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RECAPS: SEPT. 10 – 14

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie cautioned Nina. Valentin got an update from Curtis. Brad had mixed feelings. Carly was livid. Michael was tormented. Julian called Alexis. Sonny wanted answers. Drew spent time with Sam. Franco doubted himself. Liz was upset with Cameron. Mike was shaken. Chase shared his discovery. Sonny was confronted. Franco was unnerved. Oscar acted impulsively. Margaux and Jordan worked together. Kristina opened up to Sam. Maxie was confused. Peter gained a little perspective. Lulu was cautious. Carly called Sonny out. Jordan and Margaux continued to brainstorm. Kim teared into Drew.

THIS WEEK: Nina remained hopeful. Curtis had an important update for Valentin.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Steffy lashed out at one another over the decision Ridge needs to make. Bill was thankful that Brooke’s on his side. Quinn, Thorne, Liam, Brooke, Steffy and Hope anxiously awaited Ridges decision, Intimates vs. Hope for the Future. Later, Ridge talked privately to Brooke, Hope and Steffy, attempting to explain why he chose the line he did. Steffy exploded at Hope in frustration. Steffy led her models, including Zoe and Danny, in a test run of the Intimates line. Sally and Quinn showed their support of Steffy. Zoe eavesdropped on Xander and Emma making plans. When Emma left, Zoe flirted with Xander. Hope and Steffy’s discussion turned into a full-blown argument when each threw accusations at the other. Xander surprised Emma with a romantic beachside cabana at The Bikini Bar. Ridge and Brooke continued to disagree about Ridge’s decision at Forrester. Brooke didn’t fully believe Ridge when he told her that his decision was financial, not personal. Tired of arguing, Ridge called a temporary truce with Brooke. Steffy made it known to Hope that she’s taking charge of her own life and doesn’t need a man to feel complete. Things began to heat up between Xander and Emma. Emma pulled back from a kiss and told Xander that she’s not ready. Once she left, Zoe swooped in to take her place. Zoe continued her seduction of Xander. Quinn gave her support to Ridge. Brooke and Bill had another secret meeting where Bill pled with her to discourage Katie from moving forward with her lawsuit. Ridge wondered why Brooke has sympathy for Bill after all he has done. Thorne was appreciative that Ridge has his back. Brooke met with Katie. Brooke pushed for Katie not to deny Bill custody of Will. Steffy asked Ridge if his desire to see Bill lose custody of Will is really just payback. Brooke went to Bill to explain what happened when she spoke with Katie.

THIS WEEK: Bill was grateful for her support. Thorne made a beautiful proposal of marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Bonnie introduced Lucas to his daughter. Will prepared to come clean with Paul. Paul came to a horrifying realization. Belle faced a difficult decision regarding Marlena. Bonnie pressured Lucas to help ensure her freedom. Belle and John had a tense discussion about Marlena’s fate. Kayla advised Jennifer to tell Eric the truth. Paul received devastating news. John felt betrayed by Belle’s actions. Brady caught Will and Sonny in an intimate moment. Jennifer put Eve on notice. Lucas told Chloe about Bonnie’s claim. John fought to save Marlena. Sami was upset to hear about her mother’s condition. Hope had a heated argument with Rafe over Sami. Ben surprised Ciara with a very special gift. Marlena’s loved ones gathered to say their emotional goodbyes. Against his better judgment, Rafe broke the rules to help Sami.

THIS WEEK: Hope told Ben, Ciara, and Tripp new evidence has come to light which implicates Ben. Ben made a stunning accusation against Hope.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At Dark Horse, Jack, Nick, and Abby prepared for the Dark Horse launch party, and Nikki found herself torn when she realized that she couldn’t invite Victor as a plus one. She decided to keep the event a secret from him and confided in Victoria. Despite their concern, Victor revealed that he knows all about the event and encouraged the women to attend without them. Sharon also harbored some misgivings about the launch, admitting to Nick that she’s scared by how little she recognized this new Nick. Nick promised Sharon that he’s the same man he’s always been, and she eventually agreed to attend the party. Kyle and Summer decided to settle their bet the night of the launch party, but despite Kyle’s casual attitude, he still harbors feelings for Summer, and wants their night together to mean something. Despite her reluctance to let emotions in, Summer found that she also has lingering feelings for Kyle, and the two shared a charged moment. Nick offered Arturo a permanent position with Dark Horse, but Arturo was hesitant to accept, especially with his brother putting down roots in Genoa City. Abby helped him to get out of his head, and Arturo accepted the job, refusing to let his brother hold him back from a great opportunity. Meanwhile, Rey continued to raise Sharon and Victoria’s suspicions, especially as he goes out of his way to get in with the Newman family. Despite her relief that Tessa was back in her life, Mariah remained suspicious about her true motives, admitting to Sharon that Tessa is indebted to some dangerous people.

THIS WEEK: Needing a reason to believe her girlfriend, Tessa asked Mariah for proof of her situation, but Tessa was unable to provide it, leaving Mariah distraught.

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