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RECAPS - 6/30-7/4

RECAPS – 6/30-7/4

ALL MY CHILDREN – Jesse was sworn in as the Chief Of Police and put in charge of the search for Babe, who was held captive by Richie in the woods. After realizing that Richie brought Babe to a cabin, Kendall and Greenlee showed up and tied him to a chair, unaware that Annie was watching from the shadows. Annie freed Richie, and they snuck out of the cabin with Kendall, Babe and Greenlee none the wiser. Krystal allowed Adam to comfort her, which lead to a kiss. Locked in a prison cell together, Samuel shared his grief over his wife’s death on 9-11 with Erica. Then, he kissed Erica.

THIS WEEK: Carmen encourages Jack to win back Erica.

AS THE WORLD TURNS At the July 4th barbeque, Holden was jealous to see Carly with Mike. Later, Holden confronted Carly, saying he wanted to tell Lily about their having made love. Cyndi Lauper sang at Yo’s and helped Luke and Noah reunite. Noah then stunned Luke by admitting that he’d enlisted in the Army. Sofie faked a sonogram to prove to Paul the baby was his, just as Paul and Meg were planning to fly to Vegas and get married. Later, Paul found Sofie’s lifeless body and believed Meg killed her. He buried her body and covered up the evidence. When Chris admitted that he lied in court about Alison, Kim told him to leave town.

THIS WEEK: Janet and Jack become lovers.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge was furious to learn about Steffy’s friendship with Marcus. Rick understood why Marcus lied to him about his identity. Owen Knight appeared and told Donna he was responsible for reuniting her and Marcus. The Logans were shocked and worried about Beth’s condition. Brooke urged Katie to carefully consider giving up on Nick. Nick wooed Bridget with flowers and a proposal, even though he was thrown by Katie’s confession of love. The Forresters were stunned by Eric’s reaction to the press. Stephanie had advice for Eric. Beth agreed to stay in L.A. for a while.

THIS WEEK: Felicia worries that Stephanie is depressed.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – John told Marlena he hadn’t accessed his memories from the disk. Ava snuck into the lab to destroy the disk, but John and Marlena stopped her and Marlena urged him to use the disk to restore his past. Doug and Julie came for the July 4th picnic and Bo admitted to Doug he was down on Chelsea’s romance with Daniel. During a blackout, EJ and Nicole were also trapped and made wild love. Trent refused to tell Max about the girl in the picture. Philip told Chloe that she made matters worse by lying to the cops about seeing Paul at the pier.

THIS WEEK: Both Lucas and EJ are fed up with Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Jerry warned that if Johnny killed him, Jason would find out the truth about Michael’s shooting. Jerry gave Alexis the affidavit implicating Claudia and Johnny but she wasn’t aware what it said. Anna sided with Patrick over his part in his child’s life. An angry Carly told Sonny she’d seduce him and make sure Kate found out if he continued to try to undermine her marriage. Carly was out for Kate’s blood after learning that Jax kissed her. Logan got Maxie alone in the office and started to attack her, which Lulu happened to witness from Johnny’s penthouse across the street.

THIS WEEK: Lulu fails to calm a flipped out Logan.

GUIDING LIGHT – Cyrus could do nothing once Grady confessed to Tammy’s murder. Lizzie moved her family into Harley’s vacant house, including Alan who was implicated in Tammy’s murder by Grady. Rick couldn’t put on the Bauer barbeque. Beth asked Rick to continue being her friend. Even though Bill learned the truth about Ava’s baby not being his, he still went ahead and married her. He told her that their marriage would be for show because of his social standing. Remy was disillusioned with Ava. Bill asked Lizzie to be his mistress, but she refused. Josh and Cassie hosted the traditional July 4th barbeque, filling in for the Bauers.

THIS WEEK: Ava is not happy with Bill.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Dorian’s scheme backfired when Delphina predicted happiness for David and Addie. Delphina then channeled Mel, who chastised Dorian for her evil ways. Delphina predicted that a war would be fought over Starr’s baby and "saw" another woman in Todd’s life. Todd pushed Blair’s

buttons, provoking her into angrily signing the divorce papers. Cole admitted his and Starr’s relationship might not survive if she gives the baby up for adoption. Talia and Sarah were held prisoner in the palace dungeon. Tina was reunited with her prince and Talia visited by her father, both of whom had a history in Llanview.

THIS WEEK: Charlie confronts Dorian about her role in his lost drunken night.

PASSIONS – Sheridan shocked Luis and Fancy with the news that Pretty’s scar was makeup all these years. Pretty lost her mind upon realizing she had no true identity. Gwen and Rebecca figured out that Gertrude was really Theresa. Gwen was about to blow the whistle until she realized that would be the end of her and Ethan. Gwen shushed Rebecca and told her that Theresa had to stay as Gertrude or Juanita would find her. Determined to keep Gertrude from Ethan, Gwen locked her in the church basement. Theresa accidentally opened a gas valve and lost consciousness as the room filled with gas.

THIS WEEK: Death visits Harmony!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Jeff rushed Gloria to a Vegas chapel when she told him she wouldn’t sleep with him until they were married. They finally exchanged vows with Little Richard officiating. David bet everything he won and lost it all. While in Sin City, Gloria spotted David gambling and she reported that to Nikki upon her return to Genoa City. Nikki insisted she wanted to help him, but David said they were over. Jill decided that Lily was the right person to be the solo Fresh Face of Jabot. Phyllis set Amber up to see a photo of Daniel with a groupie, cropped to make it look like they were a couple.

THIS WEEK: Will Jack "use" dirt he’s found on Sabrina?

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