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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Griffin was reluctant. Scott apologized. Jason had a theory. Elizabeth was horrified. Josslyn was annoyed. Kiki was on edge. Alexis stated the facts. Franco apologized. Elizabeth understood. Valentin was shocked. Sonny got an unexpected visit. Alexis was cautious. Sam was asked to do a favor. Griffin was stunned. Franco was furious. Joss apologized to Sonny. Stella offered her condolences. Michael’s emotions got the best of him. Jordan felt betrayed. Elizabeth shared her concerns. Bobbie voiced her concerns. Sonny took Julian aside. Alexis got terrible news.

THIS WEEK: Nina lost her temper. Drew questioned a series of coincidences.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie, Thorne, Sally and Wyatt ran into each other at the Bikini Beach. Steffy broke down before admitting to Liam that she saw him propose to Hope. Liam returned Steffy’s ring. The two, though both hurting over their breakup, came to the conclusion that they must set a good example for Kelly. Brooke and Ridge made love. Katie must cut her date with Thorne short when Will’s babysitter called in sick. Katie manipulated Bill into watching Will for the night, so she and Thorne might continue their romantic evening. Steffy led a business meeting to inform the team at Forrester Creations about their new business plan. Katie and Bill shared lingering feelings from their past and hashed out old emotions. Bill came to terms with the choices he has made. Steffy let the women at Forrester know why they’re valued. Thorne and Bill shared a tense moment. Bill made an effort to connect with Will, but Will’s not very interested. Liam and Hope were optimistic about their future and hopeful about what’s ahead of them. Katie gave Bill parenting advice when he called her about Will. Bill interrupted Katie and Thorne’s romantic night when he arrived unannounced to bring Will home. Hope invited Steffy to her wedding with Liam. When Liam asked Wyatt to be his Best Man, Wyatt gave Liam and earful. Steffy agreed to come to the wedding but asked if she could bring a plus one… Taylor! Aghast to learn that Hope invited Steffy and Taylor the wedding, Brooke attempted to convince Hope to uninvite them. Steffy called Ridge, concerned about what might happen now that Taylor has left to meet Brooke. Brooke attempted to remain calm during her conversation with Taylor but broke when Taylor insulted Hope.

THIS WEEK: Hope convinced Liam that inviting Steffy’s the right thing to do. Steffy leaned on her father for support of her choices.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail had a tense confrontation with Stefan. Steve confronted Kayla about the secret she’s been keeping. Kate had a dream involving Andre. Will and Sonny conferred about how to get the money to pay off Ted. Abigail was upset to find Chad and Gabi in a close moment. Paul accused Sonny of having an affair with Will! Will exposed Ted’s scheme to a stunned Kate. Eve and Jennifer had a showdown. Jennifer was tempted to confess all to Eric. Eve encouraged Brady to forgive Victor. An angry Kate forced Ted to choose between her and the money. Paul confronted Will over his lies. Gabi continued to manipulate Abigail and Chad. Tripp was furious when Ciara invited Ben to move into the loft. Steve broke into Kayla’s phone to get answers. Kayla reluctantly helped Stefan. Tripp questioned Ciara’s motives for asking Ben to move in with them. Kate pulled a gun on Ted!

THIS WEEK: Hope was furious when she learned Ben hasn’t left town. Steve had a surprise for Adrienne.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily struggled to come to terms with her part in Hilary’s death while Cane took a more active approach. He went to see Devon, asking him to speak at Lily’s sentencing, but his plan backfired when Devon revealed that he plans to ask the judge to give Lily the harshest sentence possible. Determined not to let Lily face jail time, Cane made a drastic decision, buying plane tickets to Australia and making plans for his family to flee the country. Sharon assembled her bridal party and began to plan her wedding, but tensions rose, leading to arguments among the bridesmaids. Sharon also remained concerned about Nick and worried that she’s marrying someone she doesn’t know anymore. Victoria worried about the safety of their secret, especially when she learned that Nate has become her mother’s private doctor. Nikki encouraged Victoria to relax, but she made her distrust of Nate clear and remained determined to keep her walls up. Ashley and Kyle tried to convince Phyllis to help them stop Billy’s plans, but Phyllis refused, insisting that she’s loyal to her man. Lauren’s patience also began to grow thin, and she considered hiring Michael to end her partnership with Jabot. Kyle’s determination to bring Billy down continued to grow, especially when he saw how aggressively Summer’s pursuing him.

THIS WEEK: Meanwhile, Phyllis and Jack discovered that Summer set them up, and Jack admitted that his feelings for Phyllis never went away. Phyllis gently shut Jack down, and Jack shifted his focus to Jabot, agreeing to help Ashley put a stop to Billy’s plans.

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