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RECAPS: AUG. 27 – 31

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny considered his next steps. Griffin gained a little insight. Ava felt backed into a corner. Sam offered words of encouragement. Jordan got an idea. Oscar paid a visit to Sonny. Kim shared an update on Nelle. Julian attempted to put Brad at ease. Nina was under distress. Felicia received distressing news. ENCORE EPISODES REAIRED: Sonny and Jason arrived in the nick-of-time. Carly appeared useful. Finn got in deeper. Anna shared her news. Lulu got an idea. Anna had questions. Jason was determined. Jordan was deceived. Sonny grew suspicious. Griffin attempted to repay a debt. Valentin had a tender moment. Anna made a surprise move. Jason was interrupted. Drew knew more than he thinks. Sam made a promise.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Emma got jealous when Zoe flirted with Xander as he photographed her for the Intimates line. Later, Zoe made a pitch to Quinn for the top spot on the runway then stole a kiss from Xander after he urged her to take it easy on Emma. Bill and Thorne argued when Thorne stood up for Katie and Will. Ridge expressed his pride in Steffy’s recent choices. Hope’s search for Liam, to attend their first ultrasound appointment, led her to Steffy’s house. Hearing his parents argue, Will headed downstairs to see what’s going on. Thorne observed as Will declined an invitation from his father. Bill issued a stern warning to Katie. Bill made a final attempt to assure Katie that he has Will’s best interest at heart before threatening to reveal her alcoholic past. Hope’s happy moment was dampened when she realized that Liam already knows Dr. Phillips through Steffy. Thorne called upon Carter to assist Katie. Stunned and angry, Bill shared Katie’s plans, and Thorne’s part in them, with Justin. Hope and Liam admired their ultrasound photo. Upon hearing of Katie’s plan to sue Bill for sole custody from Ridge, Thorne and Quinn, Brooke shocked them by defending Bill and his right to co-parent his son. Will talked about his relationship with Bill to Katie. Hope got another reminder of how Liam would always be connected to Steffy when he left suddenly to help her with Kelly. Katie made a decision about Will.

THIS WEEK: Brooke offered Hope sage advice when Hope confided that it hurts to see Steffy and Liam so close. Thorne declared his commitment to Katie while Bill declared war.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John was horrified when he realized Marlena has been shot! Sami continued to reel over Kristen’s revelation. Sonny and Will’s reunion was interrupted by someone unexpected. Kristen took Claire hostage. Marlena’s family gathered as she’s wheeled into surgery. Rafe arrested Sami. Will kept a secret from Paul. Kristen reached out to Brady and revealed that she has someone that he loves. John was distraught at the possibility of losing Marlena on their wedding day. Sami had a major showdown with Hope. Kristen gave Brady a deadly ultimatum. Sonny shared good news with Adrienne. Kristen tried to seduce Brady. After discovering that Brady was MIA, Paul went in search of his brother. As she comforted Eric, guilty Jennifer decided to come clean about what happened with Nicole. Doug and Julie made a shocking discovery at the club. Eve found Brady and Kristen in a compromising position. Paul and Sami’s confrontation with Kristen took a horrific turn.

THIS WEEK: Steve supported John as he waited for word on Marlena. Will made a major decision about his future.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer and Phyllis’ fight escalated, as they dredged up all of their complicated mother daughter history. Ashley and Kyle continued to plot against Billy, and Kyle realized that Billy was gambling with company property. Ashley was hesitant about using Billy’s addiction against him. Mariah continued to worry about Tessa’s absence, eventually telling Sharon the real reason that Tessa left town. Sharon gently warned Mariah that Tessa might have just decided to end their relationship, and she might not have the courage to come back and face Mariah. Lily was moved but also saddened when her children revealed that they’ve been researching prisons to help her prepare for the worst, and she opened up to Abby, admitting that she’s scared she won’t survive in jail. Nikki continued to worry about Victoria’s mental health, so she sought help from Nate, telling him about JT’s abuse, and asking him to help Victoria deal with the stress she’s been experiencing. Despite their best efforts, Victoria refused to accept their help, and her stress continued to increase, especially when Paul resumed questioning her over JT’s disappearance.

THIS WEEK: Sharon met Rey, a mysterious newcomer to Genoa City. Rey spent a lot of time at Crimson Lights subtly quizzing both Sharon and Phyllis.

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