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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny felt helpless. Jordan assessed the situation. Kim urged Julian to live in the moment. Liz began to worry. Jason arrived in the knick-of-time. Jordan headed to the PCPD. Michael was disappointed. Lucas was confused. Finn was all in. Margaux stumbled upon an interesting piece of information. Carly had her doubts. Sonny felt guilty. Jason called Sam. Elizabeth tried to help. Chase blamed himself. Joss feared the worst. Sam and Curtis paid a visit to Ferncliff. Chase was grateful. Griffin expressed his doubts. Ava made a call. Josslyn was furious. Jordan looked for answers. Brad was preoccupied.

THIS WEEK: Finn was backed into a corner. Stella came clean.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge was stunned when he realized that Steffy’s wearing Bill Spencer’s sword necklace. Bill told an upset Wyatt that he’s planning to marry Steffy right away. Wyatt attempted to convince Bill that if he marries Steffy that he would lose Liam forever. Liam conveyed to Hope the magnitude of the situation with Steffy. Steffy shared with Ridge her power play with Bill. Ridge expressed his discern for Liam and how he treated Steffy. Bill summoned Steffy to his home where he presented her with a new nursery for Kelly and a special gift just for her. Bill expressed to Steffy that he wants to be married right away. Brooke and Hope disagreed about the outcome of the situation. Ridge urged Liam to stop Steffy from marrying Bill before it’s too late. Liam shared his true feelings about the situation when Ridge told Liam that Steffy’s only settling for Bill and that her future is with him. Steffy was blindsided by Bill’s desire to be married immediately. Bill told Steffy that she must make a choice right now. Ridge and Brooke had a disagreement about how the other is handling the situation. Steffy made a stunning announcement about her future and who she chooses. Wyatt and Liam surfed at the beach house where Liam’s staying until he figured out his situation. Liam leaned on his brother for emotional support regarding their father. Xander arrived at Zoe’s apartment to force her to leave LA and found her in a bikini. Maya questioned Emma if she’s threatened by Xander’s ex-girlfriend. Steffy made an announcement about the future of Forrester Creations. Steffy called Liam to Forrester to share with him her big news. Thorne showed up to Zoe’s apartment and tried to convince her to stay in LA. Ridge became annoyed when Brooke sent Hope in to see what Steffy and Liam are discussing.

THIS WEEK: Thorne stunned Xander when he offered Zoe a job modeling for Forrester Creations. Emma watched unnoticed as Zoe accepted the job and rushed into Xander’s arms.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer confronted Victor and Eve about having drugs planted at JJ’s apartment. Brady was tempted to tell Eric the truth about Nicole leaving town. Claire knocked Ben out! Eli supported Lani on her first day back at work. Eve stunned Jennifer with a bombshell that could affect her relationship with Eric. Ben’s time with Ciara was interrupted when Hope and Rafe burst in with guns drawn. Marlena realized a key guest has not RSVP’d to her and John’s wedding. Adrienne visited Steve and hired him to look for Bonnie. Jennifer debated whether or not to tell Eric the true reason why Nicole left town. Chad unknowingly played right into Stefan’s hands. Eve and Brady vowed to help Stefan destroy Titan. Gabi witnessed a secret meeting between Kate and Stefan. Eric proposed to Jennifer. Chad continued to struggle with Abigail having Stefan’s baby but agreed to try to work things out. Gabi confessed her scheme to Kate, hoping to gain an ally. Steve and Kayla celebrated his release from the hospital. Brady pressed Jennifer to tell him who planted the drugs. Eric shared exciting news with Marlena.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Will discovered who’s behind the threatening notes about Leo’s death. Anticipating his wedding to Marlena, John asked Paul for his help.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Roof Deck, Victor revealed that they need a new talent to head up their real estate division, and he knows just the candidate. Victor and Victoria stopped to needle Nick and his team, but they’re interrupted by Victor’s candidate, Nikki. Meanwhile, Billy and Kyle arrived at the bar, and Billy butted heads with Jack just as Phyllis and Lauren arrived. Lauren called Billy out for his unfair treatment of Phyllis, and his shifty behavior towards Fenmore’s. Meanwhile, Victor asked Nikki to come on board at Newman, and Nikki wondered if he’s only doing it to spite Nick. Things escalated between Billy and Nick, spiraling into a physical fight. Everyone jumped in to separate the men, as Kyle captured the altercation on video. Billy turned down Summer’s continued advances, while Phyllis sought comfort in her friendship with Jack who’s still carrying a torch for her. At Jabot, Billy put a big, secret project into action, refusing to share the details with anyone. While Billy pushed people away at Jabot, Victor brought them together at Newman, where he organized a special luncheon to remind his family how much their support means to him. Despite the kind gesture, Nikki felt the absence of her son and revealed that she hasn’t given up on reuniting her family. Phyllis warned Nick that Kyle knows their secret, and it might not stay secret for long.

THIS WEEK: She’s proven right when Summer seduced Kyle and tricked him into revealing her mother’s night of infidelity. Determined to use the information for her own gain, Summer set out to discover who Phyllis spent the night with.

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