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GENERAL HOSPITAL ENCORE EPISODE REAIRED: — The members of Port Charles mourned the loss of Detective Nathan West in a tribute episode. Alexis was outraged. Julian looked to Drew for help. Kim felt helpless. Joss remained hopeful. Cameron took advantage of a situation. Kim shared a devastating secret. Drew was flummoxed. Cameron was crestfallen. Sam was supportive. Chase had good news. Julian pushed for answers. Nina got everything in order. Valentin was put in notice. Jordan surprised Curtis. Ava hoped for the best but prepared for the worst. Nina got a crazy idea. Curtis was galvanized. Jason remained diplomatic.

THIS WEEK: Josslyn and Oscar made a pact. Sonny pressed Mike.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy and Liam bonded over baby Kelly. Thorne assured Katie that he would never let her or Will down when Katie expressed that she’s having second thoughts about filing for sole custody. He went on to tell her all of the reasons he loves her and her son. Hope and Liam had reason to fear for the safety of their unborn child. Liam and Hope were on pins and needles as they waited for news from Dr. Phillips about their baby. Brooke was moved by Steffy’s concern and motivation to be positive for Liam and Hope. While talking with Justin, Bill blamed Thorne for convincing Katie to take Will from him and vowed to fight harder for his son than he’s ever fought for anything in his life. Steffy, Liam and Hope again committed to putting their differences aside for the sake of their children. Brooke warned Hope to be careful of Steffy. Katie made a major announcement to family and friends that she has filed for legal custody of Will. Ridge announced that Forrester Creations needs to scale back the funding of one of their lines – which promptly put Steffy and Hope back at odds with one another. Brooke became upset that Ridge would even consider pulling back on Hope’s socially conscious line. Later, she ran into Bill at Il Giardino. Brooke surprised Bill by stating that she doesn’t agree with Katie filing for full custody of their son. Bill vented to Brooke about his issues with Will and asked Brooke if she would speak to Katie on his behalf. Brooke agreed but had one very big stipulation. Brooke grilled Ridge to find out which line, or more precisely, which of their daughters, he would side with. Sally came up with a back-up plan in case Ridge cuts the Hope for the Future line.

THIS WEEK: Steffy asked Hope to do the right thing and step down. When Hope told Brooke about the conversation, Brooke became upset, believing that Steffy’s doing this to get back at Hope for marrying Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Paul’s life hung in the balance. Will and Sonny’s plans for the future hit a snag. Kayla received upsetting news about Steve. Kristen turned to someone unexpected for help. John anxiously waited for Marlena to wake up postsurgery. Abigail confided in JJ that she thinks Gabi’s out to get her. Stefan was faced with a tough choice. Lani and Eli had a close moment while working together. John found Marlena in crisis as Valerie tried to save her life. Brady blasted Will when he overheard him declare his love for Sonny. Eli confessed his feelings to Lani. Gabi and Abigail had a major confrontation. Eric and Brady tried to support John, who’s deeply concerned about Marlena’s condition. Belle shared stunning news with Eric about their mother.

THIS WEEK: Will told Paul that he’s gotten his memory back. Bonnie dropped a bomb on Lucas.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mariah was thrilled that Tessa has come back, but Sharon remained skeptical of her intentions. Mariah assured Sharon that she has nothing to worry about, but Tessa admitted to Mariah that she’s in some trouble. Sharon was also suspicious of Rey. She warned Victoria, who’s also worried about his true motives. Later, Victoria started to have a panic attack and reached out to Nate for help. Distraught, Victoria started to open up to him, but it’s not long before her walls went back up, and she shut him out again. Nick returned home from his business trip, and Sharon grew wary when Rey made an effort to befriend him. Abby was also distrustful of Rey and pressed him for details on his feud with Arturo. Sharon was also concerned by the changes she saw in Nick and worried that he’s turning into Victor. Not ready to give up, Summer attempted to seduce Billy, but he shut her down hard, hurting her feelings. Frustrated, she went to Kyle and told him that he won the bet, and she’s ready to pay up. Cane and Lily prepared for Lily’s trial, trying to hold onto normalcy for as long as they can.

THIS WEEK: The night before the trial, they spent the evening together, and Cane promised to take Lily to Paris when this is all over. Seeing that this had all been hard on her brother, Mattie helped to make peace between him and Shauna, and the teens decided to reconcile.

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