meg said yes to Paul’s proposal, but then Sofie proved to him that she’s pregnant. Paul tried to tell Meg, but she was so happy about having Holden’s blessing, Paul kept silent. Janet played Jack against Brad at Parker’s tennis match, then tried to kiss Brad. He returned home to Katie and told her all about Janet. Carly and Holden wound up sharing a cabin at the kids’ camp where they made love for the first time. Luke and Noah learn that Col. Mayer died. Alison lost the sexual harassment case when the judge ruled in Chris’s favor. Emily and Casey made love again.

THIS WEEK: Lily suspects something is wrong with Holden.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL The Logan family celebrated Beth’s return to Los Angeles. Beth apologized for being separated from her children for so long. Katie assured Nick that he doesn’t need to care for her anymore since her mother is there. Brooke blasted Beth when she learned she plans to go back to Paris. Phoebe overheard Steffy and Marcus talking about his being Donna’s son, then Phoebe told Ridge. Donna and Marcus confessed all to Eric. Steffy was ticked off at Phoebe for being a rat. Ridge told Steffy she wasn’t allowed to remain friends with Marcus. Eric’s reaction to Marcus surprised everyone.

THIS WEEK: Marcus meets Owen Knight.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Chelsea and Daniel had their first official date. Lucas convinced Chloe to go to the cops and say that she saw Paul at the pier. Roman asked her questions she couldn’t answer and he knew she was lying. Trent warned Nicole that he knows all her secrets. Max told Steve about Trent being his father. Steve told Max he hated his father, too. Rolf refused to help Marlena unlock the secrets on the disk. John learned about the disk, then told Ava, much to Marlena’s disgust. EJ and Lucas compared notes about Sami, realizing that she wants a guy when she thinks another woman is involved.

THIS WEEK: Doug and Julie come for the July 4th Horton family picnic.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – A strange twist of fate had Jason, Claudia and Spinelli quarantined together. Anthony tested Claudia’s family loyalty by ordering her to kill Jason. Patrick refused to accept Robin’s decision not to move in with him after their baby is born. Patrick made a legal move to insure he’d be a part of his baby’s life. Maxie orchestrated getting stuck in an elevator with Johnny. Scott had Johnny arrested after he got into a brawl with Logan. Maxie had an unpleasant encounter with a new doctor, Matt Hunter. Carly worried that if she was pregnant, Jax might not be the father.

THIS WEEK: Carly makes it her mission to destroy Kate.

GUIDING LIGHT – Reva arranged for a press conference so Jeffrey could announce he was back on the job. Cassie told Harley that her one-night-stand was Cyrus. Harley ended her relationship with Cyrus. Daisy continued to help Grady. Grady apologized to Cassie for killing Tammy. Daisy brought Grady to Frank so he could confess. Cassie told Josh the truth about Cyrus and Josh walked out on her. Ava was caught up in the society baby shower and turned to Remy for comfort. Olivia got a call from Rafe and rushed to give Natalia the phone, causing her heart to race. Bill and Lizzie faced off in court.

THIS WEEK: Josh contemplates ending his marriage to Cassie.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Jessica was furious to learn that Clint and Bo weren’t pressing charges against Jared because of a deal they made with Natalie. Jessica’s dark side resurfaced after Nash’s funeral. Blair was shocked when she was served with divorce papers. Marcie tested Michael’s reaction to the idea of them adopting Starr’s baby. Meanwhile, Cole decided to sue for custody of his unborn child. RJ inadvertently delivered a note implicating Lindsay to Nora. Bo surprised Lindsay with a marriage proposal. Tina told Sarah and Cristian that she was the Princess of Mendorra, that she had the jewels and that she was in danger of Jonas.

THIS WEEK: Will history repeat itself at Bo and Lindsay’s wedding?

PASSIONS – Gwen and Rebecca were very suspicious about one of the letters that mentioned Little Ethan’s adoption because Ethan didn’t adopt Little Ethan until after Theresa died. Tabitha agreed to grant Esme three wishes if she’d help to find the invisible Endora so they could get out of town before Harmony was destroyed. Pretty fantasized of throwing acid in Fancy’s face and ruining her looks the same way Fancy did hers. Unaware that Rebecca and Gwen knew her secret, Theresa walked in on Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca. Tabby informed Esme that Viki was a serial killer, but Esme had fallen asleep.

THIS WEEK: Pretty is pushed over the edge and into total madness.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Tensions rose at Victor and Sabrina’s wedding when Victoria learned that the bride was selling exclusive photos to the highest bidder. David told Nikki he was leaving her because he couldn’t stop gambling. No one was pleased to learn that Heather and Adam were dating. Adam reluctantly gave Karen her job back. Jeff told Gloria he ended things with Jill and later proposed to Glo. Chloe tried various ways to hurt Lily and Cane’s relationship, none of which worked. Michael hired Paul to track down his father, Lowell, who was going by the name River and was wanted for murder.

THIS WEEK: Jeff and Gloria elope to Las Vegas.

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