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RECAPS: SEPT. 24 – 28

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — During a secret meeting, Brooke informs a stunned Bill that Katie’s wedding is taking place the next day! Thorne and Katie share their wedding plans with Will. Ridge and Eric disagree about Thorne’s motives. Later, Eric makes Thorne an offer regarding the location of his wedding. Bill pays Katie an unexpected visit where an argument ensues. Things become more heated when Ridge arrives and further antagonizes Bill. As Katie primps for her wedding day, Bill vents his fury over Thorne becoming a fixture in Will’s life to Justin. Donna and Bridget join Brooke and Hope in supporting Katie before she walks down the aisle to become Mrs. Thorne Forrester. During a moment alone, Brooke expresses her concerns to Katie over Bill’s role in Will’s life. Thorne makes sure to involve Will as the wedding commences. Brooke and Ridge find they still have one thing in common; their shared joy that their siblings have found happiness with one another. Bill attempts to win over Wyatt and Liam in hopes of having them testify on his behalf. Brooke expresses her dismay over Ridge interjecting himself in Katie and Bill’s custody battle. Brooke must hide the fact that she has been secretly meeting with Bill when Ridge learns that Bill has subpoenaed Brooke to the witness stand. Katie and Bill’s custody battle begins; where sides are taken and husbands and wives, lovers and siblings all take different sides and approaches. Ridge wonders if Judge Craig McMullen will honor the request he made to his old friend. Lawyers Carter Walton and Justin Barber go to battle for their clients. Judge McMullen askes to hear Bill’s defense after Carter has called his last witness.

THIS WEEK: Together at Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy wonder and worry about Liam and Wyatt and how they are holding up during this stressful time. Wyatt, Brooke and Bill all take the stand.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric is stunned when he learns the truth about Nicole! John tries to get out of a sticky situation. Brady gets upsetting news concerning Tate. Shawn and Rafe share their concerns about Hope and decide to take action. Eric confronts Brady, and all hell breaks loose! Paul questions Will about the state of their relationship. Adrienne comforts Sonny, who is heartbroken about Will. Justin and Lucas try to make a deal with Bonnie. Released from jail, Sami is determined to get answers about EJ. Stefan asks Kristen if EJ is really alive. Eve makes a huge confession to Brady. Eric asks for Maggie’s help to find Nicole. Brady blasts Eve for costing him his child. A tearful Jennifer returns her engagement ring to Eric. Gabi advances her revenge plot against Abigail and Stefan. Sami searches for Kristen at the DiMera mansion and finds herself in a precarious situation. Kristen bursts into Marlena’s hospital room, ready to finish the job. Abe presides over an unusual wedding.

THIS WEEK: Hope and Rafe make a shocking discovery in the case against Ben. Feeling betrayed by Ben, Ciara commits herself to Tripp.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny brings Jason up to speed. Margaux has a theory. Kim is upset with Drew. Cameron confronts Liz. Michael apologizes to Carly. Jordan and Stella meet for a drink. Julian warns Brad. Nina spends the day with Charlotte. Valentin is pleased with Curtis’ progress. Sam defends Alexis. Julian’s frustration grows. Kim and Drew pull an overnighter. Jason offers a shoulder to lean on. Oscar looks for a little perspective. Jason makes a confession. Anna is grateful to Chase. Griffin is forced out. Peter is disinterested. Maxie confronts Lulu. Sonny is rattled. Jordan has disappointing news. Mike looks to Carly for help. Lucy won’t take no for an answer.

THIS WEEK: Curtis learns the truth. Carly is inquisitive.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite his family’s attempts to convince him otherwise, Victor remains resolute in his decision to ignore the possibility that he and Jack are brothers. Meanwhile, Cane, Mattie, and Charlie continue to struggle with Lily’s imprisonment, and Mattie acts out, chaining herself to the prison gate in protest, and getting herself arrested as well. Cane and Lily work together to parent Mattie, assuring her that they will all get through Lily’s sentence together. Worried about Billy, and his leadership of Jabot, Ashley calls Traci into town, revealing what she’s learned about his gambling. She tries to convince Traci to step in as CEO of Jabot, but Traci refuses, insisting that there’s a better way to help their brother. Despite her decision to accept the job with the GCPD, Sharon starts to reconsider, but a pep talk from Nick reminds her of how much good she can do, so she decides to stick with it. Things are initially awkward between Sharon and Rey as they try to conceal their true motives, but the awkwardness fades when Sharon is given her first assignment, convincing a woman struggling with addiction to testify in court. Rey is impressed by how much Sharon cares, and begins to second guess his plan to deceive her. Wanting to make the most of her time at the station, Sharon snoops through some files Rey has assembled on JT, but her cover is almost blown when he catches her in the act. Sharon’s secrets also continue to affect her relationship with Nick, especially on the night of her bachelorette party. Mariah puts together a girls’ night at the house for all the partygoers, followed by an evening on the roof deck. Victoria and Sharon try to discuss their secret at the party, but they’re set on edge when Nick almost overhears them talking. Sharon is further upset when she learns that Nick has bought a new house without consulting her.

THIS WEEK: Nick joins Jack and Arturo for his bachelor party, and Neil convinces a depressed Devon to join the festivities. The men enjoy drinks and a meal at the GCAC, and Devon grows pensive, advising Nick to treasure the time he has with Sharon. He then leaves for the evening, but encourages the men to liven things up a bit.

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