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RECAPS: SEPT. 17 – 21

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Robin put things in perspective. Franco had an interesting encounter. Cameron lied to Liz. Kim made a deal with Drew. Josslyn apologized. Nina and Anna came full circle. Lucy got a surprise invitation. Maxie was confused. Liz demanded Cameron apologize. Kim kept things light with Julian. Carly was desperate to help Michael. Lucas got an update. Nina pressed Maxie for answers. Lulu overstepped her boundaries. Kiki crossed paths with Griffin. Ava lost her temper. Julian acknowledged his part in past actions. Mike surprised Sonny. Lucas received worrisome information. Carly’s curiosity was piqued. Sam counseled Jason. Sonny feigned ignorance. Drew put Kim on the spot.

THIS WEEK: Cameron called Oscar out. Finn was ambushed.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke addressed Bill’s sudden and unexpected kiss. Thorne reassured an apprehensive Katie. Bill and Katie’s custody battle became negative publicity for Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge speculated about Thorne and Katie’s decision for a quick wedding. In the dark about Brooke and Bill’s secret meetings, Ridge issued a forewarning to his wife. Justin gave Bill much needed advice on how to make friends and influence people. Sally’s dream came true when Steffy expressed that she’d like to include her designs in the Intimates collection. Steffy and Sally got a flash of inspiration when they had an accidental run-in with Xander. Ridge and Brooke found themselves with opposite opinions about the custody battle. Bill came undone when Katie showed him her engagement ring. Determined not to lose his son, Bill instructed Justin to do whatever it takes to ensure that he wins the custody battle. Zoe got flirtatious when Xander revealed how his new job came to be. Hope and Steffy had heated words about Sally’s gig with the Intimates line before Hope made a serious accusation against her nemesis. Ridge made a surprise, and uninvited, appearance to Bill’s office. Carter confirmed to Katie and Thorne that a court date and judge has been set for their custody hearing. Bill held firm to Ridge that he wouldn’t back down in regards to Will. Liam and Wyatt discussed Bill; his attributes, his flaws and whether or not he has what it takes to be a good father. The Spencer brothers had differing opinions on whether Thorne or Bill would be a better dad to Will. Ridge made an unusual request of Judge McMullen.

THIS WEEK: Thorne proposed a quick wedding to Katie. Not realizing that Ridge was keeping his own secret, Brooke worried that someone would find out about her clandestine meetings with Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ben tried to convince Ciara that he’s been set up. Claire made a move on Tripp. Marlena was taken off life support, and her family prepared for the worst. Sami and Belle were thrown when they get a chilly reception from a loved one. Hope and Rafe argued when he questioned if she planted the evidence against Ben. Shawn admitted to Belle that he has doubts about his mother. Ciara confronted Tripp about his kiss with Claire. John revealed his plan to save Marlena. A protective Chloe put Bonnie on notice, warning her not to mess with Lucas. Eli reconnected with an old friend. Abigail confided in JJ about Gabi. Gabi took her revenge against Abigail to the next level. Gabi drugged Abigail as part of her mysterious plan. Abe and Sheila clashed when he accused her of stealing. Lucas received the paternity test results. Lani gave Eli her decision about whether or not they should pursue a relationship. John found himself facing a new obstacle. Roman tried to stop Belle from seeing Marlena.

THIS WEEK: Eve made a last-ditch attempt to persuade Jennifer not to tell Eric the truth. Lucas asked Adrienne for a huge favor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon rushed to the coffeehouse where she found Tessa, battered and badly shaken. Tessa admitted that she was attacked by the people who smuggled Crystal across the border, and Sharon started to believe that she’s telling the truth. But she soon started to question Tessa’s true motivations when she refused to go to the hospital, or call the police, insisting that she has to stay silent to protect her sister. Victoria struggled to manage her stress over the situation and eventually caved, asking Nate to help her. Wanting to give Victoria a positive outlet and a sense of security, Nate began to teach her self-defense, which gave Victoria a renewed sense of control. The Winters twins discovered that it’s Shauna’s birthday, and conspired with Nate and Devon to plan a surprise party for her. Shauna was touched, and Devon made an emotional toast in her honor, telling her how proud Hilary would be. He then gave her a birthday gift, promising to cover her college tuition, and giving her the opportunities that Hilary would have wanted for her.

THIS WEEK: At Jabot, Billy looked into some of Ashley’s financial activity, including payments made to a consulting firm. Meanwhile, Kyle remained determined to bring down Billy and tempted him into buying into a high profile gambling syndicate.

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