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RECAPS: JULY 23 – 27

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina heeded Alexis’ advice. Finn had cause to worry. Drew received a gift. Kim helped Julian. Josslyn grew annoyed. Nelle looked to Chase. Drew ran into Margaux. Nina wondered about a sudden stroke of luck. Valentin fell short. Kiki suffered a setback. Sonny was cautious. Josslyn confided in Nelle. Alexis called a meeting. Sam asked about Carly. Oscar felt dismissed. Carly couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. Sonny confronted Kevin. Ava congratulated Michael. Alexis had good news. Julian caught a break. Sonny tried to understand how things got so out of hand. Michael heard more than enough. Jason forced his hand.

THIS WEEK: Maxie and Nina had a heart to heart. Finn defended Anna’s actions. BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill proposed to Steffy after showing her the incriminating evidence he staged against Hope and Liam. Emma reeled from Zoe’s stunt on the runway. Xander revealed his and Zoe’s past to Ridge. Steffy went on the hunt for Liam after seeing the picture of he and Hope at the fashion show. Steffy barged in on Liam and Hope, finding them in a compromising position. Betrayed, Steffy criticized Liam and Hope for their behavior towards her. Bill speculated to Justin what would happen next in the Steffy/Liam/Hope scenario. Ridge and Brooke had different points of view on the situation between their daughters and Liam. Furious, Steffy headed to Bill’s prepared to make a deal that would give her ultimate power in her personal life. Liam became frantic wondering where Steffy is when he arrived home and realized the nanny’s still with Kelly. Justin made it clear to Steffy and Bill that in his professional opinion the agreement that they’re about to enter into is not a good idea. Ridge questioned why Brooke would go see Liam, causing Hope to reveal what happened between her and Liam that Steffy witnessed. Brooke told Liam that he should not be ashamed of his love for Hope. Hope must try and calm Ridge who’s upset by the turn of events in his daughter’s life. Their deal signed and notarized, Bill offered to drive Steffy home to help her confront Liam. Liam was mortified when he realized what Steffy’s wearing. Steffy threw Bill in Liam’s face and told him that she only turned to his father because of the hurt he and Hope have caused her. Brooke interrupted a tense moment between Ridge and Hope and demanded that Ridge take a different tone of voice while speaking with her daughter. She then forced Ridge to apologize.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt was shocked at the revelation about Bill and Steffy. Liam was remorseful and asked Steffy for something that she might be unable or unwilling to give.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stefan made an emotional appeal to Abigail to keep her baby. Vengeful Gabi vented to JJ about the losses she suffered while in prison. Sonny argued with Chad over the way he’s running Titan. Jennifer used her investigative skills to clear JJ’s name. Abigail confessed to Chad that she’s pregnant with Stefan’s child. Hope and Rafe were stunned by Ciara’s move to help Ben. Claire planted the seed in Tripp’s mind that Ciara might have feelings for Ben. Kayla and Steve hoped for the best as she removed his bandages post-surgery. Chad and Stefan came to blows. Abigail questioned Gabi’s motives. Will showed Sonny the anonymous letter that implies its author knows that they killed Leo. Kate lashed out at Ted for representing Ben. Ted confronted Sonny to ask if he had anything to do with Leo’s disappearance. Steve and Kayla celebrated a huge milestone. Marlena and John had a special request for Eric and Brady. Will received another cryptic note. Eve came face-to-face with Ben. Victor warned Eve that Jennifer’s getting closer to the truth.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer talked to Brady about what she’s uncovered. Tripp asked Ciara pointblank if she’s interested in Ben.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Furious off her fight with Billy, Phyllis found comfort in her friendship with Jack, who put aside his own interests to offer her relationship advice. Having decided to give Billy another chance, Phyllis tracked him down at the GCAC, where she’s heartbroken to find him gambling again. Meanwhile, Nick discovered that Sharon has taken off and left her engagement ring behind, and worried that she’s planning on calling off their wedding. He ran into Phyllis at the bar, and the two took comfort in each other’s problems. Nick went home to Sharon, and the two happily reunite, but when Phyllis tried to reconcile with Billy, he turned the tables, accusing her of trying to control him, and declaring that he needs to decide if their relationship is right for him. At Jabot, Billy and Ashley continued to struggle for control, so Billy sent Ashley to an international conference to keep her occupied. Realizing what’s happening, Ashley forged an alliance with Kyle, asking him to spy on Billy in her absence.

THIS WEEK: Meanwhile, Tessa and Mariah moved forward in their relationship, but Mariah was heartbroken when she saw Tessa with another woman and assumed that she’s cheating on her. Mariah finally confronted Tessa about what she saw, and Tessa explained that she wasn’t cheating on Mariah, she was meeting with a woman who helped her to track down her sister.

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