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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam supported Lucas. Brad looked to Julian for advice. Drew questioned Margaux. Valentin learned a startling family secret. Lulu declined an offer. Sam reflected on her loss. Sonny consoled Carly. Julian began his own investigation. Drew met up with Curtis. Alexis made progress with Kristina. Valentin looked to Curtis for help. Kim was compassionate. Alexis took a meeting with Diane. Lulu brought Maxie up to speed. Drew was pleasantly surprised. Jason’s concern for Carly intensified. Kevin seemed distracted. Finn thought fast on his feet. Chase found an in. Franco stepped up to help. Jason warned Drew about his new friendship. Sonny confided in Felix. Mike suffered a false alarm.

THIS WEEK: Ava spent time with Julian. Griffin owned up to his mistakes.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke surprised Hope by having her halfsister, Bridget, arrive for her wedding. The Logan ladies, Brooke, Donna, Katie and Bridget, assisted Hope in becoming a beautiful bride. Taylor expressed her concerns to Steffy about attending Hope and Liam’s wedding. Steffy reprimanded her mother and made it clear that she does not want any drama. Wyatt was stunned when Liam informed him that Steffy would be present when Liam and Hope say “I Do.” Taylor paid Liam an unexpected visit prior to the nuptials to make one last attempt on Steffy’s behalf. Hope and Liam’s wedding began and everyone’s in awe of Hope’s breathtaking entrance. Bill admitted to Justin that even though he did not expect to be invited to the wedding, it still stings that he’s not with Liam on his son’s big day. Brooke shot Taylor a stern look when Carter asked if anyone finds just cause for Liam and Hope not to be wed. Bill confessed his greatest fear to Justin. Unhappy, Taylor sat through the wedding in support of Steffy. At the reception, Taylor attempted to make a speech but was thwarted by Brooke. Brooke hauled Taylor into the kitchen to stop her from causing a spectacle. Taylor could not take it anymore and began to hurl accusations and wedding cake at her nemesis. As push turned to shove and wedding cake flew, Hope and Steffy entered and were horrified by what they witnessed. Liam surprised Hope with an impromptu honeymoon “staycation.” Bill was discussing how he wants to be a good father to Will when Justin informed him that an important business partner wants to meet immediately. When Bill stated he could not make the meeting because he’s going to see his son, Justin attempted to convince him otherwise. Thorne assured Katie that if Bill’s not present in Will’s life, that he would be. Thorne and Will bonded while they waited for Bill to arrive. Bill took the meeting but realized it was a mistake to miss out on time with Will. Brooke was shocked to learn that Katie’s considering suing Bill for full custody of will. Brooke did not agree with Katie’s intention. Bill was torn between continuing the meeting and being with his son. Katie listened as Thorne reiterated that Bill would not be able to give the same care, love and support to Will that she does. Thorne encouraged Katie to follow through with a court case.

THIS WEEK: Liam and Hope enjoyed their honeymoon. Ridge and Brooke agreed to disagree about a possible custody battle between Bill and Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara blasted Hope for trying to run Ben out of town. Sonny confessed his feelings to Will. Adrienne confronted Bonnie for the first time. Marlena and John received a bizarre wedding gift in the mail. An incident at John’s bachelor party threatened to derail the wedding. Two surprise guests showed up at Marlena’s bachelorette party. Kayla was unnerved by her tarot card reading. Susan arrived on Will’s doorstep to ask for his forgiveness. Everyone in Salem prepared for Marlena and John’s big day. Marlena had a terrible nightmare about her wedding. Valerie came to John’s aid to help avoid a wedding day disaster. Shawn was upset when he learned Claire’s living under the same roof as Ben. Love was in the air as John and Marlena gathered with their friends and family to get married. An unexpected guest crashed the wedding!

THIS WEEK: Sami was faced with an impossible choice. Will and Sonny had a close moment.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite their earlier fight, Phyllis told Summer that she wants to work to rebuild their relationship, but her olive branch didn’t stop Summer from continuing in her efforts to seduce Billy. Kyle also tried to get through to Summer, offering to call of the bet, and advising her to prioritize her relationship with Phyllis, but Summer ignored his advice. Upset and jealous, Kyle realized that this isn’t just a game, and Summer’s harboring real feelings for Billy. Ashley’s power struggle with Billy continued as Jack worked on her behalf to convince Nick to buy the company holding the Jaboutique leases. Nick agreed but surprised Jack when he revealed that he has no intention of cancelling the contracts; he just plans to raise the rent. This infuriated Billy and renewed the feud between the men. Kyle also stepped in to support Mariah, who’s torn apart by worry over Tessa’s whereabouts. Wanting to help his friend, Kyle offered to hire a private investigator to help track Tessa down. Ashley and Neil continued to explore a relationship, but Neil worried that Ashley isn’t as committed as he is. He’s bolstered by pep talks from both Jack and Nate, encouraging him to pursue the things he wants in life. Taking their advice, Neil asked Ashley what she wants from their relationship, and they agreed to take things slowly and see where they go. As Sharon and Nick prepared for the wedding, Sharon decided to make peace with Abby by asking her to be a bridesmaid, but Abby was thrown by the intimate request. Things soon turned prickly between the women, but Nick and Arturo managed to defuse the situation, and the women eventually reached an understanding with Abby agreeing to be a part of the bridal party. Cane and Lily continued to struggle with the possibility that she could be sent to prison, but Lily was more focused on making peace with Devon, who continued to hold a grudge, especially

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