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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Giddy with happiness, Hope shows off her engagement ring to a very pleased Brooke. Liam expresses his displeasure with Steffy that she gave Hope a sentimental object not intended for her. Upset that she stole her moment at the fashion show, and insecure about her past with Xander, Emma confronts Zoe and demands that she leave LA immediately. Liam and Hope discuss what just happened between them and Steffy, which causes Liam to reflect on what he truly wants. Emma becomes frustrated when Xander isn’t upset that Zoe is working for Forrester. Now in charge, Steffy reveals to the models for the Bedroom line that she will be modeling alongside them. Liam and Hope solidify their engagement and the promise of a happy life together with a kiss. Bill is stunned when Liam pays him a visit. Hope worries about Xander and Emma when Thorne tells her that he has hired Zoe as a model. Zoe and Xander share a warm moment under difficult circumstances. Bill and Liam are impacted by each other’s words. Steffy shares her pain with Ridge. Emma expresses to Hope her concerns about Zoe. Pam overhears her ask Hope to fire Zoe. Zoe tells Xander that Emma isn’t the sweet girl he thinks she is. Ridge expresses to Steffy how proud he is of her and the decisions that she has made. Xander is thrown when Maya reveals what she knows about Emma. Thorne and Maya confront Zoe about her immense dislike of Zoe.

THIS WEEK: Maya urges Xander to get a handle on the situation with Zoe and Emma as he will be working with both of them. Brooke gives Ridge a gift before they make love. Hope and Steffy share a moment together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Victor keeps Eve’s secret from Brady — but he wants something in return. Steve is thrown when he overhears a private conversation between Kayla and Jennifer. Chloe confides to Eric she has concerns about her relationship with Lucas. Sonny and Will are blackmailed over their part in Leo’s death. Abigail and Chad feel the baby kick for the first time. Stefan opens up to Chloe about his attachment to Abigail’s child. Ben asks Marlena to hypnotize him to prove his innocence. Tripp tries to convince Ciara it had to be Ben who set the fire. Stefan tells Abigail he wants to be a part of his child’s life. In a vulnerable moment, Eli kisses Lani. Ben tells Ciara he remembers everything that happened the night of the fire. Hope tries to get Marlena to recommend that Ben be recommitted. Chad walks out on Abigail. Marlena and Kayla make preparations for Marlena and John’s wedding. John advises Steve to confront Kayla about the secret she’s keeping. Hope gives Ben an ultimatum. Hope and Rafe finally reunite! Gabi manipulates her way to living under the same roof as Chad.

THIS WEEK: Ciara urges Ben to stay in Salem. Marlena is upset when John sees her in her wedding dress.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason voices his concerns. Ava is inspired by Julian’s actions. Drew makes a grand gesture. Margaux makes an innocent play. Jordan looks for answers. Jason meets with Margaux. Sonnys interest is piqued. Nelle taunts those around her. Scotty does his best to reason with Dr. Bensch. Griffin is moved by Ava’s concern for Kiki. Finn refuses to help. Kiki prepares for her trial. Julian is grateful. Scotty confides in Franco. Drew overhears an important conversation. Franco makes matters worse. Sonny’s day is bittersweet. Jordan takes the initiative. Stella seems up phased. Curtis is surprised. Franco makes a dramatic move. Elizabeth is conflicted. Ava forces Scotty’s hand.

THIS WEEK: Kevin apologizes. Oscar looks to drew for advice.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria, Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis worry about Nick’s impersonation of JT, and how it could jeopardize their secret. Their fears are confirmed when Paul reveals that he’s still investigating the case, prompting Phyllis to suggest that they frame Victor for JT’s murder. The others are quick to shoot her down, especially when Sharon reveals that Phyllis tried to convince her to turn on the Nikki and Victoria. Determined to protect her family, Nikki warns Phyllis not to cross her, and reveals that she’ll give herself up before letting Victoria take the fall for JT’s death. Noticing the stress Nikki is under, Victor encourages her to utilize Nate as her doctor, and she agrees. Knowing that some of her stress stems from her family’s fractured state, Nikki encourages Victor to mend bridges with Nick by opening up about his feelings. Victor decides to try, but Nick refuses his father’s olive branch, and the animosity between the two deepens. Phyllis and Billy also struggle to reconcile their professional and personal relationships, especially when Billy reveals his “secret plan,” to open a chain of Jabot stores called JaBoutiques, which he orchestrated without any internal approvals. His refusal to collaborate isolates him from Lauren, Kyle, and Ashley, who begin to plot against him.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis makes a final appeal to Billy, promising that she won’t try to control his wild side, and he agrees to give their relationship another chance. Summer is disappointed by their reunion, and remains determined to have Billy for herself, so she enlists a jealous Kyle to help her break them up.

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